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  1. The US Public Credits Trump More Than Obama for Booming Economy 🇺🇸 💰 🇺🇸 💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸

  2. Obama is not fooling any one ,Obama is crazy to think he caused anything good for we Americans! He didn’t do anything for his own people! But now he did help Iran and the rest of our enemies 👍. He does get credit for that 😂👍

  3. Laffer should look at the last year GDP: 2%. Also manufacturing index just hit ten year low. Annual deficit is at $1 trillion, and trade deficit is at all time high. BTW, the stock market tripled during the Obama years

  4. A reminder of Reagan economy: the S&L collapse. Millions lost billions and the taxpayers had to pick up the losses. Remember Black Monday in Oct 1987? The biggest single day loss ever. 22% lost in one day. Then there was trickle down, laughable

  5. Obama is part of the reason we now have a president that really does care about America. He was nothing more than a smooth talking wrong, that was voted in TWICE! TWICE!! So ,those who voted for this prick should be ashamed that they were duped and happy for a man that is fixing what obama and previous administrations did to our economy,among other issues.

  6. 2009-17: blamed Bush
    2016: no jobs will come back
    2016: you need a magic wand for the economy
    2020: the economy is great because of me

    thanks, Obama

  7. Okay, i am not an american. But let me get this straight, americans dont like obama? Or obama-likers arent just in this comment section? Being on the other side of the world, all this time we thought obama is the greatest american president. It seems otherwise. I am sorry about that U.S.A.

  8. If you are still affiliated with the Democrats after all of what has happened the last 4 years, then you are an evil terrorist who hates MY Country. Leave now

  9. Obummer and his ilk are the reason our country argues over whether a male should use a female restroom and vise versa! Lol!!!

  10. Democrats would never even want a booming economy. Reason being if the economy is great than what does anybody need a Democrat for

  11. obama’s economy his deserves all the credit! If it wasn’t for his failures Trump wouldn’t of run for Office and save America so ya obama caused this

  12. Look @ the figures. Economy was good with President Obama. it stayed good and isn’t so ba d? Give them both credit. trump is NOT the gift to AMERICA that he think he is. Vote. Blue. Vote. Blue. Vote

  13. We are watching the democrats and liberals days are numbered and it’s about time… thank you MR President TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Liberalism and democrats is the BIGGEST LIE EVER

  14. Oracle employ over 136,000 people, and a 1000 have signed a petition! 🤪🤯😨🤪😎 A sign of the times, the Minority Win!

  15. The reason our country is NOW unaffected by most global financial problems is because Trump has made us independent. Now they need us, we don't need them. Meaning China, Mexico and Iran

  16. Obama said the jobs were gone forever, you need a magic wand to get the jobs back into the US. Trump must have a magic wand because, I'll be dam we got those jobs back, everything Trump touch's turns to gold, everything obama touched turn to sh*t, obama made Americans pay an unlawful tax if they didn't buy obamacare which is extortion, obama says your going to pay or we will make you pay, obama failed as a president and biden was a criminal vp laundering billions of dollars in the ukraine.

  17. Obama did not know how to bring back a single manufacturing back to USA. Obama is a lawyer and did not have any good economic advisers in his team. Sorry he failed in this area.

  18. Trump gave me the Tax Cut. Obama did not. Saved over several thousands. Credit goes to President Trump. Democrats Proclaimed already they will increase our Taxes. Is there any outstanding reason that we should vote a democrat candidate

  19. Jesus & Trump has done a lots 4 our country as a whole👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼just ask the blindman even he can see it..🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅😀The Iranians would agree with Obama but not Americans…🙀🙀

  20. I give Obama credit where it's due Trump could not have created this economy without Obama policy making. Slowest growth in history only President to raise taxes during a recession. First President to have nearly 0 interest rates with Obama yet growth was the slowest ever that what you get for bailing the banks out and over taxing the people.

  21. Hear that,  the slowest recovery in America's history under Obama! Trump was elected because of Obama's economy! "Stand By America"

  22. Barry literally left the vault door open for the banks to rob and then consolidate more power! Big Mike's too big to female!

  23. All criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!……economy might be good but they are slowly steeling our freedom……money or freedom????

  24. Trump's economy is in SPITE of Obama's machinations.
    I disagree that Obama was slowly bringing the economy back, he was quickly destroying the economy and the country.
    The media would run false numbers trying to make Obama look good, but you didn't have to look hard to see the lie!

  25. Obama is a trojan horse of America with its rider on the beast…Hillary! They all work for the George Soros / Hillary Clinton Dynasty!

  26. yes. obama was also the single president responsible for advancing the homosexual agenda, his one and only major historical legacy.

  27. Unless you were invested before during and after you dont know how painfully slow and shitty the economy was under Obungus.

  28. barry soetoero obama bin lying even paid 400 million dollars ransom for that four terrorist from gitmo in exchange for that deserter bagdael.

  29. Trump’s 29th Trip To Mar-a-Lago Brings Golf Tab To 334 Years Of Presidential Salary
    The president often brags about not taking a paycheck, but his golf hobby has now cost taxpayers $133.8 million.

  30. Typical of the Democrats taking credit for others success and putting the blame on others for the evils that they do. They are completely twisted.

  31. For seven year, yes seven years President Obama blamed President Bush for the Obama economy. Now President Obama wants to take credit for President Trumps economy

  32. A lot of the bay boomers retired when Obama was president so that was added to his no's. What happened to his shovel ready jobs? None created and the people just got rich from promoting it.

  33. Obama is not a fine man. Plagiarism is what one does when they cannot achieve of their own merit: and only a stupid lowlife fraud would attempt it as he has

  34. Wow Obama never took the blame for how bad the economy was while he was in office (or anything else) It was always put on Bush. But now he wants to claim the glory for something he intended … He was always saying our better days were behind us , get used to it we’re in a decline as a country. How can anything that man did be looked at as good for our country or it’s citizens! Sad that he thinks we would believe he wanted/wants the best for the US!!!

  35. Trump can't do it !! Nobody can do what Trump is claiming !! Oh, Trump did it ? No No No, I did that !! Typical Democrat have it both ways mentality. What a buffoon, Obummer has surpassed Carter as worst POTUS ever by far.

  36. O'Blamo and his beltway banditos deserve "credit" for doubling the national debt, massive corruption, weakest recovery EVER, weaponizing federal agencies to serve American Left, destabilizing MENA, hollowing out manufacturing base, attacking petrochemical industry, using NSA to spy on Americans, using IRS to punish political enemies, etc.

  37. Trump's "magic wand" cleatly works. O'Blamo's lifelong immersion in Left wing lunacy & radicalism, black theology, anti-American blame-storming, "community organizing", and blatant focus on race, identity politics was a DISASTER for America. His complete disdain and deep ignorance of capitalism and market based economics is DIRECTLY responsible for the WORST economic recovery since the great depression (which not coincidentally also "happened" under another authoritarian leftist donkey who severely abused the power of US Presidential office).

  38. Appoint ONLY strict Constructionist judges with clear, consistent record of both understanding and protecting the Constitutional rights of American citizens and states. Impeach all activist judges.

  39. That Disgrace of a President Osama Obama is suffering from attention deficit disorder!
    He cant stand for someone else to get the spotlight and to get actual credit for doing what HE couldn't!

  40. Nobody heard of the Great Depression of 1920. That's because government stayed out of it and the economy recovered very quickly. Roosevelt's New Deal kept the bleeding going for a decade, and people still think of him as a savior.

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