Oakland to shut down huge homeless site at Home Depot

Oakland to shut down huge homeless site at Home Depot

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  1. Now what? Where are the homeless suppose to go? Nancy, Chuck, Kamala? Any of you clueless fools? Can they move in with you?

  2. People being let live in our streets by homes n people who pay taxes n want to feel safe are no longer funny it is being stupid! This needs to be fixed they are doing drugs in front of kids!

  3. It Started out YEARS ago at Home Depot In California, THAT is where ALL the Illegal immigrants go Stand around Waiting for Farmers and other Contractors to Hire them…CASH PAY NO Questions…THAT was the Start..NOW its Just Homeless Depot

  4. Home depot, call nancy, and her governor nephew, and give them hell, cause theyve allowed this to happen, and get majorly worse.

  5. The democrats party in California are always thinking about themselves. And California is known for being a democrat state. The representative of California has time to impeach a president and yet they dont have time to fix California. this is outrages and so corrupt.

  6. The question was asked… Why don't we see these cities getting involved ? … the answer is that they are run by leftist, democrats.

  7. The Democrats just left this go on and go on California and New York let them deal with their own issue Republican states don't have this problem

  8. People do not want to shamed or sued by some social justice org. Now the only resort they have is pack and move the hell out. It is high time government officials put on there big boy and girl pants and change laws to lock these dope addicts and insane into facilities. Today on Fox Business 50 percent of Californians want to leave and 30 percent of New York wants to leave. Get a clue or all your tax base will be gone and then who will keep your lights on so to speak the bums? I think not.

  9. Home depot and other businesses needs to close their doors where this is occurring. The state and cities should have never allowed this to occur. Officials ignored the problem and this is the result when democrats allow it to happen.

  10. All the leftist cities / states are a disaster… I wonder why??🤔🤯😂
    The citizens keep voting the left in, so their not to smart..

  11. The homeless problems are the direct result of the socialist, leftist agenda of the democrat party. San Francisco, the jewell of California, has been turned into an open cesspool, with feces and used needles all over its streets. When will the people here wake up and realize that these democrats won't be happy until my home resembles Venezuela?

  12. Mmmm, the cities long-standing neglect of Home Depot specifically, couldn’t have anything to do with the owners supporting President Trump…naw, California official wouldn’t do that….SIKE yes they would!

  13. You want taxpayers – then clear the streets of any homeless. Move them to remote locations where they cannot disturb the public.

  14. Well. Only quarantining the Americans coming in from China for THREE DAYS, should end this homeless issues for good in a few months.

  15. As an aside, beggars, panhandlers and ne'er do wells  soliciting  outside a Portland Walmart made more money every day than the employees did.     Go figure, eh?

  16. Oaklands getting what they voted for. Sanctuary city, refusal to cooperate with ICE etc etc etc. California is a perfect example of self serving liberal politicians. Their DMVs have a combined number of well over 1mil fraudulent registrations……….go figure

  17. There are city ordinances regarding the parking of RVs as well as camping because of the sewer waste this kind of encampment produces. Typhoid, cholera not to mention dysentery and other communicable diseases. There are Commerical Ordinances that businesses have to follow BUT THE CITY, COUNTY, STATE OF CALIFORNIA DON'T!. Seems to me it's do as I say, not as I do, attitude with THOSE IN THE CITY, COUNTY, STATE GOVERNMENT BY MERELY NOT ENFORCING THE ORDINANCE; THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE ENFORCING THE ORDINANCES !

  18. Go to some of the Democrats house and camp out on there property and see if they will call the law. And make sure they are all illegal and see if they call the law. There about no one if it doesn't work for there agenda.

  19. 40% of the homeless are mentally ill, and 30% are addicts. They need to force the severely mentally ill into mental hospitals where they can get the help they need. Give the addicts that are committing petty crimes the choice of rehab or jail. Enforce the laws and put the criminals and the drug dealers in jail. The activists, progressive judges and prosecutors are making this situation worse by stopping what needs to be done.

  20. California is governed by Democrats who put Americans Last! Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, to name a few, are nothing but a disgrace..

  21. We sent ( aide) billions to Ukraine, taxpayer's money to another country, and we cant take care of our own.pathetic.

  22. Couldn't imagine living in a country like that I've got it good. California is a let down I'd make them become their own country

  23. Oakland Mayor tipped off I.C.E. to protect ILLEGAL immigrants in her city, while U.S. CITIZENS get to live on the streets. Sure, makes a lot of sense. Typical Democratic city.

  24. The coronavirus is only a shot across the bow.  Allowing these "homeless" people to pile up in the cities, is going to be a tremendous catastrophe!  If it is not cleaned up, there will be a disease that comes of it and the problem will become a nightmare for all of us.  Can you imagine something like the coronavirus spreading through the poor conditions of a homeless community?  Either we will have smart leadership solving that problem or the problem will solve itself through massive casualties of not only homeless, but our entire population!  Keep up the incompetence of leadership and we will pay that price.

  25. Thank you Lord!
    This was a terrible in humane idea. Trump is the only one that can fix this insanity. The Oakland mayor and CA Gov are nightmare dumbshits.

  26. Why don't they move all of them to Nancy Pelosi and Dianne feinstein's neighborhood maybe then the laws with change !

  27. WHEN TRUMP WAS RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY I SAID – SELL CALIFORNIA TO MEXICO TO PAY FOR THE WALL – AS THE MEXICANS WERE RALLYING TO MAKE CALIFORNIA "BROWN CITY" FACT CHECK BROWN CITY.there is a huge movement there!!!!!gateway for Drugs that make the politicians MEGA mullah!!/ALL Americans past & present MAFIA bosses live in Cali.

  28. It's strange but liberal governments in California Illinois in New York seemed to create more problems then solve problems !

  29. Whenever I see something like this, my heart goes out to these homeless people. I don't blame them, I blame the Democrat policies.They don't mean to appear "dangerous" or "threatening " at least most don't anyway. They're human beings down on there luck. It's so easy to pass judgment when you have a high perch to look down from, maybe say a prayer for them instead next time

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