NYU SSLD Fellowship 2014-2015 Overview

I was up all night my brain was racing
thinking about what I would do if I was in the classroom
Can’t live in a world where I see injustice and not do anything about it
I am the product of persons who have migrated to this country because of social injustice
is going on within my community I work in the public sector which in my case
education policy is just been a real passion I look at this end of social injustice perspective
Public defenders are the people who are defending criminal justice system
I want us to do something about this not just talk about this
SSLD is a small step to build the leaders necessary for the pressing challenges of the
future There is an under-representation of women
of people of color and highest levels of leadership Being in the room when strategic conversations
are happening Having a seat at the table when decisions
are being made Holding the system accountable
I grew up in the slums of Lagos Nigeria and people like me we are not supposed to amount
to anything There’s a real opportunity to help build
the capacity of non-profit organizations who are working on education issues who are working
on sustainability issues who are working on global developing issues
and I really see my next role as a role that helps to create social change
Building a pipeline into the social sector is critical for this country’s future because
demographic shifts are radically changing the workplace
SSLD is positioned to lead the way on how we cultivate leaders from all aspects from
all the schools Bringing them together so that there’s not
as much fragmentation And that people can really truly go out and
make their dreams come true Our fellows have huge ambitions for how they
want to change the world The goal is to create a space that gives young
boys of color a opportunity to see other boys engaged in reading
Create economic opportunities for these low income communities and community of colors
while simultaneously essentially eliminating our dependence on fossil fuel industry
be a public defender fair equality and rigorous education for all students
regardless of economic facts Social venture that provides access to clean
water and proper sanitation for developing countries around the world
I just got a reading holiday project just received tax exempt status
Since the inception of our organization provide access to water for over 48000 people in 5
countries Fellowship is designed is designed to enable
students to actualize their dreams we give them the platform to help find their
dreams and their goals the network they are going to need to rely
upon in order to help actualize those dreams and the critical and concrete leadership skills
that they’re going to need to rely upon in the face of adversity
As a person of color, you know I embrace that role as a leader

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