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  1. Is anyone else falling down laughing there head off when Nunes say Dems need to stay off internet ,he needs to really go to the White House tell his buddy Trump stay off internet. And while he is at it tell him to stop campaigning. This president spend more tell at rallies then at white house .He's been campaign since he became president ,it's like a cult leader.

  2. It the Clinton clan.thru pencil neck shiff trying to keep sanders or president trump out.. so biden can win and they can go back making their money deals out the back door of the White House. .and they are laughing thinking they are clever..un-american .got to cut the head the snake..

  3. Remember when Schiff was talking to Russians about supposed comro-mat against Trump? Colluding with Russia to undermine the US President? Seems like a FISA on Schiff is in order. Might find out who has been leaking to WaPo to help the Russians undermine the upcoming election…

  4. Ok, Trump has rebuilt our military, our economic foreign policy is crazy good for us but not for other countries and our economy is raging….. SO TELL ME AGAIN WHY RUSSIANS WOULD WANT TRUMP REELECTED ??? Now the liberal canidates want open borders, tiny military and to give EVERY country our tax money for free….. who again does the Russians want to win ???

  5. Sue? Start arresting people- begin with charging Schiff with high treason. "Stop apologizing- it's a sign of weakness!"

  6. America has drilled RUSSIA is communist since forever. Trump seems Pro America. Pro capitalism, sanctions on Russia. Bernie is pushing a for a communist America but. Russia is hacking the ballot box to push Trump forward. Doesn't make much sense to me…

  7. Fox news anchor is an idiot, she thought the story was that the Russians wanted Bernie Sanders to win the election when what they want is Sanders to win the Dems nomination just shows the quality of the staff at Fox, and it looked like Nunes thought the same because he didn't correct her. Also Nunes said John Ratcliffe stood down after the press went after him when nominated for the DNI job what Nunes didn't add was that GOP Senators told him he might not get Senate approval, so much for honesty.

  8. Old bait and switch.Dems are getting everybody looking at Russia while there doing there voter fraud undercover scam here.WAKE UP AMERICA !

  9. The Dems are like 'the boy who cried wolf', after awhile he got ignored, then the wolf did come along, he cried wolf no one listened and it ate him.

  10. Nunes should be in jail, like the rest of Trumps cronies who are already in jail. How many people is Nunes going to pretend to sue?

  11. You know Trump is going to win re-election when the Democrats are already bring up the Russians to give them an excuse as to why they lost rather than admitting defeat.

  12. Will Trump do anything to halt Putin's meddling in our election in the USA? No, because they are working together to corrupt our American way of life. Trump is the Great denier. What chumps Republicans have become.

  13. So who cares? I don't, I would be more concerned with the DNC trying to parachute Hillary into the White House with Bloomberg's money. The Russians will do what they do, the Chinese will do what they will do.

  14. Putins over there using third grade psychology to interfere with the elections…. and it WORKS! Smh.. media and crooked deep state helping him get his way by attacking the people he makes it seem like he supports while hes laughing in disbelief that it's this easy.

  15. Russia colluding 2016 election was a plan to deceived Americans in 2018 election and it worked well for Democrats. But Muller's report uncovered that there was no collusion.

    Russia hoaz will not work anymore from 2020…

    Because Democrats has nothing for Americans but TRUMP has been doing everything to Keep America Great. Now America regain its Glory in economy, military and other fields..

    America is respected again.

    Now Trump wants to keep America Great in economy, military and other fields.

    Patriotic Americans will definitely vote for TRUMP who has visions, gut and strength to keep America Great

  16. Hey Rep Nunes, remember Midway. Tell Adam Schiff that the committee chambers has a broken water facet and see if it shows up in the MSM fake news.

  17. really love this guy "going to take them to court". Nunes has tried it twice now and fed judges have bounced it out telling him to be specific in his claims, but warring him that if he does NOT be specific, HE will be charged with slap suits ( Strategic lawsuit against public participation); other wise suing to stop public reporting. The tool of favor of the rich and powerful for honest reporting of their dirt politic games.

  18. Your phrase for the day is, vexatious litigant, it's what Devin seems to be working towards. On the same day he gets one lawsuit he's filed dismissed with a warning as to what could happen if he were to refile it, he threatens to sue the Washington Post for ratting him out for running to tell our Beloved President what the mean old intelligence agencies were saying about him. Good luck with that.

    Of course the Russians want our Beloved President back for another four years, big orange lap dogs are tough to find. Of course the Republicans are ticked that this information is leaking to the public, they don't want us to know that they really appreciate the help. While the ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee should be using his time on Fox News calling out the Russians and demanding that they stop their interference in our elections, regardless of who they are trying to help, he's on melting down over the fact that word about the briefing leaked and patting himself on the back because he thought of grounds for another baseless lawsuit aimed at his critics.

  19. I mean if your a treasonous psyopathy,,,being corrnered,,,well all deplorable s and thoes who have your number….you can only accuse others of your crimes….tell the lies enough and many will believe….it's all treasonous…and thoes will be held accountable…want news Qannon…be prepared to loose some sleep..140,000 sealed inditiments each Can carry 400….not swamp running us….it's going to be biblical

  20. No rumour And Nunes knows that he told Trump about J. Maguire What he said they have the Russian helping Trump. Nunes you also have a tell tell sign when you lie .McConnell sign the bill to protect our election Now .

  21. You need to investigate the Democratic part and the msm organizations for once again they are accusing the President just like before what they accused Trump of they were doing.

  22. Here we go again! ;
    I guess the Russians are getting an early start!

    You know, the good thing about the Libdem liers is that they can never conceive the fact that people can see through and are tired of their lies and so you got them right where you want them.

  23. The Russian interference was created by the sore losers of the Democratic party to take the heat off of the Hillary email scandal, plain and simple. Their were no Russian's people get it through your heads. The Dem's blame Trump or others for the crimes they committed to take the heat off of themselves. How many Russians came here and turned out to be a troublemaker? The women are hot as hell and the dudes will out work most Americans of the ones I've known. They are not our enemy and were on our side in World War II or did everyone forget about that? Just because they do not have elections every 4 years doesn't make them out to be troublemakers. The truth is is is the worst thing possible for our country and having only two parties. If we are going to constantly have these crazy elections every two or four years we need three parties and Independent need to be represented to break the tie or this circle the Dem' have created will never end.

  24. And how and why does Sanders get a courtesy call from DOJ on the Russians, but Trump! gets investigated. Total Bull Shi*!

  25. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  26. Democrats you are acting like assholes, afraid to lose and made up Russia is interfering in the election to re-elect trump. It's mean and stupid. The American people don't believe that.


  28. Nunez remember you said you did not know Parmez But yet he had your phone number and you were having contact with him you know you went to the White House and snitch I dare you sue the Washington post

  29. This constant Russia-baiting by the dirty lying Demos will not directly cause World War 3, but it is generating a chronic and intensifying tension between the US and Russia. So, when some ambiguous accident or technical failure occurs, one side or the other is more likely to PUSH THE BUTTON. When WW3 comes (and kills most of us), the Hillary-Schiff Gang will have an ocean of blood on their hands.

  30. Read all the comments , yet know one was addressing this actual video…people are right in believing there is a lot of lying gong on , just not seeing it right here before their own eyes.

  31. Are the Democrats really stupid enough to try it again. Maybe they think their base is stupid enough to by it. Trump and Bernie and anyone else they don't like is either a Russian spy or being helped by the Russia's. Their really an embarrassment to our country. Like they crazy side of the family. Difference is their not family and so be sent home.

  32. Well you got to say if the brain-dead Brigade of the left doesn't see what's going on now. After all this shifting and supposedly telling of Bernie when they didn't tell Trump and Russia was helping Trump Russia was helping Bernie if they don't see what's going on now they truly are the cult of the moron

  33. The whole world is looking at the crowds that attend the president's rallies. They along with many more must be Russians, because the president will be back in office this Nov.

  34. nunes said something interesting…. "the russians will take any chance to sow discord into our election"…. and here we have a communist-socialist bernie sanders whose followers are talking about installing gulags in the US….
    Just saying… if the shirt is red… and the shoes are red… and the knife used to stab the body is red… and there's a red blood trail coming from the body to the knife and all over the person's clothes… chances are that person is the one to blame for the crime. Common Sense here. Ignoring the obvious doesn't make you smart or reserved, it just makes you ignorant.

    TRUMP 2020

  36. Kind of ironic that the Russian finger is only being pointed at the two candidates that the Democrats don't want in the White House

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