Nunes blasts Dems for rejecting GOP impeachment hearing witnesses

Nunes blasts Dems for rejecting GOP impeachment hearing witnesses

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  1. If basic precedented rules could be so mangled in the House, imagine what would happen if you have a Demoncrat majority senate. Woe USA.

  2. J.E.Hoover used the same scam when he refused to accept organised crime existed, because the mob had photos of him compromised,who has Shitff got pictures of ?to allow him this powerful edge over the rest ,seems like he is more powerful than the commander in chief

  3. Why can’t America ditch Trump and get a new President that most of America can get behind? Is that really such a terrible concept to work together?

  4. Are you sure hannity and nunes aren’t related? They are both lying pathetic morons with no sense of self worth who have sold their souls to corruption and the evil fascist in the WH

  5. Your so right Mr Hannity the senate has to do its job and if nothing is wrong then people from Trumps administration should come forward and testify I can see that NOT happening

  6. “To view the opposition as dangerous is to misunderstand the basic concepts of democracy. To oppress the opposition is to assault the very foundation of democracy.”
    ― Aung San Suu Kyi, Letters from Burma

  7. the term limits should absolutely apply to those in the government service who are not elected but appointed. The clue to a problem is that as of right now the deep "state"can not be fired. How does that make sense. Just as it no longer makes sense to have a protection of the 
    Union for those who are the facilitators of the terrible education system that puts our children in darkness.

  8. The GOP better stand up for our President or we will vote Republicans out. If Trump is impeached, the fall back against both parties will be astounding. America is out raged enough already by all the false allegations against our President

  9. So when Dems are in Power, Republicans Morons cry “Them Democrats/Dictatorship/Deep State/ Liars”. When Very Stable Genius Great Dealmaker Trump is Power, Republicans Morons still cry “Them Democrats/Dictatorship/Deep State/ Liars” Go Figure!!! I don’t understand why Republicans don’t open an investigation on Bidens themselves because they love to waste our money like that all the time. Like investigating the Clinton’s for the past Half Century. But hey who cares you guys are doing great with that Trickle Down Economy for sure.

    I knew once a man that everyone around him was wrong and a liar and only his word was the truth. Eventually all his “true” words caught up with him one day and buried him to the other life.
    – Let me give you morons a lecture. If you keep dreaming about that wall, You never gonna get it because it was a lie you eager self-willing un-educated (by facts) morons. Oh yeah be happy with a fence he built, so you can use it as a Shrine to do your Cult Tribe rituals.
    If you think you will see a Trade deal with China, in the timeframe of this administration keep dreaming because you not going to get it. China would rather see Donny roasted than give him any type of deal. They would rather endure the toughest economic conditions and see Donny humiliated for what he has tried to do to China.
    Oh and If you still waiting for that Investigation from Republicans on claims that millions of illegal emigrants voted for Hillary, I will tell you guys that after wasting millions of dollars they quietly closed it without proving anything.

    But hey if you made it reading so far forgive me for disturbing your joy. Be that devoted sheep and tune in to that Sean Hannity Brainwashing machine now.

  10. A "Nunes blast" is a vote of confidence that things are being handled properly. (There's a litany of utterly goofy and incorrect Nunes' opinions that now stretch back years. It doesn't take a genius to figure out this guy's POV is the very definition of "partisan wacky". Of course, leave it to Faux News to give him a platform to air out his <giggle> "grievances"…)

  11. Can anyone tell me what else the Democrats are doing for the citizens here? Besides the impeachment what have they been doing besides this?

  12. Nunes complains that the whistleblower "does not like" Trump. So what, that does not mean that the clearly documented evidence presented by subsequent witnesses and the transcript of Trump's conversation is not true. Is he suggesting that the facts are only
    valid if they are exposed by someone who "likes" Trump? That is silly, as are all of the nonsensical Republican attempts at defending Trump.
    I have never witnessed more political hypocrisy and dishonesty than that which Nunes spews. (Ok, Trump and Graham are worse, but Nunes is definitely third!) I hope they can quickly clear the room of Republican smoke rings and get to the important process of detailing and examining the shameful facts of Trump's treachery.

  13. Some points:
    1. Impeachment is about (behaviour of) Mr. Trump
    2. Of course there are others, possible wrongdoers
    3. E.g. there was a thief who stole my bike
    4. E.g. there was Mr. Joe doe, who maybe did also ….
    5. There is Mr. Joe Biden and his son, who did ….
    6. BUT that is NOT the CASE now!
    7. Impeachment is about Mr. Trump
    8. All the rest is dirt and noise and rubbish
    9. You have to start a separate case about separate cases.
    10. It is simple as that! Other person -> other case; other time -> other case BUT NOw first: what about Mr. Trump and his actions of creating chaos, treason, misuse of office OR nothing?

  14. What do you mean cant bring witness? Allowed no defense? What house is this? Tyranny, not allowed defense? The accusers and/or crime charges cant deny who defense witnesses are!! That's UNCONSTITUTIONAL IN AMERICA! WHERE DOES SCHIFF THINK HE IS, RATHER, WHI DOES HE THINK HE IS? LAWSUIT REPUBLICANS, NOW! STOP THIS DICTATORIAL JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER! WHOSE IS NEXT? US CITIZENS??????

  15. We sure do want to see Shiff brought up to be questioned. I don't know anyone in my circle of friends who don't want to see Adam Shiff answer for what he's done here.

  16. Schiff is a traitor, a lying scumbag, and a total loser as a human being. He needs to be destroyed like the cockroach he is.

  17. The Democrats reject conservatism and conservatives because they reject God they know they're going to the lake fire for eternity so they want to make all the evil they can while they're here on Earth. Remember we were created after God. Eternal beings. Don't lose sight of that people reject God you will be separated from him for eternity.

  18. Again- the democraps covering up and accusing someone for doing somehting they have done 1st…….a few years ago
    not to metion the one sided kangaroo court

  19. If Adam Schiff is the only one or did I hear him right today when he said he dosen't even know who the whistle blower is, so if he doesn't know is there even a whistle blower or is it something the Democrats made up to hold an impeachment hearing. Now my next big question is if the Ukraine government gave into Joe Biden and fired and attorney so Hunter could get a job that paid that amount of money, how could President Trump trust a country like that, and want to do business with them if he didn't trust their credentials, Next question is even if Trump did say he was going to support the Ukraine and asked Congress for the money to send aid, would the Democrat run Congress supported the aid for the Ukraine?

  20. Why won't any republican give a straight answer..? Subpoena these bastards in the senate..!!! If some rinoes goes down with them, so be it..!!!

  21. Do Dems think that their behaviour won’t whiplash back on to a future Dem president? If this actually goes anywhere, why wouldn’t GOP announce its intention to impeach the next Dem Pres the night of the election as well? This is all so dangerous to the democratic process with an election a year away… screams of desperation

  22. Schiff is lying about not knowing who the whistleblower is. He probably invented the story & appointed the Trump hater, himself. Now, the Republicans even know who he is. Schiff, in his delusional play acting is going to try not to allow him to be questioned. I believe, surely, even lying, criminal narcissist Schiff will have to, by law, call him to testify.

  23. shakespeare says, ''all the world's a stage and we are merely players." that said, this inquiry is liken to a theatre where half the cast were allowed to rehearsed the (trans) 'script' and the other half prevented.

  24. Excuse me, this this is a sham, where are the 8 witnesses the Republicans requested. Never mind, Attorney Durham can Subpoena them under his Criminal Investigation. The real one with a Grand Jury in a Real Court of Law. Not this Schiff Circus.

  25. Trump is also blocking the witnesses the Democrats wants to call by stonewalling and ordering them to ignore subpoenas. If he is so innocent as he claims, why not let them come forward and clear Trump?

  26. such an absolute scam..shady shift uncle touch me not biden crooked clintons pathetic pelosi all nothing more than corrupt child murderers

  27. Zeldin focused on internet in burism holding the ukraina engery company that paid bidens son hunt 50.000amonth to serve in it's boards.

  28. The whistleblower is now completely irrelevant in this case. There are too many people cooberating the testimony. Nunes is just a busy body old woman who wants to see him for himself. He knows this person is not going to be there so “GET OVER IT”. He is so stuck on this one point that he asks no relavent questions. He’s the one who will make a circus out of this

  29. They're no different than the 1940s gangsters just setting up road blocks and interference to avoid mass arrests and delay infinite amounts of indictments upon them.

  30. It was 50K a month, now its 80K? Nunes, you went off script. And, are you legal? You look…. ethnic. Greg, push away from the dinner table and lay off the desserts, I know you are trying to fill up an empty soul, but eating wont work. Get off faux, save yourself.

  31. Taylor  was upset that there was a an irregular channel from the WH  that he was not part of  .  His concern was not for America but for him self  as he mentioned Rudy many times   about being a business man  with a check  ?

    He was an advocate for Ukraine  and used   the Dims words  to push his story ???

    He knew of  the Bidens  extortion   investigation by Rudy??

    Taylor  was asked a question  by the dim counsel and he  looked down at his notes looking for it indicating that he had  the  question before hand and was looking for it in his notes ?? Sounds of Mueller ??

    Taylor is nothing more than a bitter  ignored ambassador being paid ? Taylor then played  mickey the dunce with the republican questioners   Regularly  responding that he didn’t know ??  Stalling  on most of the questions  ??

  32. These Democrats have gotten so bad that no one really cares what they say because they are useless people with no integrity or truth. The should all be put on a bus and sent to a remote part of Mexico for life. This Congress has not done one thing to help the american people in a little more than three years, I think they need to fire these people. ( HOW DO WE FIRE CONGRESS!) CON.????

  33. The Dema don't want the Republicans witnesses to show because they know those witnesses will be for President Trump. Come in Senate, without your support things are going to get out of hand.

  34. The Biden's MUST testify under oath and explain to the American people WHY Hunter was paid millions of dollars with ZERO experience in energy….

  35. Nunes Suck on this. Sick of winning. Lost the House now Your Losing more and more elections every month. Kentucky's next with Moscow Mitch and Your California Seat

  36. Lying Adam Schiff Pelosi Chuck Schumer Bernie Sanders Maxine Waltter OAC squads these people think they are above the law they have for gotten they work for the American people why are republicans allowing corrupt lying Adam Schiff to do what he want or say he not judge or jury

  37. If these friggin' demonrats can take Trump to court on EVERYTHING, then why can't Trump take Schiff-faced liar to court to make sure he is being fair?????????

  38. This is just another distraction by the DNC party that bought false info from a British spy about lies about Trump that went nowhere. Millions spent by them all to bring Trump down when in truth all involved should spend the rest of their lives in prison. Obama, Hillary, Brennan, a Ohrs ,FBI agents, CIA agents should all be arrested and tried for treason against this country.

  39. It's OK ….. "I have a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING" that I will be Voting for President Trump for four more years and I won't forget to vote …. Does anyone else have the same "CLEAR UNDERSTANDING"

  40. When Schiff denies and rejects due process protections for the president, he has SILENCED EQUITY PRINCIPLES of our Republic and established a TYRANNICAL SOVIET POLITBURO in plain sight…if you consent to this, you have just SURRENDERED your rights and protections under law to a Marxist foreign interest. This is over the top corruption in plain sight!!! My fellow Americans, observe well and do the right thing.

  41. Shut it nunes. You sold our country down the river for money like trump did. but hey, do this if i need to be corrected:

    1- tell that coward impersonating a president, to come and defend himself.., is he not a man?
    2- release the documents and allow witnesses to assist congress as they are being subpoenaed, What? Are you hiding something?
    3 – you can do better than " the president never did that, he would never!!..but, if he did it would be just fine, he's the president" it sounds like: "your mom never did that, she would never….! but if she did, it's OK…

  42. God those idiots. Nonos, fannity and the other mouth breathing goons are such idiots. They constantly make such fools of themselves.

  43. A fifth column (democrats)  undermine a larger group (the American peoples vote) from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation (China). The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine ( impeachment).

  44. The sewer Rats are performing an illegal investigation! President Trump has the right to know who his accuser's are! President Trump has the right to have his attorneys to demand information on the accuser's! We the people demand that the Swamp Rats putting on this court of lies be forced to take A lie detector test! The truth will set us free. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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