Nova SBE Fellowship for Excelence: Hear from the fellows

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excelence: Hear from the fellows

The future of our world, our society,
depends on the skills, We can actually make a change. Like, seriously, I think what drives me, what really inspires me is the fact that I know that
what I do, on a daily basis, can have an impact. And it’s so empowering every day.
I feel this at Nova SBE every day. What I learn, what I study, gives me the
thrill of learning and doing more and more. the values, I think that the most inspiring thing in the world today is the desire that I see in people of
helping others. If I look at the world today, I think that there are many inspiring things. What is inspiring to me is injustice. There is a lot we can change, a lot
that we can still work on, and we still have huge inequalities in the
world, so that is something that inspires me to look for ways to change that. the attitude we develop in the young generations. I’ve seen extraordinary
people from my age doing amazing things. We have technology at our side, we have knowledge, we have skills, we have social media, so we have a bigger connectivity
than there ever was, so I believe we can actually make an
impact if we get the support of friends and organizations. That is one of our missions at Nova SBE. To attract and to develop young talent to have a responsible impact on the organizations, in our society, and in the
world in general. This is the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. Where unique, diverse, hard-working, and gifted students come together and strive to go beyond their reach and, with their talent, make the world a better place.

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