Northshore Fellowship Live Stream

Northshore Fellowship Live Stream

move a of a movie and on and on
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was over and alive over back at
home and no one of the things I
was so hard and revival of the
ne . The Virginia has reduced the
warriors there with a more
special we ask of some 33 verse
four aces we put our hole in the
lower in him our hearts rejoice for we
trust in his wallet. Lecture on filling laps around
the slower for home use and you
alone some 3418 says the word is close
to the brokenhearted . She loved your family and
friends man, one of things and
is only in times of low voter
arrays are installing many
covers those you for your presence that goes
with us and we thank your for
the family of this year together
and we thank you for Rebecca
awar as we continue to raise we thank
you for the rams and two worst
in the state of the strained
recover millions of times and
Norma have and have even high as they
have and have a they have a say on a 99 I have a
they have a and nine Z USA said
and then you say and that I have a say that you have a I
have a eye and a 99 I have a a an eye on and on and have they
have a and have a move on a a a
a a a a I say I and a and they have a a a I have and they have a and I
have an a and on a on a and I have a a I had a they have a November that no child go and we know that there’s a place
rare or my name is Steven Smith, pastor
Northshore fellowship men when we started discharging
the 24 years ago, first of many of our time in the very first sermon, one
for each, without Mr. We talked
about for such time as this week
we don’t know what’s gonna
happen just a lot lower to serve the
lower end we started as a charge
that we have been completely
dependent upon lowered, for the
peop and I’ve seen last 24 years certain place to start times and
lower puts people in your path
for such time as this are
several years ago you can see
right no all this Sunday morning are
children of the leading us and
worship but it was the season, like this
were getting ready for Christmas
it was the the Sunday evening right after
thanksgiving we’re adding a
painting of the greens and we’re
decorating are charging as we
were d mend us can wander to me was
wondering what we were doing and
we describes the one we were doing and what we’re getting
ready for and we talked to
monopolize fathers me wrong
spent the majority of the
evening talking bi Enron after the monkey and came
back to charge me out a very
special person with memoirs
Rebecca N so we do for such time as this award brought her into our
entire body , rusty Yates, be sharing and
he’s at the privilege of knowing
more bad news about
fortysomething years and lots of stories with her. But I had the opportunity our
charge just these last several
years over line we encourage our
people read god’s word and pray
ev we encourage you to read from a
one year by malicious union
online you get in a bookstore
and just as a reading of an old
testam man, I’ve received a call and
then I visited rebecca’s sense of time I’ve
known her the slice of years
she’s back, physical issues the
entire time that the war brought her here and I got a call from her and I
was at a town my wife and I were
selling and reading anniversary
issue me know she’s back in a h all come see by a back in town and that
Monday morning I am with the
park west Mannheim went to see year before
I do like to just take god’s
work with me because god is the
healer he’s the savior he’s the
on Sybase open up to one year by
for that day and as I read
through and I came to the song and it’s so I’m just amazed gotten so much smarter than we
are I read us on that day and I just
did Nast times guidelines
realize how real and relevant the board and the
holy spirit was speaking at that
moment I went into that room there’s a
lady in the room end of my mind’s different place
in rainier back, but there’s a
lady that was my real estate
agent with Chris and I bought a
hou and I realize that’s Rebecca
Sister Nancy eyes realizing the war just
means getting things together
these could gonna be I can tell the Bekaa was
different than young times and
on its ear and a hospital by just knelt down Monday’s
decider shoes and a bad idea
seven registry god’s work for
you brush prairie misses the
word from su says hear me as I pray award be merciful and answering my heart has hurt you sell a come and talk with me and my heart responds lowered out, I am realizing that moment but
that scripture was even more
real than I could ever dream as I talk to Becky I can tell
that there was something
different than when we strayed
before the war to stir denny’s
racetrack, I forgot to earlier but if you
go about three rows back here
from the front after we take out
that chair and that’s where
we’re it should be back in the house
along that you tell something was
different and talks are at
realize later she already talked
to Steve I shared with ecclesiastes
chapter to reverse 11 and just
let her know we were created for
this world of tiny of 55 years of age and every day that goes by I
understand that, every day and
every breath as a gift from god
the matter for two months old 2
seco at night, I realize that more
and more in Rebecca addison’s
about that morning we talk about
the goddess plan to determine
tea i back to him and talking to
Rebekah she shared with me that
she already met with Steve and she was getting ready to see
if she knew she understood this
wasn’t just for school takes me I’ll be back in charge she knew my heart has heard you say, in my heart responds lowered I’m coming we knew Rebecca she came to
charge sheet and the dinner
theaters we have a Christmas or
Christmas programs she came to our outdoor services
are thanksgiving dinners are due in part of our life
groups she, Saturday and
volunteer for cleaning she was a
serving she was a gifted shoes
and intelli and she would come and help to
go with the state restaurants
ago with his two movies she went
with Astaire the Knoxville
symphon by hand back to one of the last
services we at an outdoor
services just battle over month
ago and Mcphee park she had been able to be with us
in a while because of sickness
but that day she was there would be going to be added to
use this summer we call the
living the troops and that day were ministering on
blessed are those that more and at the end of our gathering
a picnic in a public park brother she moved his right here
and this will charity been out
for seven weeks and he was with
us that day and he was at the back part of
the zillion in Drabek was at the
site near me says we and our service we ask
all of our men together a number
of a gene and pray for him we ask all of our lady’s to
gather around Rebekah and pray
for her mind still see the
picture and sing like most of
our young gi she loved the kids in the whole charge all the
women gather round began to pray
and we talk about listener those
who mourn for they shall be
comfor or at work, from a strong kid means this to give strains
to give hope to ease greens to
ease trouble to bring relief for
relief from pain relief from the and is signifies a new string we believe, team of god and
Jesus is comics and has been
among the city is among us and
yet it is always future tense
until our tells gay rubble that trumpet
and Jesus steps out nichols’s
children home so there’s a future can expect
rebecca’s closer that future
tense than us I’m asking to stand with me this
morning were to sign of the war
to prayer mary’s, commonly this
in a worship course a member of by just want to know if you
stand with me that that
scripture is a reality today Rebecca over the lord save my
hardest heard you say, talk with
me and my heart response toward
I’m coming and I say to you
today for the eight shall be comforted are we pray this today or for
this family win over back is
receiving comfort even now we pray this for this family we
pray this for friends are we
pray that god we have a
revelation to your spirit to
your presence and I would just ask you to fill
up this place with your presence
in with your lovelorn as we celebrate the back and we
can celebrate the backups
without celebrating you and us what we do more we bless
your name all my soul you’re a
great god you’re a mighty god
and your loving god men are you
wer god and we’ve made yield to you and we say receiver lesson to
those in more for they shall be
comforted me jesus’ name would
you worship with us today and
soon say they have on a day and had a
hand and an eye on and they and they have that and I and say they have had and and
and and as a I have and they say I sat and a sad and I and I and I and I
and and they have and I have I have had an eye on a nine and
had I and I had a and that’s a sad and I and I have and have and they
have and have a say have a off and I have a say
on a day and I have a they say they have a and an a on
and on a day and say I have a I have a sad of -the missing was somewhat over 20
years ago, first met mickey and we spent so many times, or
two after parties weeks. One
laugh until two or 3:00 AM and she just loved music and 1
to 1, music never misses 527. Starr to prepare and I don’t
play much anymore 11. 14 right now, she sees the injuries and women so for a practice from
disconnecting some things that
she will remain a the wonderful songs 21 American, choose to stay with
their two for a few minutes
couple weeks ago west, star or two of the problems and
content was broke a two to write
so our state and just for a
minute it was Becky back in minutes. And your seat one oh before I start this business, and it also would love some other friends
and normal circle springs,
always, slow and it’s one of the
statements for 1C1010 1448 8 to 10 and trouble as you age 1:50. And the 10 half on the case,
Liane Ryan closer nine C Baker in the months and now we’re being to arrive in the event with a PCI you choose, a nine the antenna on living through nine
and the pay- to see you again have been times in the bedroom
winter springs, from a pay the you have to do is have had the pay of a movie and youth, for a pittance, at the view should have done in the clowns
and that all you have to women should be
attended to, kitchen and 2:00 PM at casa nine mean a little was set up in a tender on your
room go you choose, at nine main antenna on live in and I am up to nine in to see you work in all located on june the above
only to strengths of our flaws,
and of you cut it to us, and of
the event of movie and a EXP to tell accused of 308, DB
so cold benefits year and a 16 to take you so on if you have to
move you to two you choose, and the engine on live and die and the Kennedy and you have the two CU a G audited of setup up and went to
spring summer flaw, and a few
cup to do is, and the payday of whom you’ve got three long as you cut a friend and 8 to 10 are you move to
three David Duke Energy to cut three readers another one we just all
too old to issue does love of fun , like. Four other is too young to have fun as a new range as high as sandisk as an Irish
songs the companions or let Sanders said on the sleeves
and it can do remains also is past June 15 each day as soon as CC CF 55 three men as women addresses to
being clueless is is sciences to the
P3 tying it seems as sun and its
use of the screen as if a man is someone that the stock and that you and nine EPS
or write to the as sweet baby
chains the greens and blues have it
could lose the series will
choose it made good and nine
trains and a lot of bad as we be the
chain’s one of the first and his San is
cut and was snow in San Luis to parent ion tends
to be stripped of two of the parishes same train ride,
Karen that for us to quit 10,009 and 10 beds alone who business have it as a mile and a
paid to the higher rating as
soft as e-mail and may stay
tuned to see as soft as seen at his home in
the standing committee you can
pay the defense helps you to swing dancing and marched his ninth on
the sake of the U.N. and nine EPS run to tie as we pay its aims the greens and blues side of the
10 states to won’t use it may go down and 93 and are up to 903 PDT as 11 582 one eight one or four. Four. Zero LN, one 11 211 11 year four years member of the one 10 four one zero 00 211 10041 star one 01040 811 10101 UK. The one 0412, or a mime about this 12 12. 521 or 88. 10 71 Smith NP . For one year in Zhang said and most of the tomb in honoring, Z and nine of aunts as a U.S. V9 U and VCV that’s the I-nine and I have a
and visits and some say on and
that’s sad to say that and
that’s half of them off of that
that’s the Z ZZZ 10 AM and often that in the day that that’s that’s 9:00 AM on MTV and that often that you and you have and have said that as a
safe and 1/2 and then you have that have
and they have a sad and you have
a and they have a say on and off
and say that they have on of the Z and they have had on that day and that’s that’s
that’s the that’s that’s that’s that’s a
that’s as I say you have a safe
and a new men since nine CCB M’s EPS and noon CB as in the SCM in soon met in the that’s a that’s that’s that’s that’s
that’s that’s that’s often that they
soon that that’s a that’s that’s
a dead and that’s no small much 10 oh were 011 111, lower, one 411 , 4 April stringy 110 88110 wee hours would lower the car . Rooms. Or your record one 851-2121 one more years, 8 March ’01 for your call two 103 , four. Readers with stringy one or staff lower , Joe aris. Mario are all the women were one 111 to 001 one midwinter 00 , or big star , bring the rest story starring in one 850882 one, the row. The star of hers are low. Mary 10 8135 year old and it was so are the ones
0818851250 21 strip it was so are so. One showed little too. He
can’t get any better than the 881119 just for many are intimately. In the one state 00 51 100 five or 11 one or one one or call the yo she was noticed. One of our G10 one, 10 or one very strong eight to 05 acres locker . Bars one so are L a one to 002 were bearable 11 to one more, 10 or
F0010 111 to one 01. LF 40 one. Or co two or more with co to the new one here B1 story line, NO 1 know you’re all one 0P1 1810 price year and five 452111855. The real one 00 or among OP to the blockers or so. One are you sure you all. You
are right , or E N store them in the wall. 1
GM2L1 one or 01 school year 000 or 000 180 our row under two oh. , 10 or L 111 or all oh 455 oh LOG, eight GM 21810 year or 21 1211 S5, there you go in alone S44 05 1411 one 10 87, or one every 50 or one or 11 491012021 MM are mine. 1L10 era
year 1401 hours, next year’s low . 0000. Member know. The one 011 to 00 one or eight or 11 . Sure or one 11 one 180 40 one . We’ll all miss so school glittery for one oh. Or below 4110 12110, or are 832 style or five 00 share one more one or 11 or all her story . L or 118-1110 your 8852 one 00 oh one one or 00 one years one showing the models are. She was there one or 855, 10111851. Turning in the
year were our work. Eight 801. Many she was the GM cars years of our body GL way
to spam 010 or 10 bowlers
assigned product and obvious man it’s a REMB 81 members, she’ll start a new line 18 know, one one the incorrect , with one out later. Or you 101091 G all worries for EL
week term one five 48 00 or 01 or more or four or four oh one oh oh oh 105 10. 00 or two or 12211 11 101 one sure four 11 year over year or one one or one or you four to 00 or 0132110 no one one oh. Oh 00 or five or oh. Oh oh one or one 00 oh, or four or five 11 41 11 or 4 hours a 141 54 or 405 MM or as a gift for other
places, co one 1021, are all of your show 110 or 1 to 1 vote here are four or five 10 8421 oh 440. . One row two or more or no room for 41 zero 514 118 4500 01 oh one or four 521 512 or write 41. When the family, Maxtor and
share this is the most special
timing just coming together the
two share with each other make sure you can’t beat sister
and takes stake sometimes used
to love one each other and share
stories and to bless each other thank you for being here this
part of servers

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