Northern Chile: Family and business

Northern Chile: Family and business

[cars passing] We were living in a “toma”, land we did not have titles for “Camps” they call them We were there 5 or 6 years, more or less We had problems with electricity, problems with water, debts and now that they put us in our house it’s totally different I don’t know, there’s hot water, I have a kitchen I have a place for my kitchen, a place for my bed a place for the living room, a place for the dining table now it’s all mixed My husband works in the mine. His shift is 7 days then has 7 days off And those 7 days he’s at the mine actually my business is selling clothing [bells chiming] [unintelligible yelling] So I started thinking about a way to work and work and I found that there were a lot of people selling things on Facebook I bought clothes, I bought a rack, I bought toys And I work with “American clothing”, used, recycled clothing And I sell it on Facebook [clothing rustling] [footsteps] When my husband isn’t here I invite them right here to my house, or I take the clothes to deliver them in Iquique For a percentage more. But only if they are very sure about the clothing they’re going to buy because they’ve seen a lot of photos [chatter: it’s size 44, right?] So, I put up the photos, and they pick come to pick up the clothes When someone likes something, she sends a private message, asking for more photos Photos of the size, or if I have another color [car noises] This is our world because for 7 days I don’t know anything about him Until he leaves on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday he calls me on the phone. He says “How are you? How’s the baby?” “Send me a picture of her. Send me a picture of you.” I do it too, because sometimes I have a heavy chest. I send a photo and that’s how we communicate [bus exhaust noise] Subtitles: Nell Haynes

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