No More Self-Focus | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 4 Episode 6

No More Self-Focus | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 4 Episode 6

GWEN SHAMBLIN: Thank you, God. Is this not
great? Praise God! CANDACE ANGER: I think they missed you.
GWEN: Well we are excited to be here just like you are. We are excited to be alive.
I will tell you out there in a world that does not want God, it is great to be around
people who want Him, who want Him glorified. Thank you, God.
CANDACE: Amen. GWEN: Hey we are at season four, episode six,
how about that? CANDACE: Wow!
GWEN: Candace and I talked about it and we are just so glad that we still have a job
after Michael and David did such a good job last week. We did not know if we were going
to be asked back. We are glad we were asked back.
CANDACE: Yes I was sweating; I had a little drip going down. No, it was awesome honestly,
I am happy to step aside, it was beautiful, and it was amazing.
GWEN: I am just grateful, I am grateful. Okay I have some shout outs, you have some announcements,
and you want to go first? CANDACE: Yes I would love to. Those of us
who are in the Basics class we kind of all started in January, and so we are hitting
that week: it is three and four and five and so the testing can kind of ramp up a little
bit during that time, spiritual warfare, so we have some resources for that. And we were
talking about how the Olympics are coming up on Friday, so have we some “Olympic strength”
resources to help you pass your tests. GWEN: That is clever.
CANDACE: One of the things, that of course, people… there are so many of them, first
of all if you go to Facebook, Elizabeth Hannah posted yesterday the most awesome encouragement.
It was like you threw something in the water and all of the fish went whoosh, we all needed
it so bad. GWEN: I know that feeling, yes.
CANDACE: It was so awesome, so if you have not had the chance to go to our Facebook group
and read that, do that. That will be a great encouragement to you. Also of course The Power
To Overcome video series, that is a two video series. One is called “Staying In The Light”
and one is called “All In”. And this week there is an email that is going to go out
and if you buy it this week, you get a free Overcome ringtone with it. But that would
be a great one to help you pass your test; it will help the kids. There is also…
GWEN: I want one of those. CANDACE: Me too.
GWEN: What do I have to do now? CANDACE: You have to get The Power To Overcome
video series… GWEN: Okay.
CANDACE: …and then if you purchase that you get a free Overcome ringtone, so watch
your email either tomorrow or Friday and that will come out. And so you will have your Olympic
strength ringtone and also your videos to watch. There is also an incredible talk, I
still remember the day you gave it, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. It is a
great audio on Truthstream or you can purchase it, it will help you get through any test.
And then there is a great one called Perseverance and I know a lot of you have been listening
to that and it will definitely go. Then I have one more that is the most incredible…
Gwen talked a few Saturdays ago, in the evening, about persecution and that talked got recorded
and it is called Do Not Fear Persecution. So I am begging anyone who is going through
a difficult situation, where they feel like, “nobody understands why I am doing Weigh Down
and not another diet,” or “nobody understands…” then listen to this, it will get you through
it. GWEN: It will clear it up. It just clears
everything up: You are normal and it is normal. CANDACE: Exactly. It just went on Truthstream
today Do Not Fear Persecution… or if you know somebody who is going though a lot of
that, please let them know. Well I think this is very exciting… so we can mark our calendars,
this is very exciting… GWEN: Oh yes, this is a big announcement.
CANDACE: We might need a drumroll. All right the drums are gone. Okay, Rebuilding The Wall,
Cincinnati, March 21st and 22nd. GWEN: Hey, you know what, do we have the video?
We are calling it You Can Change The World For the Better.
CANDACE: You Can Change The World For the Better, okay.
GWEN: Let us roll it. VIDEO: Cincinnati Promo Video entitled “You
Can Change The World For the Better” GWEN: Thank you, God! This is exciting!
CANDACE: I am going! GWEN: So sign up now. Have you got a way to
sign up already? Reserve your seats. CANDACE: Yes the registration should be up
this week. So we will have hotel information, directions, where it is and everything.
GWEN: It is four hours from here, north. CANDACE: Very quick drive from here. And that
was all I had except for—I know Michael announced last Wednesday that you are writing
a book right now, so we are very excited about that and we are praying for everything God
is doing. GWEN: I am having a good time and thanking
God for the honor of just being able to do this and I know that it is, I have gotten
so many signs from Him that I am supposed to be doing it. So it is going very, very
quickly and I do not think it is going to be too long of a wait. I am still debating
the cover and the exact title, so we do not really have a picture yet. But we have thrown
some things out there, but the inside is for sure, it is rock solid. So it is coming.
Okay we are at Season Four Episode Six and speaking of encouragement, our guests tonight—I
cannot even tell you how encouraging they are to me. I cannot put it into words how
encouraging they are to me. This is a young couple, they are barely in their late twenties,
early thirties, just barely, just babies, yet the maturity level is out the roof! They
are full of God, full of good deeds, setting an example for all of us. Please join with
Candace and I in welcoming Todd and Leda Kubiak. GWEN: Thank you. Oh my goodness. I am just
honored to be on the stage with you two. And if I had what you both have at your age…then
to be that age and to have this, knowing that you still have the rest of your life, while
most of the world is still floundering, and yet you are just exemplary in every area.
So I want you to tell it because it was not always that way. But I have watched you both
for years, grow, change, then get married, beautiful wedding and then have children and
the results are amazing. How did it all start off, you want to start with you, Leda?
LEDA KUBIAK: Sure. I am first of all honored and grateful to be here and like you said,
grateful for this truth. It truly has changed my entire life. I feel like the small speck
and just the most undeserved person, but I am so grateful to God for His mercy to open
my eyes to the Truth. I grew up going to church and I was there, I feel like, since I was
born, Sunday and Wednesday and every chance I could. I really tried to find God the way
I thought or knew. I went to a Christian school and I was surrounded by the Bible, learned
it all up in my head. I was a good student, I just tried to do the right thing and I feel
like through all of that and through the years gained a lot of pride, spiritual pride and
pride of myself. And it was fed to me, too, by people around me, “you are good and you
are fine.” And I do not remember…occasionally I would feel conviction from God if I would
have a quiet time or read, but I did not know what to do with it. And I did not know that
I could change or I should change and so I just stayed the same or got worse.
I was in high school when my mom started doing Weigh Down in the nineties and I will never
forget, I would hear you on the tapes, she would be listening and I would be riding along
in the car and I would hear you. And I will never forget the first time I was kind of
listening and I was just thinking, “Mom is doing another weight diet, she is on another
diet thing” and I did not pay much attention, I was in my own little world anyway in my
life. But I heard you talk about God and your relationship with God and I will never forget,
you were talking about flowers, a buttercup, and you were just describing it and how you
loved God and you could not believe this beautiful flower. And I thought, “I have never heard
anyone love God like that in all the churches and everything I been around. I never heard
someone talk about God with that love and that passion” and I wanted that. Deep down
I questioned, “How does she have that love for God?” And I knew that was the way it was
supposed to be—the way the Bible says that. But I did not have that and I did not know
how to get it. So the years went by and I got older and went
off to college and started just struggling more, getting into my own self, and my own
sin, and that truly—I know it was God. He put me where I just started to get into a
low point where I got more self focused, more into food, love for food and dieting and trying
to control it with exercise. I could not and I was just getting heavier and heavier. And
I had some Weigh Down principles so I knew the diets were not right but I still would
try them, I had that pride. I did not think it was for me.
And it was my sweet mother who just kept feeding me truth, because she was doing Weigh Down
and putting it into practice and I watched her changed. And she was the only one sending
me scriptures, telling me to love my roommate and how to put the Word of God into practice—which
is really what she was doing and applying God’s principles. And so it was in my sophomore
year of college that I finally knew I needed to humble myself and I took a Weigh Down Advanced
class and my life has never been the same. Since then…shortly after I visited here
and I saw the fruit and I was so in awe that there was a group of people who loved God
like that. And the first time in my life I truly did look inward and saw that and then
I got the fear of God and that I had to change and I could change and I had hope. I was set
free quickly from the food and I lost thirty-five pounds. But more than that I know I was just
so ready to be done with myself, living my life for myself and my desires and my wishes
and waking up every day just thinking about me. And it was so freeing to know that I could
truly wake up and every day and think about God. And that was the most amazing thing and
I did find that relationship where every day I am in awe of His sky and in awe of His creation—because
I could not see it when I was focused on me. GWEN: You cannot.
LEDA: I was blinded. So it was truly overnight, once I repented, and changed my life, made
that turnaround, that it was not about the food, that it was not about my weight or myself
or my wishes and desires and made it all about God and it made all the difference. I am forever
grateful for that and truly learning since then for the past ten years, just more and
more of how to look inward and how to change and just grow more in love with God. So I
am so thankful for this truth and I would not trade it for anything. I am just very
blessed and thank you. GWEN: And thank God for you and your whole
family, amazing. Amazing. So when did Todd…Todd tell us your background.
TODD KUBIAK: I thank you again. I have a very different story than Leda actually. I was
not a Weigh Down participant originally when I heard this message. I was a freshman in
college and had always been a thin eater and food was never a pull to me, but was definitely
pulled by the world in lust and pride and self. It was anything that I could get my
hands on for pleasure whether it was drugs or alcohol and lust and so many other things.
But heard this message through a family friend who had introduced me to a different church
originally and I remember specifically that person not showing up to the previous church
I went to and it kind of bothered me that he was not there and I called him up and said,
“Hey I realized you were not there.” And he said, “You have got to come check out what
we are hearing.” He took me to breakfast one morning and then explained everything, we
probably went through fifty scriptures that had always been in the bible, but never really
came out, you would read right over it, or there is no explanation how you just miss
it. But when we went over those scriptures it made so much sense. Then he invited me
to a service, and to be honest I cannot remember exactly what you were saying in that service,
but it was the first service that I had ever wanted to stay awake during a church service—it
was so intriguing! What I meant by that, too is, it really kept my attention. And it was
something different, it was a message that was…as I said, I do not remember what was
being said, but it kept my attention. There were so many scriptures that were read like
Leda said and it was so clear, and it was a clear message that I needed to change.
And from then on I ended up taking Weigh Down Advanced a couple of times, and a couple of
other classes and Strongholds. And I realized what I needed to change. And at the time I
was living on campus and one of the guys—one of my roommates—was dealing drugs out of
the living room and what I was around was horrible. And I remember walking back into
my apartment and seeing all the stuff that I realized I was being a part of and I remember
calling my parents that week and saying, “Hey I want to move back home, and I just do not
want to be around it any more.” GWEN: Wow.
TODD: And they were happy for me because they wanted me back just as much. I remember going
back home and attending service and it just continuing to change me. I came down a couple
of times and back then there was a lot of the youth—I was around eighteen years old—were
chatting on-line and emailing and many different things. And that is actually how I met Leda
for the first time was through instant messenger and then eventually it was 2004 Passover was
the first time face to face and that was just the beginning. But the end of 2008 was when
we actually really started hanging out with each other and getting to know each other
more. In August 2009 we got married. GWEN: Do we have any photos of that? I just
remember it being beautiful. I start getting, with ninety some odd weddings, I am starting
to the get them mixed up, but I am trying, I am hanging in there. We will find some,
those pictures, I just remember it being very beautiful and they were up on the Remnant
site. So that was 2009. TODD: It was.
GWEN: I just remember everybody knowing what a mature couple…and then being so grateful
for it and then you just conducted yourself in such a mature fashion. I mean you are now
at a Fortune 500 company, accounts manager. Leda is a nurse practitioner, went on and
got her education as a nurse practitioner. And then I will just brag on you all night
long, I could not stop the amount of time it would take to tell you what all they have
been involved in. Todd has been over the movers and just constantly helping with other committees
and security and the top of his game in that, just totally never missing anything. Sacrificial,
just super sacrificial stuff. Leda then sacrificing her little sweet self to go and help people
who are sick and check in on people who are sick in this congregation, or little children,
whatever is needed. And helping out with direction and what they need and advice, sending them
to doctors or clinics or wherever they need to go. She is very highly skilled in her area
and being able to do some home nursing and so has helped out and all of that on a volunteer
basis. In the midst of all of that she has gone through two pregnancies, lost all of
her weight both times and the children that God has blessed them with, all of this coming
straight out of Deuteronomy twenty-eight. I mean that is beautiful, their family is
just beautiful! And then on top of that all of the connections you have got. You got your
Remnant family, but you have your parents here, the McPhersons and all of that from
Seattle, your other two sisters. Do we have the big picture? There we go, that is what
I was looking for, the big group family here that is growing and all of the little babes
that are coming along. So there are a lot of grandchildren now. So cousins, you have
got the extended family going on, which is busy.
LEDA: I truly feel that it is, like you said, Deuteronomy twenty-eight and the blessings,
it is real. GWEN: It is real.
LEDA: You put God first and His Kingdom and you lay down your life for Him and He comes
back in, in every area and blesses. And I feel like we have only seen that and learned
that by examples of this leadership of you and my parents and just everyone around us,
we have been able to follow their example, and watch the fruit of that; so we just copy
and imitate. GWEN: That is what we are supposed to do.
LEDA: And everything has been blessed, the fruit of it, so then it just makes you want
to do more and serve more and give God more and it is definitely the least we can do for
all He has done for us and the mercy He has had on our lives. We are just incredibly honored
to get to do anything in God’s Kingdom. And anything that we can…if He has given us
a gift, then giving it back to Him because it is not ours to begin with. We just are
thankful for even knowing that and learning that here. We would have never known to do
that and we would have never had any purpose. It gives us true purpose and so we are so
grateful. GWEN: See what I am talking about? They are
just so mature for your age. It is so mature. I see other couples your age, right? How big
is this young married crowd now? Getting pretty big is it not.
TODD: It grows every week with all the weddings going on.
LEDA: We are not the young marrieds anymore because we have been married four years. There
have been so many weddings. GWEN: There is a lot of maturity in this younger
age group and when I go back and look at so much of life, we were talking a little bit
about that before hand, you were saying on Facebook you can look to see where your peers
are. TODD: Yes, a lot of my peers, I am sure Leda
would be the same way, just knowing all the people from my prior life of not having families,
or families who are already broken…it is sad to see some of them who are my age already
divorced or empty and still running to vices and still running to different things.
GWEN: You said “immaturity,” you used the word immaturity—that they were still running
after substance abuse. TODD: And that would be me if I had not heard
this message and I would be remiss to say that, if I had not said that before, it is
all because of God and what you have done to get this message out.
GWEN: I give God all the credit for getting me to do this. I did not do this on my own.
TODD: I am so grateful, so grateful. GWEN: Do you not know I am in that number,
count me in. I do not want to miss anything. I am trying to get in the middle of the pack
and make sure that I am in there. I am constantly…and then when you have couples like you, you are
always…it is a beautiful example for all of us to look at and emulate.
TODD: Only because we are emulating what we have seen here and emulating your relationship
with God and all of the Leaders that we get to see go before us. Who are we to get to
see that and be part of this life to where the maturity level is raised? And I would
not know any different if not for this message. And I know that I would be the one running
to the vices and to everything else. GWEN: Or who said this week, I guess this
weekend, one of the big movie stars, you know they are saying it was a drug overdose, but
his was a super intelligent guy who really knew his drugs. You know of course Hollywood
does not want to say it was suicide. The suicide stuff is so clandestine, it is so covered
up, but oh my word! People sending me stuff and doing some research on it and again, and
talking to Marayet who works at Vanderbilt, where the children, they have so many—all
of the children coming in are all saying they want to commit suicide. It is rampant and
people just not wanting to live. I would be the same way if I did not have the answered
prayers and the know-how to get out of victimization and depression. And I was talking to my kids
about that this week of how…I feel like I have just came to another revelation on
this and want to put it in this new book, but I look at like a little—we are on a
precipice. We are on this edge and just one word or one thought or something could just
send you tottering off the edge, falling off the edge into victimization. And by victimization
if you do not really know what I mean by that would be you are just depressed, you are down,
“what is this all about?” “Why is it so hard?” It could be anything versus the person: “Why
it that person always smiling? How are they…?” You see all the happiness and the joy here
so people are still saying, “Okay so you serve God and you get all these things,” but there
are people who are surround with things and are still maybe not happy. But how to be happy
in any and all circumstances, if you are on that edge and you have that thought, and instead
of going that way and continuing and falling off on that side, you go the way of saying
to yourself, “God wants this for your life.” No matter what circumstances it is; you are
married to an alcoholic husband, or you are married in a very difficult situation or it
is a very difficult boss, you have a very long day, very difficult day seeing a lot
of sick people or whatever it may be. God has allowed—He is so personable that He
allows you—it says He knows the number of hairs on your head. So if He knows the number
of hairs on your head and He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground or when it flies
away or whatever, He knows where everything is going.
Here is the thing, is that His computer is so way beyond the largest and most powerful
processor on the planet. So imagine something that is larger than this planet, His brain
is humongo and He is highly capable of doubling the population, tripling the population and
still knowing every single thing that is going on and He wants to know. He is just that capable,
so it is so far beyond what we could think or imagine. We tend to worry, that scripture
comes from Matthew 6:25-33 where it talks about do not worry, is not your life worth
more than these sparrows? And if you go in there and your Father already knows you need
these things, He already knows what you want, what you need, the worries of the day. And
so the secret to this happiness is saying “God wants you in this circumstance.” If you
go back to 1Corinthians 7:7-23, you are going to see that anyone who comes to the Lord,
if you were a slave or if you were free, you stay in that circumstance, do not try to get
out, do not try to change. He says if you get your freedom that is fine that is great.
But he says do not want out. Do not want out. There is a difference between getting it and
it is handed you versus—if you are in a marriage, because it was talking about marriages.
If you are in a marriage do not want out, do not want to change your circumstances.
God has got you there. He places people, it says in Acts 17:26-27, and he is saying that
God made all of these men and women and He placed them in a particular time in history
and in a particular location so that perhaps they would reach out and find God. They would
reach out and find God. Which is going to mean if you are in like the easiest situation
in the world, you may not be reaching for anything. But if you are—and we all experience
suffering—if you use that suffering to realize that God is trying to get you to find Him
and that is what your purpose in life is, is to find Him.
We do not if we have another day to live, we do not know if we have another week to
live, but the purpose is for you to find Him. And so all the people you were saying it is
week three or four, and a lot of people get discouraged. But use it as an opportunity
if you have messed up to say, “Okay, something is wrong with my heart if I am not—I have
been told I need to eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full, I cannot be greedy.”
Ephesians 5:5 No greedy person, for such a man is an idolater, has any inheritance in
the Kingdom of Christ and of God. In fact he says because of this you can be sure—you
have no inheritance. You know no greedy person can make it. We have got to—and just what
does it say? What is the answer in Colossians 2:16-23 when it says the man made rules do
not work; those diet rules do not work they are man-made; they only increase your sensual
indulgence. They are only going to increase your desire to keep…why? Because it is self-imposed
worship. Man made rules are always going to be out
there but they make you worship yourself, is the theme is for tonight. When you worship
yourself, when a little bit is good… sensual indulgence just means that you have a sense
and it got indulged and it was delightful. So that one bite of cake, just because one
bite or two bites was good does not mean that you eat the whole cake. That is an indulgence,
which is going beyond. God made the senses but sensual indulgence is basically what you
are trying to stop. When you say or everybody is saying they are
living it up, people live it up two different ways: there are sins of the flesh and sins
of the disposition. The sins of the flesh would be that long list of overeating, alcohol,
tobacco, drugs, etc., etc., etc., whatever it may be, gambling. But then there are sins
of the disposition, which is like the older son who stayed home, and he got all upset
when the prodigal son got home, because he was jealous and all kinds of different things
came out with that type of an attitude. Sins of the disposition are the ones where people
actually—it is still self, they love to talk about themselves and if they can find
any situation where people would talk about them and their situation it is an indulgence.
That is a sensual indulgence because you are not supposed to be doing that, you are supposed
to be talking about God. So bottom line the person who does that can
run to doctor to doctor to doctor. They can run to the psychologists and that is a place
where you can actually pay someone to talk about you. You can actually pay them to talk
about you for a solid hour or two without anything interrupting the subject. So that
is a fun place to go when you are self-focused. You know your friends who will sit and listen
to it. You know it is hard to get off self, you find yourself even if you try to talk
about somebody else you go back to it. So that would be a sin of the disposition and
it is where your self is turning out to be something that actually affects other people
in a lot of ways. You are not taking a drug and mellowing out, you are engaging other
people or whatever. But all of these things lead ultimately to anger or depression. You
can get down when you are doing things right. But if you go back in there and ask, “What
am I down for? I am down because the situation has not changed and it is difficult and I
feel like I am obeying, but our finances may not be better yet, or our marriage situation
may not be all the way like it should be yet,” or whatever it may be. But you could be down
about something and that is when you say, “God put me here, God wants it.” And when
you go there it will bring a smile to your face. “This is what God wants? Okay. God wants
it.” I just feel like it is a whole new thing we
are going to start saying and Elizabeth has already started with her children trying to
get them when she says, “Okay, we are going to clean up now.” And what do they say? “God
wants that.” That is what God wants; this is how He planned it. So you do not feel like
you left out in the middle of nowhere God forsaken. I believe that can be a really downer
feeling. But you are not God forsaken and I can tell you that He knows and the angels
and everything that He has got going on, the ways of escape, the rewards that He gives
to those who stick in there. All of the things for just your simple obedience, which means
love and attention to His will. That is what obedience is. Just for exchange: in Deuteronomy
28: and if you fully obey me then I will do all these things for you. It is just amazing;
it is an amazing thing! And we can stop any victimization thoughts, we can stop it all
and replace it with “God wants this” and have a victorious day. Is that not amazing? Beautiful.
Well, Candace I know you can… CANDACE: I would love to recommend a resource
if people are out there asking, “How can I leave here tonight and what can I go home
and listen too?” But you did that talk “Self Focus, Self Pity and Depression” and it came
to my mind when Leda was testifying. And then of course you just encouraged every single—I
think you hit every single person listening out there right in the—it was beautiful!
But if you need more encouragement “Self Focus, Self Pity and Depression” is on Truthstream,
just play it tonight if you are struggling with that, with this “self,” is so amazing.
I really feel like I cannot say enough about the Basics class. You have those charts on
there where you talk about “how much did you talk about God and Godly things and people
of the Bible,” and “how much did you pray for a way of escape?” And then on the other
side it is “how much did you talk about food?” “How much did you talk about recipes?” “How
much did you talk about yourself?” And doing that every week for these last fours weeks
it is… it will totally transform your life. And that it makes that transfer so permanent…
GWEN: When you are talking about God, talking about others.
CANDACE: Yes. So I cannot say enough about that audio and about that Weigh Down class—and
I know you do it in every class, but I just happen to be in the Basics so I cannot say
enough about both of those things. I encourage everyone to keep going it is amazing. And
I just back up one hundred percent these two lives sitting here; it is amazing. Leda is
always just so constant, it is amazing, I get to be around her a little bit more than
Todd, she has been a huge blessing. GWEN: And her mom brought her in here and
then Greg came and then you and your sisters and now grandchildren—in just a short period
of time. Again, it is going on and on and marriages and passing this down so we are
solidifying this next generation. So this is for me—to all of us—is all encouraging
because they are now teaching at a very young age that a relationship with God, a very intimate,
personal relationship of every day answered prayers, every day guidance, every day “God,
where do You want me?” And studying the words so you know all about Him and His will and
then you wind up living like a child in the end. There is the end results, that you do
not have the worries, you do not have the—the thought of suicide would be the last thing
we are thinking of, the last thing! You want to live as long as you can live and then live
forever because it is where you are going. TODD: It is so exciting, too, because every
day you get up—I know you have said it many so many times from this stage before—you
have breath in your lungs, you have eyes that can see, you have so many things. Before you
have even gotten out of bed there are a hundreds of things to praise God for. I know one thing
you have recently said, just to kind of piggyback off of what you said earlier, I know you just
said this from the stage the other day about just every word being “not my will but Yours
be done.” That has helped me so much through so many instances like you were saying of
when you think you have it hard, or you think you have a challenging day or whatever it
is, and then just realizing that it is not about you. It is not about me, it is about
His will being done and it does bring a smile to your face. You know that God is going to
take care of it and He totally does, I cannot even count it is so many times that God has
come back in in the eleventh hour. When you just let it go, then He comes back in and
blesses and gives back so much more; He gives back tenfold. He just truly does take care
of you in every circumstance as long as you let Him take care of it and trust in Him.
GWEN: Trust and wait and let Him do His thing because then you see why it glorifies God.
The definition of—we say it all the time, what in the world does it mean, “Glorify God?”
What does it mean? It clearly says to me that there is a good God, when you glorify Him
by your life, you are carrying yourself in such a way that you are emanating and everything
about your life is saying that God is good. I feel like you both glorify God with your
lives and not for your own glory. You are glorifying God, making these decisions. You
talk about waiting on the Lord, and then if you wait on the Lord and then He takes of
it, you have more faith in Him. And without faith you cannot please Him. You cannot please
Him unless you have faith that He is going to reward those who earnestly seek Him.
And why in the world would a God out there want all of this intimate, personal, interactive
relationship with knowing the number of hairs on your head, when there is a humongo spirit
that has always been around of deism? Which basically is a group of ten men who lived
from the fifteen hundreds to the seventeen hundreds including John Lock and Voltaire
and David Hume and there are some people who were writers of deism who were either German,
English or from France. And they were basically just critics of organized religion and especially
Christianity, claiming that there was no written revelation, that nobody can ever get a written
revelation, that God is evident, that God is out there and it is evident that He is
out there, but God would never use an individual to ever—there would never be a chosen group
of people. So there never was a chosen group of people and that was delusionary on the
part of Abraham and his offspring and the Hebrews, so that was delusionary.
They do not believe in any supernatural interventions of miracles and they are very opposed to anybody
being in authority, especially clergy, because it would be abusive. Now what that says to
me is that you have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Yes, organized religion could
be terrible and therefore…but it does not mean let us throw out all organized religion
because Jesus started the Church, we believe in Jesus. He was Jewish. And just because
clergy could be oppressively authoritative, dictatorial, does not mean that there are
not good shepherds and people who would actually shepherd from God.
And just a side note, I am going to go off on aside note, but you said, Todd, “That is
where I would be with those guys, I would be with those guys.” Why do we know that is
true if you do not find truth and good shepherds and good examples of a body of people? The
reason is because, as humans, we are—we flock, we go in droves. We are not loners
and we are highly influenced by those around us. Bad company does influence your morals
and your children’s morals. And your children are going to go the way of what they are hanging
out with. And you will that way. And if you wind up being around some people who have
noble thoughts and are going after God, it will influence you to go the right way. If
you are around people who are critical and they do not want to believe that there are
any people who can do right and are blessed, then you can find a whole world of those people.
To me most of the world would fall in… Deism is not a denomination; it is a philosophy
that has resurgence right now. But it is influencing so much of modern theology and philosophy
today. It is permeating this world and its thought because you hear it every where that…people
are so downers, they are so down on the women being submissive to their husbands, the children
being in under, so that it is common now to hear the children calling their mother a cuss
word on the aisle at Wal-Mart. We are hearing all kinds of things I mean from little ones,
the ones who can still fit up in a cart calling their mother a bad word or whatever. Somebody
was telling me the other day that the child was five and just stopped the parent and just
said, “No, you are not going to tell me to do that and in fact Jesus does not want you
to tell me what to do! Jesus would not do it.” I mean anyway, so it stopped the mother,
I will put it that way—a five year old! That was something else.
I do feel that when people themselves do not have a personal relationship they either have
to join in on that deist philosophy that there really is not any group who can obey God and
therefore get those blessings. “There cannot be people connected to God because I am not
connected to God.” “I have not experienced it, I have not seen it so there is no miracle,
and there is nothing supernatural.” “And if I do not experience it, it does not exist.”
But they have not experienced it because no one told them the only way to experience it
is to fully obey and that is the word that God has helped me to highlight and surface
in your lives. Because it is not about obedience, it is about fully obeying. It is about fully,
everything that He has asked us to do and His commands are not burdensome. The animals
do it, so mankind can do this. God has been falsely accused that these laws and rules
and regulations are oppressive, but that is because man got in there and wrote down their
traditions, man’s regulations, man’s regulations are oppressive, they are just oppressive.
The things that they have asked people—for the solution for weight loss, putting on plastic
sweat suits and exercising to sweat the fat off or to exercise yourself silly to the point
you are ruining your joints; pills, concoctions, food things, throwing it up, laxatives, suction
assisted lipectomies, I go on and on. The solutions are oppressive as it says in Colossians.
But what does it say in chapter three, what is the answer? In Colossians 3:1-5 you set
your heart and your mind on things above where Jesus is seated at the right hand side of
God. You set your mind on things above and not on worldly passions. And you put to death,
therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature, put it to death. And he says set your
mind, set your heart, put it to death, clothe yourself in righteousness, do these things.
Those are action verbs given to us by God of what we can do. Mans rules we cannot do,
so then you feel like a failure and you feel horrible and you feel like you cannot do anything.
You go in there and do it God’s way, what does God say? Put it to death. Get rid of
it. That is an immediate, swift action of stopping an indulgence that you have no business
doing and then setting your heart and your mind on things above. Stop that, do not focus
on the food and what you want, focus on God. Do not live to please your earthly nature,
please God. You are going to reap what you sow and if you sow to please God you are going
to live forever. And if you sow to please your own desires then it is all that you have
ahead of you is a life of decay and death and disappointment and disease. There are
people who are finding this obedience and they are connected to God and they do find
this Spirit pouring down inside of them through this pipeline, this invisible pipeline of
a connection. They are getting love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and goodness
and gentleness and self-control. And then when you find the other people and you find
a mass of people who are finding each other around the planet, and who knows how big this
will get before it is over. But you know I would say there are billions out there who
could possibly find this. Imagine just a piece of Heaven on earth with
a room full of the Spirit of God in you: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithful, gentleness, and self-control. All of that stuff sitting in a room is so beautiful;
it is so beautiful! We have found it. Now this is the result that is going on with our
young marrieds and one of… and I am grateful for you, and I am grateful that we are defying
Deism. We have a relationship with God, you talked about your relationship with God, you
have a relationship with God, and I know Candace has got a relationship with God. All of us,
the fruit of it, you know you have got it because of what we have got. So I am grateful.
Do you have anything else you want to say to end it?
LEDA: I would just say, like you said, this learning that fully obey is all, give God
all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind and all of your strength. Mark 12:30-31,
First and greatest Commandment and then love your neighbor as yourself and that is it,
that is the hope, that is joy, that is the fruit of the Spirit when you truly have given
your all and it means every minute, every day, all night and it truly is a joyful life.
And we are so blessed and grateful because of putting into practice and learning what
we heard tonight. So we are very, very grateful and praise God and thank you.
GWEN: Well we are grateful for you. TODD: Grateful for you, it really is the all,
like the song Michael has written All In, it truly is as you said, you fall in love
with what you focus on. What else can be said? Leda said it so beautifully, it really is
the fruits of the Spirit lived out, we are just so grateful for it. We love this place,
we love the Truth, and we love God and are very thankful for Him for it.
GWEN: The last thing you are is focused on yourself. The last thing that anybody meeting
either one of you would say is that you are focused on yourself. These are two people
who are truly putting into practice focusing on God and His Kingdom and others and it has
been a blessing. Thank you for joining us, you can do this, too. You can do it, too.
You can overcome. Thank you for joining us. We will see you next week.

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