NO MONEY ? START BUSINESS WITH 0 RUPEES | SeeKen बिज़नेस बिना पैसो के

NO MONEY ? START BUSINESS WITH 0 RUPEES | SeeKen बिज़नेस बिना पैसो के

Hello Friends, If you ask me to name a reality show which everyone should/must watch So I will say BIGG BOSS, Obviously Not i am just kidding Actually the Show which i will for sure ask everyone to watch and which i love THE MOST IS SHARK TANK Shark Tank is a show where people come with their startup ideas and plans, they present those ideas to The Judges of the show, those judges are the people who themselves started from stretch and became self-made Millionaire billionaire, also known as Sharks The people who come to the show present their ideas and plans or business to them( to judges/sharks) If sharks(judges) Like their ideas and plans, then sharks give them lakhs and crores of rupees invest in them by buying some percent of their companies as per me watching this serial is one of the best way to learn about business In this show many contestant comes who doesn’t have a single penny, who are in need of money to start their startup or to grow their business hence if you watch this serial then the myth which you have will get clear that many a times for creating a big business doesn’t required money if your idea, plan is nice and if you take actions and has created results then you can start your business without investing your own money by using a powerful thing known as O P M, Here OPM Isn’t about some drug Here O P M Means OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY Meaning Doing Business from others Money now those other people who will invest in you and in your business are Shark Tank judges means Sharks, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist Means VC Today you can raise funding or money for your business from many Crowd Funding sites Now i am not talking so much about Shark Tank because you can learn lot many things from it but the main Reason is The book summary which is am going to share today is a book of DAYMOND JOHN THE POWER OF BROKE Daymond is the popular judge or shark of Shark Tank who started with 40 dollars and became a self-made Multi- Millionaire in this book he is teaching that having no money and even having no OPM, isn’t a bad thing actually it is a Disguise opportunity i have shared about OPM By myself, But Daymond says that at start having no money can be the best thing for business How and what kind of businesses you can do without money all these things i will clear by sharing some very useful and important point of this book so let’s begin… No.1) Money Problems suppose there’s a man who wants to do a fancy hat business and he has lot of money, so what he does he hires a designer and make him prepare fancy great hats and buys a expensive shop in the market where many rich people stays, because his target audience is high class people he ask designer to make many hats hence he gets discount because he gave huge hat order to designer after all that he runs many marketing campaign also invest a lot in it even after doing so much he doesn’t get good results, means don’t get profits hence his business gets shut down now suppose another man wants to do a same business but he doesn’t have money to invest now because he don’t money hence instead of searching for designers he search for good designs after searching many designs he himself create that fancy hat design by using free online tool and by doing lot of practice, and later he uploads that in social media in different sites just because he don’t have money for a shop hence he try selling his hats through social platforms with that he comes to know that his hat is more popular between student compare to fancy people hence he starts targeting students online and prepare hats as per the online demand with this what happens very soon he began to see profit in his business slowly and gradually his business starts growing organically without doing much investment and marketing now you must be thinking that all these things would have been done by the first person as well well yes, he would have done, but he did not do it because people who usually have money, they use their money as their weapon but people who doesn’t have money, they use their brain as their Weapon usually best ways are mostly removed by poor people not by rich because most of the time money makes people lazy at actions and in using brain all these things authored notice by his many years of experience and by working with thousands of startup entrepreneurs author Daymond says that many a times money make people dependent on it and make them lazy and also increases chances of taking Wrong decisions and less money increase creative thinking and solution making skills which are the best thing for business hence consider money problem your power not weakness use your brain and do something in which you have passion because with the help of internet you can do almost anything freely No.2) Product But Leader Now after watching this video many people will say, that what business we can do without money say us about the business which we can do with no money So for this very simple and straight answer is, that today you can start many service based business in many websites without investing any money In fact can do Product based business too, For example There’s a Mobile App Shop101, in this app there are many products which are available already such as jeans kurtis shirts watch etc.. here you don’t have to do much, whichever product you like in that app, share that in your social media pages or to your online store or with your friends relatives setting your own profit margin just like any business, you will be earn profit by selling every per unit that too without any investment you are not required to start your shop, not needed to buy clothes, direct sell and earn it is very easy and simple i have shared its link in the below description, you yourself download it and see how easy it is to start a business in todays time i haven’t said this before because it is not always important what business you can do but the important thing is how you will do the business and how you should do the business. You can Earn in LAKHS Through using shop101 but will everyone able to earn so much by using it, no because not everyone has what it takes to do business see maximum people think that their product and service is the main thing because of which their business grows and gets successful, but Daymond says no, its not true because any business main and the most important thing is A Leader Means YOU There were many sites before Face book, but face book got that success because it has a great leader behind it Apple, Amazon, Tesla all these companies has great product and service but the major thing which made their business so successful were their leaders these points which i am sharing with you’ll today will make you a great leader and whichever business you will choose, you will become successful in it even if you don’t have money Example, In Shark Tank Many Startup people come who has great ideas and products but if sharks feel that the leader of the product doesn’t have that skill or potential then they don’t invest in them, because leader is very important, hence you become a great leader hence you become a great leader, who uses his creative brain to solve any problem not always depend on money No.3) Authenticity speaks Even if a man doesn’t look good, still if he has money then he may have a beautiful life partner and you must have noticed it, similarly a girl who wears attractive dresses and wear make up can get a good husband but what you think a relationship which is based on money or based on attractiveness will it be strong will it be authentic, what will happen if that man become poor and what will happen if that women don’t look as attractive compare to make up will that relationship remain same ? well same thing happened with many businesses said by Daymond daymond says business which is based on money is somewhat like a body which is based on steroids such businesses have very less chance of getting successful in long run because people who has less money, they are the ones who run their business with passion and by being authentic because of which people trust them and because of it their customer base gets strong now a days customers are getting very smart, they easily recognised that when company it trying to fake them therefore big marketing campaigns fail to bring as many customers compare to many social media influencers, a social media influencers bring more customers with his one video because social media influencers are usually authentic and their viewers trust them hence it is very important for you to stay authentic and work on thing and business in which you have a strong believe with this people will automatically start loving and linking you, no matter whether you do video business or t-shirt business. No.4) Stay Hungry Gigi Butler was a Housekeeper, she used to do cleaning of others house but however she was success hungry, hence she thought of baking and selling cup cakes because her cupcakes were much better than the cupcakes in the market but she was not having money for business so what she did with this simple idea she went to take loan from bank listening to her many bankers started laughing at her and said who ask loan for cupcakes she faced many rejections but still didn’t gave up but finally one bank gave him an offer in that offer she is allowed to remove 100 thousand dollars through credit card, it was a huge risk, her house was at risk but still she said yes and took that risk because she was a success hungry after that she used to wake at 4 am every day at 4 she used to go to shop, used to work there and at lunch break she used to go to others house for housekeeping work and after finishing housekeeping work she again used to go to shop and used to bake cup cakes she did such hard work for several years and a day came in her life where she opened more than 100 shops in America and become a Multi-Millionaire Many people prepare good cup cakes but not everyone gets success because they don’t that success hunger in them, they don’t have that passion in them for doing anything for success, therefore have that hunger within you to that not only give courage and strength to you to solve your money problem but also other big problems which comes as an obstacle while doing a great business No.5) Do Research Daymond says Today maximum time if you notice nothing new is happening in business Example earlier there used to be pigeon for sharing messages now with the use of technology you can share your message through twitter and mails earlier libraries were used to gain knowledge, today you have google chrome earlier for socialising you used to go out today you have many social media sites to socialise see almost everything were there earlier, but people convert them in new way in business same you do, do research and see which old thing you can present in a new way and can do business Example. There were many coffee shops before Starbucks but Starbucks researched and understood and created a store where people can come and can do their work and meeting without getting embarrassed by keeping this thing in mind they created stores which gave them lot of success similarly, to be popular in china Starbucks made more tea based drinks because China people love tea more than a coffee, they don’t do such research by asking from their relatives or closed ones but they ask for feed backs and research from the actual customers who are paying them because people who pay are the ones who give genuine feedback hence even you do research, gain knowledge about your product market and customers this thing will save you from unnecessary investments do search mentors your field masters from them you’ll learn lot of things and plus your network will grow which again help you to solve many money related problems that’s all for today, if you want shop101 app then can download from the given link mention in description as i said earlier these knowledge i have shared from the book The power of broke if you are not strong financially and want to do business the do read this book i have shared its link in the below description and if you want free audio book of this book then can take it from audible is an amazon company which gives one month free trial only then they will charge even i listened the power of broke book from audible like this video if you find these knowledge useful do comment and share what obstacles you are facing in your business share this video with your friends and family do subscribe i will share more such useful videos every week on Sundays, and don’t forget to click on the bell icon because only then you will receive notification of all my new uploads and finally thanks for watching..

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  2. Hi sir mere pas knowledge he pr paise ki kami sir shuruaat paise n kharch kiye kuchh bissness chahiye plz help

  3. Hi, I am trying to start a travel business but don't have enough money to have a office. What should I do?

  4. business karneka Shokk bohot he par pese to he hi nahi par hum ne padhaai bhi ziyada nahi ki sirf8th pased he bussnus ka knolege bhi nahi or english bhi tuti footy aati he kiya firbhi hum kuch karsakte hai ?please replay me

  5. I got an a fb page and sell product at cheap from online shop and upload iys price detail in your page and sell in more price and have profit

  6. 1. If you no money you have to create
    thinking and solve problem Mindset.
    2. Good Prodect but Great LEADER.
    3. Authenticity Speaks
    4. Stay hungry for learning Success.
    5. Never give up for rejection be
    creative, open minded and
    positive attitude must.
    6. Do research for different And
    useful services.
    7. Feedback is very important
    factor for actual success.

    Thankyou so much 🌷🌷🌷

  7. Bro mai BBA kr rha hu abhi nd i want to start a business to pay my study fee nd other expenses please help me bro

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    But m aaj aapko earning app Ka link send karta Hu Jisse aap really paise kama sakte h
    Click on link

  10. Shark tank show Ka link given below

  11. I started my hotel business with friends but I was not get customers so will close 🚪 my hotel because of many expanses in hotel and not sale we was not reach our target

  12. Bhai hamari ek Aayurveda ( desi jadibuti) ki shop h. Me apna business ko grow karna chatahu please help me .
    How can I should be starting my business online???

  13. Shark tank YouTube पर एक भी video नहीं है तो shark tank के show kon सी side dekhe

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