NLM Associate Fellowship Program

NLM Associate Fellowship Program

Innovative. Empowerment. Mindblowing. Life Changing. Exploratory. Incredible. Transformative. Opportunity. It’s a year-long in person fellowship program
that includes an overview and understanding of the National Library of Medicine in its
entire scope. So you really get a very comprehensive understanding
of what NLM does. Everyone comes to NLM. this is like the place for health science librarians. It definitely, kind of opened up my eyes about
all the possibilities, what exactly does a health sciences librarian do, what kind of teaching
do you do, what kind of resources are there to promote and use. It’s entirely focused on making us the best that
we can be as medical librarians. This is a good opportunity for them to not
only get exposure to all the different things they’ve been taught in school, but also to
really have the opportunity to find their niche. The NLM Associates Fellowship program is really
an opportunity to take risks and try new things, and to explore areas that you might have felt
uncomfortable exploring before. The second year of the Associate Fellowship
program actually directly led to my current position at the NYU health sciences library. I was able to connect with the NIH big data
to knowledge initiative based on simply the projects that I worked on, and worked with
specific groups within the NIH. NLM doesn’t think of itself as just a place
with resources. The mission really is to integrate information
into all different areas of research, practice, peoples lives. That has been huge. It’s no exaggeration to say there’s not a day that doesn’t
go by I don’t use something that I learned while I was in the fellowship program. Everybody is so willing to help you and to mentor
you. Most times when you’re hired at a company
or a library you may be the only new person, and so that can be isolating. But when you’re part of a cohort, you have that
built in support network. My fellow associates really taught me the
value of hard work. They’re continuing to make me want to do more
and do better. People at NLM really want you to succeed. You might even pursue a career that you didn’t
know existed, or a specialty that you would have never found out about if you hadn’t been
part of the fellowship program. There is no better way to start your career
as a medical librarian than to be an NLM Associate Fellow.

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