‘Ninja’s’ Time In shoe crushes the sneaker game, sells out in minutes

‘Ninja’s’ Time In shoe crushes the sneaker game, sells out in minutes

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  1. everyone wears shoes. anyone that is popular can brand anything. i bet if labron james came out with his own gaming chair that it would sell out as well

  2. This sounds so awesome, putting useless video game children on a pedestal by giving them a shoe! Great idea society, lets keep making useless crap in the world important, society is sure benefitting from it.

  3. Looks like people who record videos and upload them to YouTube are now the new scientists/engineers/doctors etc…..pretty sad as a society.

  4. Fake god fox is stupid. It’s audience, even dumber. What is fox’s actual message when it comes to gaming. Are millennials lazy men who live in their parent’s basement playing games all day or celebrities who obtained fame through gaming? Does video games cause school shootings or economic profit?

  5. 40 seconds it sells out in. Walmart has sneakers for $30. Foolish people following people. Follow Christ. Eternal life CAN be free….

  6. So stupid video games as a sport or even to have stadium's there's something wrong with people nowadays their living in fantasy land

  7. Puma shoe. Is not a shoe. It's a slipper. So gamer's can be comfortable. Not get your socks all dirty. They got the idea off rock climbing shoes…

  8. Fake news alert:
    Democrats are now saying USA's blooming, ever growing economy should be credited to Obama.
    According to democrats, Obama's economical revival and strategy started and enabled this growth.
    In other words, Trump is just reaping what economic genius Obama sowed.
    How's that for fake news, eh??? I mean if you actually look at the actual numbers, and what Obama actually did to the actual US economy during his reign, you cannot actually find any actual figures that would support these ludicrous democrat claims, actually.
    Fox should rip these arguments in pieces by showing the truth about Obama economy and how Obama was actually driving USA towards recession.

  9. been wearing Van's since the 80's. cost less and probably just as functional like the major athletic brands Nike/Adidas

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