Nikki Haley defends allegations that Kelly, Tillerson tried to undermine Trump

Nikki Haley defends allegations that Kelly, Tillerson tried to undermine Trump

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  1. “ That’s so Rex “ … candid honesty. “ Two unelected people who think they know better than the elected President “ … pompous assholes. Based on the ongoing results of the Presidents actions, seems to me the assholes are wrong.

  2. These men are so afraid of trying some different. So afraid of change. That's why they hate the president a lot. The president is the boss simple!

  3. Nikki Haley is the best, if she were to run for the Presidential office, I would vote for her. She is great. One of the best. God Bless her and her family.

  4. Nikki is an outstanding person. I had no idea of her ethnicity, look what she had to overcome. And she has been very successful, and I fully believe she is being honest in her book

  5. I think Haley is wonderful! Perfect in any position and makes sound, smart decisions! I would trust her with many policy decisions period.

  6. I look forward to the names of Haley, Shapiro and Owens during the Republican primaries of 2023.

    A ticket that includes any two of those, would be AWESOME!

  7. Thank you Nikki Haley. Thank you. It is indeed dangerous when Deep State operatives do all they can to undermine an elected President. They are committing treason when they work against the President as the President represents the will of the people. It's treason pure and simple.

  8. Kelley and Tillerson stayed at home from school the day they explained how the U.S. Constitution works. They, like so many in Washington are part of a deep state "cabal that believes "they" run the government/management of the country even though they were never elected to do so. Why is this so difficult to understand? If a president calls you and asks you to run a department (state, defense, EPA, etc.), what he is asking is that you "manage" the department, not set your own policy. If you don't approve the president's policy, then don't take the job. KELLY and Tillerson are back stabbers who told the president they could/will support his policy and then turned around to undermine him.

  9. One has to wonder why were they so fearful? It's like they had an agenda of their own. I believe Tillerson and Kelly weren't putting all the cards on the table. At the very least, more Tillerson than Kelly.

  10. Wow, she’s something. I have watched her over the last couple of years. She’s highly intelligent and actually works for America. She actually tried to get things done. I loved how she could freely speak her mind in front of the U.N. and the President. We need more people like her to help our great nation. Thinking minds to create a better society and welfare for America. The real “Doers”.♥️???

  11. Haley is for Haley, and she will do anything, sell-out anyone, and hitch her wagon to any helpful enterprise (ie. MAGA) to attain her political ambitions. In 2016 she thought Marco Rubio was her best play; then she moved to join the Trump administration. Now she has her eyes on the oval office. She is the worst form of politician.

  12. I absolutely love this lady! So smart and such a fighter. We would all do well to thicken our skin. Next year we may have no choice. I hope I'm wrong but there is a coup taking place in this country at this moment. Our freedoms will mean nothing if some people get their way.

  13. Nikki Haley TERRIFIES me. She is a Zio-Puppet, warmonger with gobs of blood on her hands. She lies incessantly for the criminals she works for (companies like war loving Lockheed-Martin) and she will happily march America's brainwashed children straight into a huge war if she is directed to do so by her neo-Con masters. The woman is so evil she probably sacrifices babies to the devil with Hillary!

  14. Be careful about this Haley, who built her fame on twisting US history, and stepping on pioneers. A century long communism has strong influence on the world as well as on the United States. I can't stand her stepping on America back bone – General Kelley and Secretary Tillerson, who was on a very important world diplomatic mission – To influence Africa, when he was fired.
    General Kelley and Secretary Tillerson, American have clear eyes. You are missed.

  15. Go Nikki Haley! I’m impressed. She seems very transparent on where she stands and it sure sounds great to my ears. Go President Trump 2020!

  16. I like Nikki but she's dead wrong on the whistle blower. She said the whistle blowers identity should be secret. Really? We might impeach a president on anonymous testimony? The president doesn't have the right to face his accuser? Nikki do you want to be president of China or the United States? In the US we don't convict on anonymous testimony and the accused always has the right to face his accuser. Get on board with that …or run as a democrat.


  18. Her book is fascinating! Thank you AUDIBLE for making “reading” so easy. Hers IS the American story of legal immigration!

  19. When governor of South Carolina, she's the one who got Volvo, my favorite car company, to put a factory there. More jobs for Americans and more American-made parts in Volvos. Another great job by Haley!

  20. Americans ought to listen to what Nikki Haley reports as her true experience of Pres. Trump. This is the first time I've seen all of the TV journalists involved actually holding the book at issue and directly relating to it and reading from it. Nikki's experience is so vivid. Yes, what America does not need are unelected back seat drivers undermining and sabotaging the president's every effort. How arrogant!

  21. Nikki was an elected official. She understands what these career military men don’t. Her and Trump’s loyalty is to the people who elected them. They were elected because of the promises they made to them. To the constitution & to defending & protecting the citizens rights. These military officers were asking her to join their coup because they disagreed with Trump & the platform he ran on. Shame on them. I’m so proud of Nikki Haley!

  22. But i saw on Yahoo News that Nikki Haley didnt like President Trump and was saying bad things about him. It cant be another lie from the left can it be ???????????

  23. Amazing! A little insight into all the bull Trump has had to deal with with his own people. Really feel sorry for the guy at times but it's all a testament to what an amazing president he really is! Combating people on the outside and people on the inside… amazing all that he has gotten done, given all the backbiting, undermining and flat out Rebellion from his own people at times! The best president ever

  24. They did nothing wrong, at least they were looking out for the american peoples they had first hand look that its something wrong with this so call president they did the right thing, that more i can say for you, you ran to trump to tell him what happen.we no you are trump yes girl.

  25. Well I'll tell you a little bit about the eyes are the window to the soul if you look in his soul his power went to his mind he thought he was in charge

  26. Lost all respect for you Miss Nikki- listening to you “sing for your supper” this past weekend!!! I am sure 45 is pleased with you but know one with any common sense would be one bit proud!!!! Shame on you for one lie after another!!!

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