Nigel Farage on ‘Megxit’ deal reached: This is a clean break

Nigel Farage on ‘Megxit’ deal reached: This is a clean break

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  1. Harry will be miserably divorced in less than 5 years because he could not see a perpetually unhappy harpy when he married her. The signs were so clear though…

  2. This guy is about a stupid as a freaky $3 bill liberal stupidity don't worry they'll come back crying for some more money when they run out

  3. God Bless the Queen, this had to be so hard on her, and for what reason could be great enough to cause her concern like this?

  4. A struggling actress and a British average Joe. Who are they without the crown? Regular married people?
    I paid them no mind until now, and I'll care even less now. Unfortunately , if they move to LA they be all over the news here, so I hope they stay in Canada so the world can forget about them and let them live semi-regular lives.

  5. This poor sap is going to be taken to the cleaners " Meghan Style " .Meghan is one shrewd gold digger cuz she is going for the juggler. Mark my words, Now that she has convinced Sir Ball less, to be come financially independent Meghan can get to his cash. Meghan Style.

  6. Megan is a manipulative woman! I don't see a long future with that couple. She is Not the one for Harry. Sorry Harry, you pic a wrong one 🙁

  7. Their commercial value is reduced if they are EX-royals. The queen got the last laugh. Now they really will be on their own. Ha! Ha! Markle was due for a come uppance.

  8. withh any lukk…..the plantations will be back………she might be a house sista for the massah…….but I doubt it….

  9. Let’s see, American divorcee hooks UK Royal and forces them to give up their title. Where have I heard this before? Hmmmm
    She has that boy by the short hairs and a ring in his nose. She is playing the victim (surprise!) of the UK tabloids, yet wants to return to Hollywood home of the US tabloids and revive an acting career. Hopefully one day Harry will get his bollocks out of her purse and put them back in his trousers.

  10. Harry is still in lust and only time will open Harry's eyes!  Megan knew what Harry's family was and the responsibilities were, but Megan got PG and then told Harry it is either ME and your baby  OR your royal family,  Megan told Harry he can NOT have both!!!!!   Harry's family is who and where he came from and MEGAN is saying her way OR else!!!!!!!!!!!!!   poor Harry he isn't even a man, but still a BOY being TOLD what he has to do!!!!!!!!!  and Harry's dad feels sorry for Harry and decides he will still give Harry $$$$$$$$$$$$$$   Harry should say if Megan wants OUT of the ROYAL FAMILY there is the DOOR,  be a man Harry and do NOT through away your family for anyone!!!!!!

  11. Nigel your a grown man who likes to be a bitchy junior high school girl. I can't listen to you about anything political anymore because you're such a bitchy little girl. you should grow up

  12. Don’t take too much anvantage of life life is for all I’m trying to save life for all over the world I hv seen the future of life murcey for all don’t be curel heart god looks from heaven be kind think once if you don’t hv money there is no place to work If nobody give you the food Nd shelter I face everything in my life Nd I’m sujesting of value of life I’m regret of past life be kind be best so love for everyone we hv to survive give who beg you or ask you guilty heart will never Rest In Peace I suffer with the some guilt More than this I don’t hv words to say , Being a royal family don’t depend Try to depend self with our own desire

  13. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO TELL ARCHIE WHEN HE GROWS UP! Snatched Royalty out if his hands/THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!!!!!Does not conform to the charitable work that they are doing – FAKE FAKE FSKE!!!

  14. The poor slob is clueless. He has a child of his own now. Time to grow up for the child's sake. Man up, Harry. You've just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Please don't come to the USA until you dump the bimbo.

  15. Look dude get your kid leave that woman there go back to England listen to Queen Mum. You'll be much better off. I'm interested to see what's going to happen five years down the road.

  16. We had a black for a president and he tried hard to break America. Now there's a black in the royal family which messes with the blood line. I'm not a racist. It's biblical. So now he has broken off from the royal family to his own detriment per order of the Queen. She's had enough of it. Can't blame her. Positions like hers are very unforgiving because of the rank the royal family holds. Best wishes to Harry and his new family. Hope all ends well.

  17. So he's no-longer Prince Harry, just Harry? So why would Canada have to pay for them, unless Canada is now with a Royal Family which I though Justin was against this kind of stuff and he was Liberal Mr Globalist… Looks Like Canada is suffering from his royal butt. Good Luck Canada you inherited a X Royal Family who you shall now support. Elect spineless people like Justin, and this is what you get.

  18. I actually thought the girl Harry was going to marry before Megan was much more pretty and she was not every man's leavings bad move Harry.

  19. What a nice break, now see how to get rid of the rest of this backwards institution. Time to get rid of all these self appointed royal parasites.

  20. Everybody talks as though Meghan and Harry can simply choose where they want to live. Can they? My understanding is that Meghan relinquished her American citizenship to become a subject of the Queen. Did she not? I think if they end up deciding they want to be here, they should take a number. 😉

  21. All in the scheme! SATAN'S SCHEME.

    Meghan and Harry, Royals? Ever seen orange trees yield mangoes?

    Obama was inserted into the world; Harry, into the UK; Meghan, into the seat of the Anglican Church, AOC, into the US Congress and Barack was to cultivate and coordinate the activities and timings of these acolytes and more, in pursuance of the total destruction of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization's Ways and Norms. Coming Brexit is scaring the living little imps out of these New World Order (NWO) vermin. And same Brexit is a prelude to President Trump's re-election come November 2020.

    Rome may have been compromised… We pray not. With the destabilisation and who knows, the invalidation of the English monarchy by the seemingly "youthful adventurism" of Meghan and Harry, the Church of England would be shy a leader and the Anglican world, idem. The destruction is on…

    We had warned some twenty months or so back that the pair of Meghan and AOC would wreck havoc on the world. It is ongoing…

    For now, AOC and Meghan cannot be together in the same country and neither can Hussein and Harry also. Not so much because of Trump (which is not a small stumbling block to Satan's scheme) but in keeping with projected timings. Now, you understand why Canada has turned out to be their place of choice. Trudeau is tangentially connected in this scheme. Would they find peace in Canada? Would they succeed in executing Satan's scheme? The Donald was also inserted into world politics for a purpose. Would the world understand?


    Radicalised Barry is the prowling evil masterminding all the division, intolerance and unhappiness in the US and the world at large. The 1.7 billion USD ostensibly airlifted to Iran in multiple denominations and currencies was and is a farce. This money was the kickback Obama collected for the Iran Nuclear Deal. Please note that some 150 billion USD was officially wired to Iran by the Obama Administration. Where and when has a country ever sent assorted cash to another country? WHY WAS THE 1.7 BILLION USD NOT WIRED TO IRAN OFFICIALLY? This 1.7 billion that was handled in a way to make it difficult for it to be traced, finished up in Germany and Merkel is not in the dark, at all. Obama after visiting Germany some five months back, returned to the US to purchase a 20 million property. JUST FOLLOW HARRY AND MEGHAN AND YOU WOULD SMELL THE PURPORTED IRAN DEAL MONEY SUSTAINING THEM AS WELL AS OTHERS OF THEIR ILK.


    Unless Obama and the Clinton's are judged impartially by God and soon, the USA may for a time not breath peace and the world idem. Prayers, for devil is on the prowl…

    This is a tussle between Evil and Good. In the end evil shall succumb to Good in line with God's plan for humanity. God always wins in the end!

  22. They have lost the title HRH,once all the interviews have been done let's say in 2years the world won't care very much about them,work will dry up and Megan will leave him.

  23. who cares they are not American and we don`t want them here. harry got a genuine American gold digger and will pay dearly. poor dumb harry.

  24. I give them less the 5 years and Harry will be back at the palace without that women. BIG MISTAKE Harry. Should have left her is the gutter where you found her.

  25. Nigel is right,nobody knew who she was Im so happy the Queen kicked them out! Good rioddance!
    Like most millenials, she is an activist of nothing, a progressive time bomb>angry, self entitled, weak, arrogant, selfish and ungrateful!Im just sorry for him to be used that way by her to climb the ladder of popularity now notoriety. What is really sad, of this all situation, the manipulation, it was calculated, she was " Trojan' horse" to bring chaos in the Royal Family, maybe Obama put her up to this, and Harry fell right into their trap! The first thing the progressive bandwagon complained to her critics calling out on the disgusting lack of respect for the Royal traditions, it was about race! Straight from he Obamas 'identity politics playbook! Canada is in BIG trouble with the progressive Obamas whispering in progressive Trudeau' ears and attracting progressive cookoo like social climber Merkle. Good Luck Canadians at least America will not see her pathetic azz for another 4 years!

  26. Did Megan have the plan from to use the princess title to be famous and get richer? I think so. I feel sorry for former Prince Harry. Nigel, it is good to mention the friends of Megan.

  27. LOL! Good for the Queen! Divorced Megan got her Royal Title ripped right off her inflated Hollywood ego, since in all likelihood the couple will be hanging out in the Hamptons…to spread her celebrity! Canada better not pay a cent for her security…she NEVER would have had without Prince Harry!!

  28. You know, I don’t give a rats A- – about England or the royal couple. This is America, I’m an American. Anything to do with England and the English is not news. There’s more important thing going on in the world.

  29. Getting married is already 50/50 for divorce. She's already been divorced, so that makes it about 75% chance of divorce. Now she is separating the guy from his family and the way of life he has known since he was born. This couple is doomed. Divorced in 5 years I would guess. I think she will be disappointed with how much "work" she will actually get as an actress now.

  30. Meghan's a feminist: she wants rights, not responsibilities.

    Harry thought he was marrying his mum. Wrongo.

    Markle took away his family, took away Britain, and will take away Archie when she dumps H once they establish legal residency in LA (in a 50/50 divorce state).

    Harry was "thirsty" and she cucked him.

    She will now cash in on being a thot. No one will give a hoot about "unroyal" Harry.

  31. 1:28 MARKLE (smirking): "I did it, again! I ruined another man's life!"

    HARRY (looking quizzical): "Why is my brother yelling, 'Run for your life, Harry!'?"

  32. How long before super-rich Meghan, catching the eye of thirsty men o'er the world, tires of puppy-dog Harry…leading him on a leash to all the women's charities she'll be paid to shill for?

  33. Aw c'mon Harry. Megan has made the decision. We all know Megan is an immature Valley Girl who is looking to parade her Princie in front of her friends.

  34. Another Dumb guy ruining his life for some Woman, "What about My career as a b actress?" couldn't he find a wife that wanted to be a Princess or a Duchess??? WOW Big Mistake, are they going to go on the Regular Guy tour, No one cares, If your Not Royalty, That was your Talent , Coming soon the Megan Markel Reality Show with her funny English guy Husband!

  35. Now let's talk about the Royal Pedophile,s Prince Charles and Prince Andrew🤔MI-6 murdered Epstein to protect the Royal Pedophile,s.

  36. Why is Prince Charles providing money for them then if it's a clean break? And does the UK really believe and will they see the money be returned for the renovations of their tax-paying dollars of what 2.4 million dollars when there so many homeless people in the UK and how will the UK citizen know that the money had been returned? and why did the queen let them keep their title except for not to use it for gain? A clean break would have been removing their titles taking away all funding from anyone from the Royal Family I'm letting them go about their business.

  37. Removed the royal title but why wherever they go, still a lot of escort like a prince not like a movie star and/or regular people? What a scum! they are a jerk and still will be a jerk! Well, one day Harry will be regret one day and crawl back to UK. He acted like the prince Andrew… Meghan will leave him like Fergie did to prince Andrew. Let's see how long do they last?

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