NEXUS 3 – First Look

Nexus 3 just came out and the best new
feature is something that isn’t even available yet. Its coming out in a few
weeks. I’ll get to that in a second. Nexus is one of my favorite plugins ever – up
there with Omnisphere! today I’m gonna go through the new features in Nexus 3
and we’ll listen to some sounds. and I also want to cover some issues. if you’re new
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haven’t already, I always like to get straight to the point and give you the
best guidance on music production and the latest gear, first, let’s go over the
notable new features in Nexus 3. first and most importantly, no more dongle! Nexus 2, the previous version, required a USB elicenser to work, meaning you had to
have this physical thing connected to your computer to make a plug-in work, no
more, Nexus 3 uses a program called reFX cloud which authorizes your Nexus 3
plug-in and expansion packs. so much better. and you can install your license
of Nexus 3 on up to 2 computers. it doesn’t look like you can buy the
expansions through reFX cloud. you still have to do that on the website. might be
a nice feature to add in the future. next the interface has been completely
redesigned and it’s improved in a lot of ways. first its resizable which is really
nice. now I thought the text was a little small but you can change that too. the
three column view is excellent. the previous version had two. the categories
in the middle are really useful. so now it’s easier than in the previous version
to find your pads, for example, across the whole collection. you can also create your own folders and
just drag presets into it. and you now have these colored filters as well. and
you can filter the sounds, the presets, by character. click them once to apply the
filter. and twice, when they’re red, the lists will exclude that character. the
modifiers, effects, and other controls are laid out kind of like the previous
version. if you’re new to Nexus, you’ll notice that the preset browser takes up
the most space in this plugin. and that’s one of the characteristics of Nexus. it’s
more about the presets than sound design. this approach won’t suit everyone but
might be right for you. the presets load much faster than ever which is really
nice. you have four macro controls at the bottom left that are assignable through
the modulation matrix page. macro one for example can control multiple things.
let’s use it on filter cutoff and resonance. the old mixer page is now called
features and here’s where you can adjust the mix of layers in the preset you’ve
chosen. the arpeggiator has been increased to 256 steps and they added a
sequencer mode under the arpeggiator as well. now here’s my favorite feature.
Nexus will be NKS compatible soon. I’m really looking forward to this for two
reasons. for those of you who don’t know what NKS is – plugins that are NKS
compatible are able to load from within the Komplete Kontrol software and you
can find and filter and search for sounds across multiple plugins – anything
that’s NK is compatible – right from Komplete Kontrol. I really like this for
two reasons. first I want to preview sounds from
Nexus 3 without having to load them first. I’d like to just scroll down a
list and hear the samples of different sound.s you can do that with any NKS
plugin. also I’d like to be able to explore the sounds alongside other
NKS compatible plugin presets. and that’s the best feature, really. I mean, if
I’m looking for a pad I can just search for it in Komplete Kontrol and it’ll
find all the pads from all different plugins from different manufacturers. the
effects section in Nexus 3is also great. I’ve always liked how the effects
in Nexus sound. and now there so much more visual. you modify something and you
can see it visually change the sound right on the page. if you’re new to Nexus I want to talk a
little bit about why I believe it’s so popular. it’s the presets. the presets are
just instantly usable. now they’re primarily geared towards EDM and some
hip-hop and trap, but with creativity you can use it for anything.
when you play something you can almost always hear a song emerging around it.
it’s inspiring. now, many other software synths out there give you some
basic sounds which require a little delay or reverb to make them sound
interesting, and modern – worthy of a song. but you don’t need to add anything to
the presets in Nexus. they’re excellent right away.
Nexus sounds are so readily usable that many people do just that – use them as
they come. you may hear a song on the radio and actually recognize the Nexus
preset in it. this happens with Omnisphere as well. if you get the Trance
sound collection for example and then just insert one of those presets into
your trance song, chances are a hundred other people have done the same thing, so
you need to get creative, use that trance preset in a pop song or a hip-hop song
or make some unique modifications, so definitely a lot of good things with
Nexus 3 and I’ve loved Nexus 2 for a long time, and love the sounds. but is there
anything I don’t like? yes, but it’s nothing new. the expansions have
excellent presets and I’ve loved using them in many of my beats. but they
include some sequence presets that I don’t really like. the sequence presets
usually contain a rhythmic melody and maybe multiple sounds in them. I wouldn’t use them for a fear that
others use them and we end up creating the same beat. and I would prefer that
they just leave those out and include more sounds in these expansion packs
instead. also Nexus isn’t cheap. for $250 you get the starter sound kit, the
plug-in and it includes 2,750 presets. the
expansions are great. they each cost fifty dollars. you can get some of the
legacy wants for 20, but it all adds up. hmm is it worth it? well it depends on
your budget right? I love the sound so it’s worth it for me. it’s quick to find
a preset that adds that missing sound to my song or my beat. now I’ll be featuring
Nexus 3 more on my channel in the future. and if you want to see how I use Nexus 2
in my Spotify release, watch my video up here. for now let’s just play with some
of the presets. that is the most fun part about Nexus 3. if you like this video hit
the like button and subscribe if you haven’t already. keep making the music
you love and I’ll see you guys later!

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