News report from Iranian solar company parto energy

News report from Iranian solar company parto energy

A gathering of college elites in the observation of the potentialities of our country has led to a positive outcome, the lowest of which is saving a million dollars in energy production. Iran leader: “I will not be short in defending the elite community and from the scientific movement of the country to my last breath.” More than two-thirds of Iran has three hundred sunny days, and Iran is considered as a high potential country in solar energy. One of the companies based in Sharif Science and Technology Park is working on this field. Mohammad Ali Teymouri(Manager of Market Development): “We were the first company in Iran that did the EPC of a 10 MW power plant inside the country without the presence of any external partners not in the design sector, nor in the implementation area, and we were able to design and install the power plant in the best possible way”. Sharif University of Technology Researchers have gathered in this company with the knowledge of electrical engineering, energy engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Mohammad Mahdi Samadi(CEO): “Our engineers aware that they must be workers too They are not those kinds of engineers sitting behind the desk and working through the phone calls. No , if it is necessary, they must go to the workshop and build, and then he must go to the site and do the installation by themselves. From large scale solar farms to rooftop power plants to produce solar power Some of these solar farms are connected to the grid and some of them are in the engineering and construction process I can name our projects from Khorasan, the eastern part of our country to east and west Azerbaijan at the west of the country. From north to south in Khuzestan to Sistan and Baluchistan we are active and doing projects.” Reducing greenhouse gases, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and maintaining them to produce more value added products are the benefits of solar energy. But that’s not all! Reporter: “Well, we know that 80 percent of solar power equipment are imported to the country. How do you as a group of elites improve this situation? “ Mohammad Khayeer(Director of Design Office): “ Using the technical knowledge, we managed to reduce cost of procurement part and we saved about one million dollars. In the executive process, we managed to work faster than usual by one month.” We can do the power plant with the 20,000 meters less consumed cable in the same example of the best European companies Suppose that one third connectors have been used in our design. Suppose that our structures are half the weight of the Europeans design Nesteran Qeisarie(Master of Engineering)We are working on increasing the energy efficiency and the performance ratio of our power plants Uniaxial structures can increase of the plant’s efficiency up to 15% and Two-axis structures actually can increases it up to 25 percent Most solar farms are installed in the deserts. Above here you wrote flouting structure, what is the story? Our floating structure is one of the R & D projects and a team of five to six engineers are working on it It will decrease in the amount of water evaporating. The second advantage is since there is water flow; the efficiency of the panels will be higher These two can be added to the fact that the investor makes more profit from the power plant energy generation

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