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  1. 2020 Trump for sure. Whoever believes that CCP will honor any contracts is foolish and ignorant. As for the Iran issue, they have planned out many assassinations against our military members and create terrorist attacks. Whoever stands by Iran are totally unacceptable.

  2. this committee chairman is a piece of crap. What a silly sissy boy he is" on the brink of war". Don't they have any real Men to oversee this committee?

  3. This little punk never say s*** when Obama drone killed many people over there. This kind of punk deserves to be beat up

  4. Democrats don't deserve the constitutional Powers, Democrats are undermining our government at every turn, Democrats should be removed and imprisoned

  5. How many more attacks by the proxies of Iran & Saudi Arabia do we have to endure before we grow the moral confidence to bomb the regimes until they surrender? In one day (and with no risk to our soldiers), we could bomb them at great distance and make the jihadist movement as non-threatening as the Nazis & imperialist Shintos are today. A real self-defense won't "inflame" them or make things worse–but even more pathetic half-measures and appeasement will continue to communicate that we're weak. A real self-defense of bringing personal destruction to the state supporters of jihad will discredit the jihadist movement just like Nazism & imperialist Shintoism were discredited.

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