News 6 Investigates: State agency investigates solar company

News 6 Investigates: State agency investigates solar company

tonight News six exposes a solar panel company under fire homeowners tell us they went out of business before finishing their installation now all new at 11:00 we’ve learned a state agency is investigating this news six investigator Adriana Eva schinsky broke this story two weeks ago and has a major update in the case we wanted to know who would finish these systems and who could customers turn to now that sundar and solar LLC is out of business now I tracked down the business partners of the now-defunct business and discovered both of them are now at odds with each other and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is investigating what went wrong the anti bucket list of a business owner is to be on the news talking about their business according to state records Michael Frisell of Winter Haven Florida was the registered agent and officer of thunder and solar LLC which began operating in 2015 he says he was in charge of the sales and his partner Karl Boyd was in charge of the installs that was his department he was the head of it and he ran it was an iron fist Frisell says they had more than a hundred customers they sold solar systems too but in mid 2017 things started falling apart and his partner decided to leave after hurricane MO we struggled we were out of revenue for a month Frye’s el says he feels horrible about leaving customers with unfinished work and he wants all of them to know he’s sorry these are my customers they trusted me they trusted our company one of those customers was cindy chase whose story we brought you back in March Cindy was left with an unfinished solar system and during our investigation she discovered the wrong equipment was installed you know shame on them Frye’s l dug up the contract and discovered it was all true the report was correct that the inverter she was bought was not installed Rozelle admits he ordered the plans for chases system but his partner Karl Boyd was in charge of the install but Boyd claims there are several jobs he was never made aware of including this one Boyd refused to appear on camera but his attorney did send us this statement from him saying in part I’m offering Sun Durin’s customers a free check to and their project was properly permitted and equipment was properly installed not only that Boyd has even filed a police report and notified the Department of Business and Professional Regulation claiming his signature was used without his knowledge or permission on several contracts but Frisell says there’s no way he didn’t know about those contracts because he handled all of the sunder and solar installs and bank records show he was getting paid during that time how can the guy who’s in charge of that department and is legally responsible for it say somebody else did it both men blame each other for the demise of the business but both agree sunder ins customers should have been treated better and not caught in the middle with unfinished jobs I wasn’t ignorant I knew we had a lot of service and installation issues but we had a plan in place that would have fixed it by now it would have been fixed that was Andriani Wyszynski reporting to see a letter sent by former thunderin solar

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