News 6 Investigates: Small business scam

News 6 Investigates: Small business scam

a new six investigation uncovers a web of problems for a small business the Titusville owner says her company got caught up in a scam yeah to the tune of $60,000 his investigator Louis Bolden reports she is now speaking out to warn other consumers and businesses you’re looking at thousands of pounds of metal worth thousands of dollars these commercial doors left a Titusville family-owned business tangled in an elaborate scheme I’ve never never experienced anything that’s crazy Jacquie McLaughlin with accurate metal door says the internet heist that allowed crooks to make off with tens of thousands of dollars started with a simple email from a potential customer like they’ve received thousands of times before it seemed like every other order that we’ve processed in the last 25 years of owning this business it was the specific inquiry he knew the lingo he knew the specifics of what he wanted he knew how to order order it specifically McLaughlin has dozens of emails where the order was discussed tweaked and fine-tuned then the transaction started the first three orders each for more than $20,000 were paid for over the phone by credit and went through with no problem but the fourth transaction was declined and the credit card company called saying the card was being used fraudulently so that’s when that’s when I got that feeling in my stomach of just something wasn’t right and it was the first red flag after a month of dealing with the same gentleman McLaughlin started retracing her steps the transaction someone claiming to be Phil POTUS paid for with alleged stolen credit cards included shipping fees to a shipping company he requested skyline logistics Inc McLaughlin spoke to a company representative who sent a bill of lading outlining the order number pickup location and destination all the processes that we have in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen they were able to manipulate all of those forms the name is the name of a real company but the crooks created a fake website fake quote fake Bill of Lading the nearly 27,000 dollars in shipping fees that McLaughlin sent them is gone it’s like being punched in the stomach it’s sick it’s a sickening feeling sometimes the solvability factors are there sometimes they are not there corporal timothy wearing with the Titusville Police Department says fraud cases are on the rise and taking different forms we are trying to take a proactive approach with these fraud cases informing people what to be aware of it’s definitely a criminal organization it’s got it’s got to be it’s mind-blowing to me that we’re not people aren’t talking about this and that’s why McLaughlin is talking she wants other businesses to be aware she says after 25 years they have now implemented new policies like requiring credit applications from all potential customers to make sure it doesn’t happen again I’m Luis Bouldin news 6

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