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  1. The Emotional Support Animal(ESA) are Fake Service Animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act and Federal Law does not recognize ESAs. The ESA is just a trend that was started by Paris Hilton at the Emmys when she introduced her Chihuahua Tinker Bell as her ESA.

    I’m all for a Government ran Service Dog Registration, because I have nothing to hide. I would love government Service Dog Tags and Papers for my Service Dog. Here in California city and animal control departments requires anyone with a Service Dog to register the Service Dog within your city or county. They require to see your SSI/SSDI Papers or any other government issued or court issued disability papers as proof of disability(you don’t need to disclose your disability, you need proof of disability) and Demonstrate 6 recognized Service DogTasks that help migrate your disability/disabilities (comfort and kissing/licks are not recognized tasks) for a Animal Control Issued Service Dog Tag(Which is has the County or city animal control logo, your Service Dog’s photo, Animal control’s phone number, and your registration number. ESAs, Therapy and etc are disqualified from the Animal Control Service Dog Registration.

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