New Year Resolutions 2015 – Message – Convo

New Year Resolutions 2015 – Message – Convo

It’s now January 2011… 2012… 2013… 2015. Wait, what happened to the year 2014? We at Convo feel like at the start of last year, we took a blink… …and opened our eyes to find that time went by so quickly, with so many things happening. The past years were always about working towards achieving FCC Certification, and when we did finally get it, to prove that we were a real company. In 2014, however, it was the start of a new era. We got a new CEO, new hires and growth, new call centers, and new Convo Lights. All of these show Convo’s true potential, which has only recently sprouted. Going forth, we have a lot more coming up. We’ve got new upgrades to Convo Desktop, Convo Mobile, and many others in store. More than that, the biggest goal we have in 2015 is about you. All of you, that have been with us since day one, believed in Convo, showed your support, remained loyal, became a part of, and gave us your feedback. This is what a real ecosystem is. We want 2015 to be all about helping this ecosystem grow. Our first step is… In 2015, anything that you see from Convo— our commercials, on video, TV, the Internet, in print, on billboards, everything— will feature real people. People like you. Your businesses, who you are, your personality, where you work, and more to be aligned in Convo’s commercials. Whatever we market will also give exposure to Deaf businesses, creating a network of information that can work together. And now, our next step is… Do you own a business? Run a company? A school? Have a workplace? If you want a number or need us to install Convo Mobile, we can do that. But we want to go beyond that. We can meet our goals from now on with our new expansions of Convo Experts, who can go to you in person, and our Support Specialists, who can video chat with you anytime. What we’ll do is listen to what you want and how you visualize it. What color do you want your ringing to be? Where do you want it? Hidden or very visible? Do you want your logo on your VRS screen? Your identity, your company name? Do you want a directory with all your employees’s names and information ready? Your design, your decision. We’re here, ready to support your vision from behind the scenes. Finally, our next step is… Our marketing will showcase real people for exposure. If you own a business or run a company, we’re offering you the opportunity to design your own experience, which we will back you up with. Still, this is not a complete ecosystem without one vital thing that, if missing, would make the whole thing collapse: you. If you are not a business owner, but a customer who wants to learn more or to support, where is this information for you? Will Google tell you? What if the website’s information isn’t updated? You could contact your friends and ask around, but where is a central resource that you can see and access on the spot? That’s Convo’s biggest goal— to have a directory by the end of the year that you can access anywhere, via Convo Mobile or Convo Desktop. You’ll be able to use VRS or chat with your friends and have this directory at hand, supplied with the information of all Deaf-owned, Deaf-run businesses and services. It would be convenient for you to think, “I’d like to buy a shirt”, find a Deaf shirt business, and call the Deaf owner to talk about the shirt that you want to buy. By supporting Deaf businesses, they will support you in turn, and we all end up supporting each other in unity for our ecosystem. That is what Convo aims to achieve in 2015.

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  1. Excited for the future of Convo!

    I hope you'll be adding captions for the signing-impaired? I know Convo is for the Deaf* but accessibility is just as important.

  2. Hey Ragan,
    On the screen push the cc button on the right of the screen, this will show subtitles. This is below the buffer red bar on the right hand side of the screen.

  3. This will be very good – especially for our deaf individuals looking for employment in a deaf company and are willing to relocate. Congratulations – keep growing!

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