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  1. see that's what I like about Texas actually do something about the homeless they give them jobs it's not just Austin Dallas was one of the first to do it as well but then you have California that just give right away for them to do drugs and shit

  2. Great, so if I go there I'm guaranteed that a junkie will be working on me car? 🤔 Don't leave your cell phone or spare change in the console…it will magically disappear
    In other words the auto-shop is just milking homeless losers for "community image points" by giving them the shit jobs of detailing the car & such non-essential work.
    Nobody wants some shaggy dipshit hippy who doesn't even have sense enough to get a haircut to be dicking around with their transmission or engine.
    I like the whole "look how virtuous of a business we are…" oprics…bravo

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