New PUBG Mobile Update Features

New PUBG Mobile Update Features

Welcome back gamers.
In this video, i’ll show you some cool features coming up in next PUBG mobile updates.
This gameplay is shared by R K gaming. An awesome PUBG mobile gaming channel.
Check out his channel. Link is given in the description.
Ok, let’s see what are the new features coming up in next PUBGi mobile update.
A new vehicle is added in Vikendi map. It’s exclusive for Vikendi.
This is PUBG chinese version. I’m showing only the upcoming confirmed features
in global version. Like this video, and keep watching till the
end, to know all new features coming up for global version.
This vehicle is very fast when compared to other vehicles.
It’s very easy to handle. 2 new weapons are added.
MPK5 SMG and a pistol called Deagle. This is the new pistol deagle.
It is a very powerful gun. It can take complete damage on a level 3 helmet
with just 3 bullets. And if it’s a level 1 helmet, only one bullet
is needed to take complete damage. Now, gas cans will explode when we fire on
them. New MPK5 SMG is also good.
This is another vehicle exclusive for Vikendi. It’s a snow bike which is very fast and easy
to handle. One of the top upcoming feature in PUBG mobile
is the new vehicle, B R D M. It’s available in all maps.
This vehicle replaces the armored UAZ, which we get from the flare drops.
BRDM can also get damaged, if it took too much gunshots.
But, it’s way better than the old armored UAZ.
It can be used in both land and water. Let’s test, how good is the new BRDM.
We’re going to do some damage tests. Let’s see how much damage it can take.
It takes nearly 240 5.56 bullets to destroy one tyre of BRDM.
Which is insane, right ? This test proves that BRDM is the best.
Now, let’s test with gas cans. That grenade took half damage.
And we can completely destroy a BRDM by throwing 2 nades on them.
This is the interior FPP view. Using this vehicle, you can easily escape
from bridge blocks. If you boost this vehicle, fuel will be empty
quickly. Vector ammo switched to 9MM.
Yes, now vector uses 9MM bullets. And UMP9 uses .45 bullets.
Another great feature is the ledge grab. Now, you can easily climb tall and difficult
walls and buildings easily using this ledge grab mechanics.
But, this feature is not accurate and efficient. You can stick pictures to walls.
This feature is not confirmed for PUBG global update.
And, they added new parachute animation. Which is very cool like the PUBG PC version.
They’re adding new costumes and emotes to weapons.
This feature is also not confirmed for global update.
Let’s go through some of the new outfits. Hope you enjoyed this video.
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