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well hello and welcome to the another
episode of the old the life of your dreams YouTube channel my name is
Timesha and I am so glad that you’re here with me today we have a great one
today I’m so excited to share this with you but before I do if you are new to
the channel welcome I’m so glad that you’re here what this channel is about
is I am an online mentor that helps online entrepreneurs start bill grow and
sustain their business for the long haul and if that’s something that you’re
issue make sure that you click the subscribe button and if the Bell
notification so they should know anytime I drop a new video which happens to be
daily at this point so what are we talking about today
today pls or the power lead system I’m a power lead system affiliate it’s one of
the businesses that I promote and the power lead system has dropped a
phenomenal program that will help jumpstart your business like crazy and
I’m so excited to share it with you and so let me share my screen so we can get
on with it and I can show you what they got okay so this is the back-office and
what they have started is something called the pls chat so it is a basically
a interview series that has actually interviewed the successful programmers
successful marketers of the pla pls system or the power league system and
they basically show you how you do it and it right now we’ve only had six
interviews they have been put on our facebook for us to consume for those of
us who are affiliates of the power elite system but now they have actually
created a website so if you are in to try to make this online business online
journey of course a success something that can really make you money so that
you can say goodbye to your real-life nine-to-five job then these series of
interviews will definitely help you get tract so I’m gonna go through I’m not
gonna show you the videos actually but I’m gonna actually go through the
headlines and a few of them so you can see the power pack hitting things that
the power lead system is allowing some of our major producers as what is
allowing them to do and this video is an hour and so they’re giving you some
great tips and tricks to help you be successful online and this is how an odd
job worker scouring Craigslist used to power lead system to page where it’s
$40,000 mouth replacement that literally saved his life so if you’re out there
and you have some medical bills that are out of this world but you have no way of
getting money in the power lead system can help you create the income that you
need to do the things that you need to do to give the life-saving medicines
that you need to help you be successful because you don’t have to be on here all
of the time you can go and live your life create your wealth using simple
simple leveraged and automated systems that can help you basically get all of
your bills paid medical bills paid and still live the life and enjoy the
quality of life that you are looking for okay so that’s one and this person here
is a single mom who went from zero online sphere experienced we $90,000
using the power lead system ninety thousand dollars that’s life-changing
money right there especially I don’t know how long it took her to get but I’m
definitely going to be interested in watching this video to find out how she
made such a dramatic change in her life especially I’m going from zero to none
so it doesn’t matter if you are you know well-versed in online or if you are
complete newbie just trying to figure out a way to get away from McDonald’s
your childhood results or whatever that you’re into at this point this woman did
it she was a single mother meaning she did not have any financial support
to help her and I’m pretty sure money was tight she took it upon herself to go
about it and attack the system and now she’s made 90,000 over $90,000 with this
system it’s a great testimony and the last one that I want to talk to you
about and those he’s been contacting me we’ve been chatting back and forth about
how to be successful online he is a New York actor he has children and he talks
all the time about how he has the freedom and you can see his little girl
there such a cutie you could he talks about how he has the freedom to stay
home with his children but still make quality income still make a good income
online and he uses this thing called a virtual vending machine and it is an
amazing product and if you get on the power lead system he’ll show you how to
do it matter of fact I’ll show you how to do it because he showed me and I am
so excited about how things are working in this arena so I wanted to just hop
online this is going to be a real short video guys i just wanted to hop online
to show you the new things that power lead system is adding that is for to
help basically start you off on the right foot give you all of the tools
that you need give you the support you need to be successful and all of those
people that you see in the interview series it’s not like you’re just going
to see them once in it’s over with no they’re on our Facebook groups they are
you know posting things that help motivate and you know give us everything
that we need to be successful online and if you need the help then that is what
the power lead system is here for that is what I’m here for
and I am so grateful to be a part of this company that will provide such
awesome information for their affiliates for their customers it’s something that
I believe will help revolutionize or online business and take us to the 10k a
month that we’re trying to go to so if you found any value in this video
today make sure that you give me the thumbs up button please like and
subscribe to my channel giving you all the information to help you be
successful online I want you to be successful online that is what my
passion purpose and calling is and if that is something that you need someone
to help you do that make sure that you contact me below if you have any
questions about anything I have all my information in the description box make
sure you contact me and let me know what you’re struggling with and I would
definitely help you get to where you need to go also if you want to know more
about the power lead system that’s in the first link in the description box
I’ll get you all the information and I would love to help you mold you into an
online business entrepreneur powerhouse that you were meant to be alright
so until next time my friend make sure you think big dream big take massive
action so that you might own the life of your dreams
bye now

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