New Feature in “Google My Business” : Services

New Feature in “Google My Business” : Services

hey and welcome to another tutorial this
is about Google my business and specifically its going to be the new
services that Google has rolled out this is April 19th 2018 so you might not see
it exactly on your Google my business page but it’s coming soon if you don’t
see it already ok again go to your Google my business and login then on the
left hand side you’ll see the info click on that it’ll load if not already then
scroll down and then you’ll see the new services
feature that’s allowed click on that and you’ll see where you can add new
services so you depending on your business you might want to break these
into different sections so for example if you are in the automotive repair
field you might want the brakes to be one of the sections okay
and one of the items under brakes may be disc brakes okay and then the item we
might even want to say disc brake repairs if you want a little more SEO
tip you may even want that to be in the area that you’re in so we’ll go ahead
and put in the town and state that we’re in and for the item description well
give a little bit more information on this quality disc brake repairs for cars
and light trucks in Scaggsville Maryland alright and here we’ll go in
the bottom right and click Add you’ll see where that applies if we want to
have a new item inside of this category well we can add more and more let’s
click cancel right now if we want a new section say we want something other than
breaks maybe we want to do transmissions you could add them here all right I hope
this helps Thanks

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