New details emerge from Clinton-Lynch clandestine tarmac meeting

New details emerge from Clinton-Lynch clandestine tarmac meeting

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  1. Love it! Thanks God for smart,concern people like Christopher Sign. I applaud your courage. Most people don’t reveal information for fear,fear of everything. Take Mr. Sign. America needs you!
    ( I checked on Amazon,but is not digital,any chance the publisher wants to offer that option? I don’t need to talk about the convenience.

  2. LMAO. You guys REALLY reach dont ya? Trump is an absolute corrupt criminal and you guys just try to make new conspiracy theories that EVEN IF true, have no comparison to the things Trump does. Open your eyes you Trumptards

  3. Another attempt to distract from Trumps daily criminal behavior with another conspiracy. Fix and the right is getting really pathetic. FYI just within the last month, McCabe and Hillary have been vindicated. Everybody with any brains laughs at the entire Fox News channel and their audience.

  4. The Left doesn't care about Right or Wrong. The Left only cares about their Wealth and Power.
    Right and Wrong are meaningless concepts to the Left, other than DogWhistles to manipulate their supporters.

  5. This didn’t get a lot of attention because the parties involved are Democrats and the news media (generally speaking) is an arm of their machine. They are paid to gloss over such things and negatively report on on opposition. From news outlets to tv production studios, Hollywood, web content platforms, advertisers and even the music industry 75% of the content the average person sees has an agenda that benefits the liberal left in some fashion. It’s the world we live in. Learn to recognize it, even when it seems in agreement with your views be suspicious. It’s nothing new but it has gotten worse in the last few years. It sucks but it’s not the end of the world. It’s gotten so bad I think there will have to be some sort of rebellion in the fairly near future.

  6. The Clintons should be charge of terrorism, unfortunately the FBI and other government officials are on their side, so there is no transparent and honest way to bring them to justice.

  7. We seem to have a huge clog in draining the swamp and It rhymes with Clinton. Well I can’t find a rhyme for Clinton so it is what it is lol.

  8. Lmao, none of these people are "real" journalist. How about following the current issues and find all the people that were connected to Jeff Epstein!! Not old news years, upon years ago??!!!

  9. I am politically conservative. One of the things dems are criticized for is putting news out there for an unidentified source. I DO think dirty dealings happened on that plane but in order for this to be credible they need to name their source.

  10. So what was said?? All of this while Trump hands out pardons for corrupt political behavior.. Seems like a distraction Fox Tabloid "News"

  11. Well, this video provided absolutely no illumination on the subject. You have to buy the book to see if there's any more? LOL
    Unless he was a fly on the wall in the plane, he knows nothing.

  12. No one is doing anything about it because nothing will ever be done ,no one will ever be charged with a crime, because it all deep state until they are removed our government our CIA our FBI the nsa will all be deep state and when the will it will be gun confiscation no more freedom of speech and then new world order, total world population 500k look it up they spent millions on a monument saying it

  13. The media dont report this because they are in bed with this deep state agent the same deep state that is trying to remove our president….

  14. While the rest of us humans want to leave our mark on the world in a positive way, the Clintons will be remembered for making people disappear, corruption and their connections with Pedogate & Epstein Island. No moral compass. smh

  15. The secret service and fbi agents ordered the press reporters to put their phones up and not take any pictures . Just goes to show how deep the swamp is . Who can be trusted ?

  16. Obama is another one, ordered the massacre of 100 protesters and police in the Ukraine. Eric the whistleblower carried it out to plans. Google to search facts.

  17. These comments are the mad ravings of nutcases and conspiracy theorists. No wonder we have an ignorant racist president.

  18. Keep 'em in the dark. Hold up something shiny and sparkly to distract from what's really going on. A democrats ideal follower is one that's ignorant and uninformed.

  19. Wow.. mafia at play. How can we allow, we the people . other to have such power. To bully and intimidate citizens. It's sick and it deserves investigation.

  20. Be alert and ready Armed America, for the evil has not been idle with their agenda, just idle with working for the American public. They do not believe there is any need to try, because of their purposeful dream of monarchy will supply their need…not yours.

  21. Don't you people get it we are at war with these people the Democrat party are anti American they are a corrupt criminal organizations so is DOJ, fbi, cia, nsa ,irs , blm,dea,they are all compromised .its over they control all of these agencies are only hope is president Trump to declare marshal law send the marines to protect all files documents evidence that hasn't been destroyed round up all players and lock them up before more damage is done these organizations are very large hundreds of thousands of these deep state actors . they are being exposed to the American people one by one its are duty to remove them now is the time to fight.we have lost faith in these institutions to do there jobs they are covering up there dirt Mr President declare marshal law ! Close down these corrupt institutions its time for this to end!

  22. Why advertise that you were reporting what they said on the plane? This is a free method to sell his book! Why would I pay a traitor for information? He should have reported what he knew, when he knew it! It is people like him who keep the Clinton's safe, and smug in their lifestyle! Shame on you Fox News!

  23. Thankyou Father in Heaven for vindicating EVERY-SINGLE-PERSON – child, adult, animal & SOUL the clintons have threatened, harmed and/or murdered!!!!!!
    Thankyou Father God for keeping your Angels charged over this man, his family, their pets, their home & vehicles at all times. I cover them all in the blood of Jesus!

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