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  1. I think you have to have an driver license to be able to drive the "mario carts" since you are driving on the road with cars.
    Every time I'm in Japan I challenge my self to go in to restaurants where they don't have an English menu or pictures of the food.
    When i lived in Japan I always pushed my self to go and visit a new station almost each day and walk around that station area for a day, just exploring. It was so much fun and interesting.

  2. im already planing my trip to japan for next august cant wait to be there! But I still have to learn a lot of japanese im close to finishing the first textbook and I hope i can finish the second one by the start of july or august 😀

  3. I think this is something that we all can do not just in a foreign country. But yeah these make us grow and view the world differently. BBC actually uploaded a video on FB about what not to do and what to expect in Japan for the Olympics of 2020. I thought that was interesting and positive way to get people to understand certain things that are very Japanese.

  4. By talking so much about your old, embarrassing (according to you alone) videos before you became Cathy Cat, you’re subconsciously encouraging/challenging us to go view said videos; not that you’re encouraging our subconscious, but YOUR subconscious is encouraging US. The reason why, is because you’re biting down and ready to get the embarrassment done and out of the way with. That means you’re prepared to face your embarrassing past confidently.
    But again, only you feel it’s embarrassing. I myself feel said videos make you a more complex woman that has grown as a person. That past tells us that you’re not just like every other girl out there and you do more than just what you’re told.
    You’re facing your past with confidence and you’re ready to deal with it. Again, I know this probably won’t mean jack to you because I’m some unknown man in the States across the pond, but I am very proud of such a pretty little kitty cat; you! ?☺️

  5. The most challenging in Japan is buy something in Lawson or family Mart ,especially if I buy the hot food in cashier counter , the staff always ask many question… Do I have point card, a plastic bag, do I need the fork, the spoon, do I need to heat the food….

  6. I didn't realize they are teaching Chemistry in English. I would like to go and teach Chemistry in Japan since I have a Ph.D. and years of experience.

  7. I think that schools SHOULD ask the native speakers take a proficiency test in their native language. It's actually a good idea, as someone can be a native English speaker, for example, but still not have a good grasp of the language. Especially at an academic level.

  8. japan has no dignity its the most pathetic puppet state in east asia and its cannibalizing itself for its masters and hopefully it collapses soon

  9. Lots of Aussies in this, our laidback attitude is on display right here “we got no idea but she’ll be right mate” ?

  10. Eat the country's local food.
    I heard that Kowloon Castle would be demolished, so I went to Hong Kong.
    I went to Vietnam to hear that the wartime Torchka was gone.

  11. What is your opinion of the Nazis and Germans? Being opinionated or prejudiced does not make you any better.

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