Negotiation Strategies, Logo Changes & the Apparel Business | #AskGaryVee Episode 205

Negotiation Strategies, Logo Changes & the Apparel Business | #AskGaryVee Episode 205

– On this episode, I talk about
design changes, what I would do with $3000 to build my business
and do I like being challenged? (upbeat hip hop music) – [Gary] You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. – [Gary on book cover]
New York Jets asking me questions. – Thanks Seth this is
awesome. So cool. Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 205 of
The #AskGaryVee Show. I’m glad we snuck this one in. With the whole Tyler and
India thing I think we’re out of rhythm of scheduling. I have not been on a
pace at all with the show. This is been the dark ages
these last 45 days so I need to get back on track. Garrett, thanks for
holding up Facebook Live. Good to see you guys.
How’s that going? How many views
did we got so far? – 818 so far. – Nice. Quick to 1000. India, it’s great to see you.
– Great to see you too. – How’ve you been?
– Good. – All well?
– All well. – Great. You ready for the show? – I am. Did you see our montage? – Let’s get into the show. – I did not watch it yet. It’s great?
– So good. – Should we?
How long is it? Good. – We’ve done a lot of shows. Can we put it right here? It has
to be in my channel click out. Staphon, you know you’ve
messed this up. Link it up. Link this one up.
Got it? We’ll link up our montage. Oh I’m sorry. Let’s add to our montage. – Okay. – Let’s get into
– [Both] The show. – Nice one.
– That was good. – Nice and solid.
Not too crazy. Trouty… What is that
like salmon? Is that like salmon? Is that a salmon sweater? – Looks brighter.
– Yeah, okay. Trouty. Make sure you
put up his handle. Everybody who is watching
this show go tweet Trouty nice salmon sweater. Yeah let’s do that,
#nice, put that up Staphon, #nicesalmonsweater. Put his handle. Really funny story about Trouty, Jon Troutman, I think his handle is Trouty which is is Mike Trout
the best baseball player in the world or the second best
baseball player in the world. Big ups Bryce Harper to most
people that’s his nickname and most people think Trout is him. Every time Mike Trout hits
two home runs in a game his Twitter explodes.
(laughter) Anyway. Let’s get
into the show, India. – [Voiceover] James asks,
“Gary, I want to snap and vlog “my work but I’m posting sitting
at a desk on my phone and email. “How can I add
variety in content?” – Well you got to be creative. Funny thing about this is
there’s a crazy thing guys. Crazy thing about creating
content both for social media, both for television,
both for books, both for magazine articles
it’s called talent. There are plenty of people that
can sit at a desk all day and produce amazing content because
they’re funny, they’re clever. They’re imaginative. They are creative by nature. So my answer is talent. James. You’ve got to come
up with an idea. Asking me to give you the
creative pillar is not a good strategy because
I can tell you that you could do it all day long. You can do a whole series on
Snapchat of random websites. Why don’t you just take your
phone while you sit at your desk and in-between important
things go to StumbleUpon click a button, random website
show it on the screen and you audit those websites. You add your two cents. Social commentary to every
website on the internet. You would never have to
leave your desk, ever again. But are you good enough? Are you funny enough? Are you quick-witted enough? One of the most famous videos is
when I cold called somebody and tried to sell them an ad
’cause I was good at it. That’s why it was good content.
I just sat at my desk. I think the answer is too many
people think that you have to rely on amazing scenery or
having a mix, a different day. I think my Snapchat
is all the same shit. It just me in my
face wherever I am. I’m trying to mix it up. I eat a banana here and there
and now I go to weird bathrooms. I’m trying. Have you seen that yet?
– [India] Yeah. – Thank you.
I travel a lot. I think bathroom
culture is fascinating. – [India] (inaudible)
restaurant bathrooms. – [Gary] Well there you go.
So there you go. Why would you
even ask me that? Hold on let’s start
over but you just said– – [India] There’s a difference
between really random creepy bathroom and you
Snapchatting from it and then curating a blog
of interesting bathrooms. – Yeah, super different, India. Anyway my man, James, anything
can be funny anything to be interesting it comes
down to the talent. If you’re one that
needs this visual support. This is a binary question
meaning if you’re not good enough in a mundane similar
situation to create something that’s interesting and
intriguing well then I don’t know you got to get a new job. Something crazy.
I don’t know. You’re stuck. There certain truths you’re gonna
sit at your job and do calls at your desk it sounds
like regardless. So instead of saying that the
defense, make it an offense. It is a mindset. Unless you’re willing to change
your job and travel the world and have all this great scenery
in the background like buck up Charlie, James.
And figure it out. I mean you can take a
whole meme just about, I could do a whole
thing just on Courtney. At the front of our. I could basically make Courtney. I can basically make
anybody famous if I want to. (India laughing) – I mean it is true. I like to think I’m a
little entertaining. Sean. – What is up, Gary? Sean from Denver, Colorado here. You can see the beautiful Rocky
Mountains in the background. My question for you
about negotiation. What are your best tips for
getting the deal done and making sure that it’s mutually
beneficial for both parties? – Sean, it’s interesting.
Great question. Thank you for heeding
the call for better video, better scenery in the background. I’m sure there’s a bunch there
pent up from a month or two ago. It’s funny. They’re one of the same. I’m very aggressive. And I very aggressively go
after a person and say look as quickly as possible I
want you to trust me. Tell me what you want. What is in your vested interest? If I can figure out what that
person wants and first I go with honesty and you know it’s funny
and when somebody is negotiating with you they don’t
want to give you honesty. And actually I use it as a
tactic to build a relationship. If I go at somebody and say look
you guys know this with, some of you know
this with salaries. It’s how I negotiate
almost everything. I just want to know. Because by the way, if you say
“Hey, I want to pay VaynerMedia “four dollars a month,” and I want
four dollars a month well then we just saved a lot of time. I’m like cool.
Let’s do it. I think my best tactic has
been the same which is honesty, truth and aggressiveness to extract the truth
from the other person. I’m naturally a counter puncher. In my marketing and
definitely in my negotiating. What do you want to
happen for how much? And if I can get them
into a truthful place. Now one of the keys to my
strategy is drawing a line in the sand. When I say to somebody
give me your best offer and if I can hit, I’ll do it. If they then give me an
offer that I can’t do I have to say no
and I can’t move. It’s all grounded in truths. I think you have to know what
you want and I think you have to try to extract from the
other person what they want. And you need to try to make
them feel comfortable that you’re in their best interest. One thing I do is I point to
my career at this point and let them know I’ve done everything
on lifetime value that I don’t need to make much money up
front it’s all of the long-term. I require that for my people. I require that for my partners. I just think the right way to
go there is go right at it. What’s going to
get this deal done? For me, I’d rather leave profit
on the table to get the deal done quicker. I think too many want to
guess the higher number. Let that one $8000 for this. I think too many people are like
12,000 instead of saying how much is it going to get done and
Staphon says 7500 if I’m okay with that because I want 8000
I’m like good, done, let’s go. Speed, movement, trust,
relationships finding a place where you can trust that
person you’re on the same page. That’s how I see it. – [Voiceover] Nishita asks,
“Gary, how do design changes to “apps that cause a negative stir
affect brand image or usage?” – Is this back Instagram?
– [India] Yeah. – This stuff
happens all the time. Remember when Uber
changed it’s logo? I think Uber’s new logo is
way worse than it’s old one. But that’s one man’s
subjective opinion. Even though all four
of you shook your head. Do you like the
Instagram one better now? No, no.
– [Garrett] Yeah. – Yeah, got it.
Me neither but whatever. Nobody gives a crap. If anybody still today still
cares about the Instagram design change then they don’t realize
that Instagram is a business and not a museum. In the context that I come from
if you’re making art that you want debated for the rest
of time it really matters. If you are talking about
business everybody complains about logo changes on
sports teams pro, con, logo changes of apps pro, con. It’s a fun thing to talk
about but if you noticed I got bombarded about it on social and
I didn’t even answer anybody’s question about it because I
didn’t even want to respect the question because for me from
a business standpoint it has 0.00000 impact on
Instagram’s business. Now the UI and UX if it makes
people stay on it longer, engage with that it longer, that has
huge impact but the logo itself as a matter of fact it does
have impact I’m not pooh-poohing design.
I believe in the design. For example, I think
I’m using Instagram less. The first week just because my
eye didn’t recognize the logo as much I hit it less times. Not even kidding. But I’m a focus group of one. I think net-net on a 60, 90,
100 day term, it doesn’t matter. I’m already back to my
normal usage on Instagram. It can be an issue but
I think a lot of time press over engages it. For example, when the Gap
changed it’s logo and that was a whole to do and they changed
back or when people have to do that a lot of times is
more about the press and the perception and then the
stock price more so than what’s actually happening
in user behavior. But sometimes it
could be a change. I don’t over, I think a name and
a logo can always be trumped by the quality of the product. Even bad press. When Uber’s getting
all that bad press. My friends, “I feel bad
what Uber is doing,” and they’re take an Uber
while they’re saying it. I’m a big fan of
actions over words. All the people that I hate the
Instagram logo but are using it .3 times more today
than they did a week ago, what does that then mean? It’s like saying you’re moving
to Canada if you don’t like the president and then not moving
which is what basically all of my extremist friends on the
Republican and Democratic side have done of the last 16 years. Everybody moved to Canada during
Bush every move to Canada during Obama and so far
nobody moved to Canada. Because you’re full of shit. And that’s just a higher
level conversation of the logo. What does it mean?
I don’t know. A lot of people like to
say things on social media. I like to know what you actually
do versus what you actually say. – [India] That’s good. Yeah that put the (smack). – [India] I think it’s
Avica or it’s Avici? – It’s Avicii? – [India] Yes, Avicii’s
asking a question. – Finally. Yes you can
sample my shit. (laughter) – [Voiceover] Ivica asks,
“Gary, you challenge the old “every day. How do you
feel when challenged “from the young
professionally?” – Tremendous. I love to be challenged
more than anything. I think one of the misnomers
of a cult of personality like myself is that we all love
yes men and women around us. I can tell you that look you
get the benefit of being right. One of things I hate about my
success and I knock on wood because I don’t want to jinx my
success is the longer I have it and the more that I have the
less I’m being challenged by the young or the less
experienced or the less winning. It’s very dangerous when
you’ve accumulated success that you’re not being challenged. I love challenging people
and I love to be challenged. What I love most about being
challenged is like 8 out of 10 times that I’m challenged in
something that I really now I feel like the person is
challenging me for the sake of challenging me ’cause they’re
playing that role ’cause they think it’s going to catch my
attention but then I’m actually in the game of the argument and
when they look like an idiot and they’re wrong by all standards
it actually makes them lose. Why I’m painting you that little
picture is when I challenge, I challenge with substance. It’s funny that I just
talked about presidents. Politics, healthcare,
macroeconomic issues, geopolitical issues, terrorism, health and wellness, boy, do I not challenge anybody. Boy, do I do a lot of listening and when I am at my worst
occasional pontificating about my opinion on it but boy
you will not see venom. If we all have brunch and we
start talking about something I don’t know about it’s
stunning how quiet I get. It’s just you only see
me in things that I know. You only see me challenging
things that I know. Of course, I’m going to
challenge Seth Godin if I don’t agree with him.
Because I know. I love when somebody challenges
me at this company and outside this company when I can taste
that they know that they’re talking about because
then you have some real frictions make diamonds. I want to get better. I want somebody to challenge
me but when you’re going to challenge me that TV or direct
mail is better and all you have is some bullshit from 1984
and you’re not a practitioner anymore and you have
nothing to back it up you’re gonna get eaten up. I love being challenged. I want the young to
challenge me all day. You saw me in the episode
with the 15-year-old girls for musically, I was listening. I’m not telling
them they’re wrong. They’re in high
school, they’re there. They’re like, “All my kids
in my class are on Twitter.” Cool. Respect, wow. So that’s that. And by the way that is a
focus group of one high school. It doesn’t mean Twitter is now
everybody GaryVee thinks Twitter is huge in high school. No, I think it is an interesting
thing to pay attention to because after that comment
hundred of more emails and comments of people like yeah
it’s true in my high school too. And by the way, tens, by the way
just to ground you, of like I don’t know what that
girl’s talking about. At my high school nobody’s doing
but tens to hundreds, you know? – [India] Last one.
– Last one. Joey nice Jets sign. – Hey Gary Vay-ner-chuk I saw on
one of your videos that you got asked if you were to build a
company in 2016 today from scratch what would you pick. Erase all your followers all the
companies that you have built up to this date. You said you would
choose something like Nike. So my question is at the
beginning stages of your company what would you do for
your three next moves. What were your top three
first moves be to help grow your company and keep in
mind you only have $3000. What would those three steps be? – Guys can’t get more specific? – Ads, an expo at a
convention center, inventory, what would it be? Let me know, can’t wait to hear
your answer and thank you for including my question
and today’s show. – What is the name?
– [India] Joey. – Joey, great question. The truth Joey and everybody who
is watching and so many of you are emailing me and please
by the way this is a good opportunity, Staphon, can you
put a little video pop-up you’ll do a little
editing for this one. Actually put a
picture I don’t make you. #AskGaryVee the search engine. If you have business questions, my new search engine
is unbelievable. All my questions all of my
answers transcribed all there in the search engine. So many questions about this and
the truth is Joey you clearly ask for yourself there so many
things you could be doing for your apparel business I guess
is why you referenced Nike. First of all, I said if you’re
in apparel the number one thing I would do it would try to get
Instagram influencers to wear your product at zero cost all
the way up to $1, $3, $50, $100. I think influencers
are grossly underpriced. I think the game is about
exposure and conversion and I think that too many people
don’t really understand how to run a business.
Make a lot of bad mistakes. As a matter of fact, I’m super
pumped that “Shark Tank” is now doing this “After
The Tank” TV show. I don’t know if any of
you have watched it. But Lizzie loves it. They’re showing people going
out of business because they grow too fast.
They don’t understand. There’s a real
cadence of growing. It’s like anything in life. You can’t get too
ahead of yourself. You can’t go too slow. You know it’s funny, a lot of
people when they start digging into my content realize
that I’m a real contradiction. That I believe in very
opposite points of view. And I think my answer
to your question is it’s a mix of 100 different things. I couldn’t give you, I’m not
going to give you what you want from this question which is
these three tactical things. I only give very black-and-white
tactical advice when I actually have hours to sit down and look
at your business and actually understand what
I’m talking about. I don’t want to look like an
idiot or have egg on my face so then I thought about
religious points of view. For you, you need to
get that shirt and you need to get
as much exposure. The same way you hacked your
way on to this show asking a question now you got exposure. I saw you put your little
Snapchat logo down there in the corner. Some people snapped it,
following you now. You’re looking for exposure. I think it’s a grind. For apparel
businesses are very hard. You need distribution,
you need awareness to me what I would
do is a lot of listening. I would tell you very honest
answer, Joey, if I were you as young as you look and
you look great, nice and young, super fit dude. Oh India likes it.
(laughter) What India said yeah.
What? – What do you want me to say?
No, you look horrible? – [Gary] No, no. – [India] Yes he’s fit.
– Yes, that’s exactly right. That’s right.
He is a fit man. Right, Garrett?
– Yeah. – [Gary] Yeah super fit.
– [India] Garrett agrees too. – Yeah, exactly.
Wasn’t a boy-girl thing. Just is he fit? I think that one of the things
that scares the living piss out of me is that a young dude like
you and so many young dudes and dudettes like you everybody’s
just jumping in and running a business. You know what I would tell
you to do, actually know what? I’m going there.
Screw it. You know what I’m
going to tell you to do? Shut your business down and go work for an apparel
company for three years. Go email every CEO of an apparel
company that’s doing over $5 million dollars a year in
revenue that you respect. All of them. Sit down grab a nice shake right, kale, nice kale shake and map every single CEO
in the world that has a $5 million a year or higher
revenue apparel business. Then to go to LinkedIn and
Twitter and email and tweet all of them. And ask all of them for you
to be there chief of staff, right-hand man and to work
side-by-side with that person for the next 18 months. That’s what I would do. Stake versus sizzle. There’s no tactic that
I’m going to tell you on The #AskGaryVee Show that’s gonna
set you up for success and to be very frank with you and I don’t
want to hurt your feelings Joey and I have a lot of respect for
you and is hurting everyone’s collective feelings my intuition
is somebody building a really big business in the apparel
space is not going to rely on one their tactics being
asking a business guru for advice tactically. So, I would take that 3000 bucks
and save it so that you can live with 17 roommates while you work
for Carol Thompson and her $9 million a year apparel
business and watch it up close and personal. India do it one more time
and I don’t do this for humble bragging. I think it’s important because a
lot of you know India and she’s been our eco-system, one more
time, four years in Vayner? – Almost four years. – India, three weeks in my
inbox, say it one more time different than you thought.
– Totally. – India learned more, it’s only
three weeks but just different. Just different. And you can’t buy that. India sat here and all god
damn shows with you guys. India’s written a ton of stuff. Has probably consumed way
more of my voice than she would ever want to. Yet in a 10 day period
being in my inbox, being close to the sun, she gained more context. I wouldn’t say learned
but holy crap, what? Yes. And that’s why so many of you
are jumping to run a business and I’m a natural
good businessman. A lot of you don’t
have as much natural entrepreneurial
DNA as I do. I think you need to learn from
the hip and I think the biggest mistake is you’d rather go get
and this is a different piece of advice for a lot of the
college kids that I’ve reached through
that one video. You’d rather go get that
job at $63,000 at the Gap and be number 17,000 even though your ambition
is to run your own fashion brand versus making no money teaming
up with 19 roommates living that ghetto lifestyle but being the
right-hand person but remember if want to start your own
fashion brand isn’t it much better to be very close to a
person that’s got a $3 to $5 million a year business
because that’s going to be your first step. Even if you’re at
the right hand of the CEO of Nike or Adidas or Under Armour or Coach that’s not the company
that you’re going to build. You’re going to learn
Corporate America skills. I’m just completely pissed
with the lack of, (sigh) it’s a lack of patience. It’s much cooler to say your
founder of the company, “Hey bro, what you do?” “Oh, I have my own brand. “I’m an entrepreneur.
I’m crushing it.” And Joey I’m not picking on you. This is a general statement. “I got my own business.”
That’s sexy. “I’m an entrepreneur.”
That’s a rockstar. That’s cool right now. Not as cool as “Hey
bro, what are you up to?” “Oh, I’m the Junior assistant
for Rikki Thompson for her underwear brand.” What? You went to
college for that? But I’m telling you right now
the person with the humility and the patience to the second
scenario is going to win every time.
99 out of 100 times. It’s just what’s
going to happen. I’m glad I got to say that.
I’m glad I came out. It is true.
It is super true. And when shit hits the fan and
it will and people can’t raise money and it’s not that easy. 3000 bucks is not a lot of
money to start a business. Too much dreaming right now. Question of the day: What have you been up to? I feel like I really it’s been a
couple of months here It’s feels like I’m out of rhythm. I’m going to read every single
response to the comments here. Thank you so much for
all the love on DailyVee. It feels like everybody is
really feeling what is going on over there. I appreciate that and
I hope you are well. I miss you. We’re getting close
to the summertime. It’s gonna be great. India, good job. Staphon, Garrett
thank you so much. Facebook Live. You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. What’s up guys? Hope you enjoyed the show. Please do I get to
link it up anywhere? Is it in here or
is it down below? Is it in print or in my video? – [Staphon] It’ll be down there. – It’s here down to my left. Right here, there’s a button
for them to subscribe to my YouTube video? Yeah it’s that
little buggy thing. That’s right guys, click this. That’s right, use that.

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  1. o I am unemployed. I try to work for myself… Lets take an inventory list of what I do…
    Web Development and Design:
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  14. Hey Gary I just quit my job and I am starting to work for the community, everybody calls me crazy I teach english to people for free and I am putting content in my YouTube channel for people to grow and wake up so that they can challenge themselves or the system and make their life better.

    Hugs from Colombia. Whatsapp: +57 316 761 78 60.

  15. the situation i have noticed is the majority of the self employed need affirmative action and that appears to be you as well gary vee!!!

  16. I discovered Gary Vee only a few months ago (sorry!) from Periscope and literally EVERYONE talking about this great American guy – I've recently been gifted the #AskGaryVee book too! Now going to schedule to watch and catch up on ALL the episodes. Better late than never eh!? QOTD – I've just hosted my first multi-speaker event in London. Went really well! Now on to the next one! Delivering massive value!

  17. Loved your walk through of selling baseball cards and of the dirt that is your core. Thanks for coming out of your clouds for a few. Great reminder to nurture the place where I can actually grow from. Feeling ' that shit!

  18. I've been up to getting my gears going, thanks to you. Building a brand. Youtube, FB, IG, TW, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and more. Going to produce original content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content,…content! Will link it when the first episode is up! It's going to be DOPE!

  19. I'm debating going to school or to work for a little while? I love money, but know I need some type of school if the business I work for, or my own fails

  20. Gary, thank you so much for the content that you put out. I have been looking for a mentor and I haven't been able to find one, but I have found that just by watching your videos I have been able get the mentor that I have been craving! Thanks again!

  21. #askgarryvee About to get an Audible subscription. In your opinion what would be the best Gary vee book to listen to that would help ignite execution and doing?

  22. I feel USA is like another universe in terms of "what is cool". Dang, here in Spain if you said you founded a little business versus being the assistant of some random top guy or versus working for the State, people would look at you like "poor fella, he doesn't know what life is all about". Or that's my perception.

  23. I think Joey should do research instead of working for a company..
    and just get more capital from friends and family and give it all u got..

  24. I learned that even in this new landscape, the tried and true still works. shadow and hustle. Learn from success. Patience.

  25. The backdrop will NEVER do all the work for you. At best it's a conversation starter. More than 80% of the time I'm listening to the show when I'm doing something else. I stay for Gary's personality, funny banter, and killer content!

  26. Love listening to your shows Gary because they make me laugh, AND it's quality info. I play the videos while I'm working and it helps me stay motivated and focused on doing more, and doing it better. So, thank you Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk for your shoooooooooooow.

  27. I quit my job after 11 years working for a fortune 15 to go be a part of a new adventure working in the iot space. #dreambig

  28. I love this video @gary! I started a travel wear company on the side of my day job and have thinking of doing something like that. I'll be emailing the brands I respect and looking to work for or coordinate with them to learn.

  29. QOTD: What have you been up to?

    "Scheming, plotting, working on the low." Developing my brand and the message behind it. Documenting my reality and the gospel I preach and defining the perfect way to display it to the masses. It's coming. Fuck it it's here because i'm living it. I've been working on how I am going to present it and when its ready you'll see it. #Same24

  30. you should do a montage of people you interview doing the "shooooww" part haha like they do for sway's name on sway in the mornin

  31. been training hustlers. one of my career goals is to have you as a client for 12 months. #gvsneaker #vaynerfitness

  32. Since my senior year of college I ran my own video production business. I'm 26 now and a couple months ago business was really slow. One of my agency clients (an ecommerce company selling Heaters) asked if I wanted to work for them part time. I agreed. For the past couple months I've been at the office wondering if I made the right decision, so it's super encouraging to hear that you'd give the advice to work for someone else and learn from them

  33. Much India cuteness in this shoooooww! More amazing rants and advice from Gary. Every episode I watch, makes me more focused and fired up. I listen, take notes, then think about it and figure out how to apply it. Huge. Huge.

  34. influencers contact my less than 300 photo Instagram and are asking me for hundreds of dollars…. now we have a photo studio we hire models we have hired some of these models but the association isn't there between who they're talking to and what they're trying to sell they're not looking me up and reaching out to me because they know I can get the work they're reaching out to me because they think I'm a sucker who they can get lots of money from.

    It's really weird to see how people do business online a lot of people send a lot of emails without even looking at who they're sending to same with instagrammers and even Facebook messages.

    I sent another comment you said email Steven Spielberg I said I contacted Stephen King and my dad got a job well my return rate on talking to celebrities is much higher than other people and I think that's because of couple things I do my homework I reach out to them with stuff that I actually care about and I reach out to the right person you talked about in another video how people kept emailing and they finally got through to you instead of your Gatekeepers and then they got the job…

    With people like you you're broadcasting what you want them to do most people do not put out a how to on apply — and the ones who do like sponsorship from camera stores have a process that is long and complicated in basically weeds out anybody who doesn't have the stamina to progress all the way through it some of these programs are automatic all you have to do is jump through all the hoops.

    One other issue like you've set timing your timing is more random than others but some people have specific seasons in which they offer sponsorship they have deadlines they take applications this is stuff you can Google.

    I broadcast mine as well I do casting calls for models for our group 1600 plus photographers in the Seattle area weekly we have models. MODELS can contact us and say hay Next spring I am coming Book me these dates! And they will get it… unless their catfish ( a lot of Instagram influencers are catfish)

  35. I’m so glad you said that, “Instead of rushing into a business, shadow a owner of whatever business/TypeOfCompany you wanna be”

  36. I find it hard to believe you don’t have a university education because you certainly sound like you have a very advanced education. I recon you have a very high IQ I even if not by traditional metrics. What I’m saying is your bright ‼️???

  37. I am making cannabis compliance a reality, or, thanks Garyvee for continuing to educate, encourage and excel,


    I know I'm a year late, but hey we get to hear you say showwww and we get to see the montage and india!

    I'm a few months into selling books on amazon fba and just setup my etsy/printful shirt dropshipping business. Got plans to do instagram videos around giving away books and audio books as well. Thanks for the videos gary

  39. Try working for a fashion business when you have no experience and don't want to intern for free.
    I have been applying for jobs and emailing companies since I graduated from design 2 years ago.
    It's hard to get to that level without contacts.

  40. What Gary says about calling up the CEO's of the companies and asking them is not realistic if you have no experience or qualifications or contacts in the field.

  41. Garyvee you always say you like challenges but when someone critic you. you reply by posting a pic showing your aggression. I love your content, you should be open to criticism.

  42. Took heed to EVERYTHING you said after 15 minutes. I have LESS than 3k to start. Thanks again dude! Great advice as usual!

  43. Gary ~ I'll take you up on that and get you to help me to make me famous! Just saying! I'm ready to work!!! Hit me up!

  44. Hey Gary. Eva, 27, from az, I am finally taking my first steps to start my company. Im new to all of it before listening to you I didnt have the belief system even though raised very christian to know that i could do this if i really put my back into it. Lol but i have a son to raise and a legacy to build. Im nervous but im listening to a very small voice in myself that deeply resonates with you that ive been silencing for a long time. Im getting out of debt first. So far ive paid off over 13000 in 3 years and ive got 26000 more to go. I give my whole check and basically eat dirt hard to make this happen. No fun, working a job in the graveyard where I walk 6 miles a night to make it happen. Things are happening this is just the first post. I cant wait to check in to let you know what im doing next. Your young but like a father figure in so many ways. Youve built me up more in the 3 weeks since ive found your content than than ive ever been in my entire life. I accept your challenge. And i dont know why i get scared that maybe one day you will run out of content but im listening every night and it matters.

  45. 3:57 What video is Gary talking about here, where he cold calls somebody to try and sell them an ad? I would love to see that.

  46. Hi Gary thanks for everything you do for us. I’m a big fan. Where can I learn more about social media in order to make a business helping small local business in my town to take advantage of the internet and specially social media. I already give some of them small tips but I would like to give them more results. Thanks again. You are ??????

  47. I'll challenge you. I'm one of the best logo designers around. I design for Vin Diesel, UFC Dan Henderson, United States Military. my website

  48. Gary I noticed that you are on Weibo and WeChat. That’s not enough, you need to get on Bilibili ( think the YouTube of China), a company that announced its IPO on Nasdaq just March of this year. It has the top 17 traffic in China and some 50m users.You can’t ignore it! It’s better than Youku or iQiyi. Nobody posts anything original on those two platforms, all our content creators and vloggers are on Bilibili! Just have someone who speaks Chinese check out their website. It’s got streaming, games, and so much more that you can’t miss out on.

  49. I have been focusing in becoming a creator (YouTube, website design, facebook, Twitter, Instagram) learning more from you every day. 365 videos are still going strong 🙂

  50. yo Gary i am a entrepreneur that has just started and made a clothing/apparel brand called @4teenltdclothing this is my insta, I have just started this clothing line this year and am trying to create buzz by trying to hack all over social media like you said and also try to get all the exposure I can to create value for my brand. I just wanted some advice on how I can get to the next level with my clothing brand because I have already had 1 shipment of of tshirts and I used insta to attract all the local people who are interested into the street wear lifestyle and look, the tshirts sold very well and I went to events and posted on social media things that would help my promotion. My main goal is to make my brand into a lifestyle brand and anything else I can do, I also have planned in going to local events for colleges and universities to do pop up shops and just giveaways and competitions, what else can I do Gary ? or am I missing something important ? would love some advice

  51. So What I actually do is formulate and learn until the time I finally recalibrate. Just became a family caregiver and my life is hacked by blind cousin #AskGaryVee help??????

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