Nebraska Jobs: UNL Employment Opportunities

Nebraska Jobs: UNL Employment Opportunities

SARAH: You know, I think a lot of times when
people think of the university they think of the professors and the teaching staff. But actually, UNL is like a little city and
there are many different people who work to make the campuses run. MYRTLE: You can come and become and architect,
a janitor… SARAH: So it’s definitely worthwhile to
look in and see what is available with the University of Nebraska. LANCE: I’m proud to work at the University
of Nebraska because it has a mission that embraces all aspects of the academic career. And that it’s committed to excellence and
opportunity for everybody. JILL: It’s very rewarding to know that we’re
impacting people’s lives in a positive way. MATT: You always have that opportunity to
reach a higher level when you’re working for a university. MYRTLE: I love the atmosphere. And I love the staff that I’ve worked with. JILL: It’s a nice community. It’s a warm
community. You get to know people. MYRTLE: Basically, when I go home to New York,
I tell people about Nebraska and the great university that I’m working for. MATT: Nebraska makes a great career because
basically the people. ZAINUDEEN: And I work with a lot of great
people. JILL: It’s not just a work atmosphere, but
you really make lasting friendships as well. MYRTLE: I would definitely recommend the University
of Nebraska and Nebraska itself. ZAINUDEEN: The city’s a good place to raise
a family. SARAH: It gives you that ability to actually
create a career that you could stay with for your whole working life. LANCE: The university and the community offer
a great environment in which you can excel in both your research and teaching. JILL: I love what I do.

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