NDPC Overview

NDPC Overview

The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium
or NDPC is a national homeland security resource and
DHS/FEMA training partner that has supported the preparedness needs of the
country since 1998. It is a partnership of several nationally recognized
public universities, and private and government
organizations. The NDPC’s mission is to develop and deliver
advanced all-hazards training to prepare the
nation. The seven NDPC members and their core
competencies are: CDP – DHS/FEMA’s Center for Domestic
Preparedness in Anniston, AL with core competencies in chemical, biological and
nuclear attacks involving HazMat. NCBRT – LSU’s National Center for Biomedical
Research and Training in Baton Rouge, LA whose core competencies are law enforcement
and biological and agricultural terrorism. EMRTC – New Mexico Tech’s Energetic Materials
Research and Testing Center in Socorro, NM with core competencies in explosive and incendiary
attacks. NCERST – The Transportation Technology
Center’s National Center for Emergency Response
in Surface Transportation in Pueblo, CO, whose core competencies are
surface transportation security and specialized
highway and rail emergency response. NNSA/NSO/CTOS – The National Nuclear Security
Administration’s Nevada Site Office Center for Radiological/Nuclear training at the Nevada
National Security site in Las Vegas, NV whose core competencies include radiological and
nuclear WMD attacks, prevention, and response
training. NDPTC – University of Hawai’i’s National Disaster
Preparedness Training Center in Honolulu, HI whose core competencies are natural hazards,
risks to urban populations, and planning for urban
areas following a disaster. NERRTC – TEEX’s National Emergency Response
and Rescue Training Center at Texas A&M
University in College Station, TX with core competencies in incident management,
health and medical services, critical infrastructure
protection, disaster preparedness and response, executive
leadership and management, and cyber security. For more information on the NDPC contact us at
www.ndpc.us .

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