NDIS Stories – Kaitlyn’s school to employment story (SLES)

NDIS Stories – Kaitlyn’s school to employment story (SLES)

My name is Kaitlyn Wilson. I’m 20 years
old. I work at South Hobart Primary School. I was a former student here. It feels really
good working here, getting to know new people, getting to know new kids and just enjoying
the environment. I help set up activities, I help play with
the kids. I organise games like fruit salad and chasings and a range of activities. So SLES is an acronym for School Leaver Employment
Support. It’s a great school to work transition, and we work with individuals through the NDIS
to facilitate them getting into work placements and getting the skills needed to gain
paid work. When I get my pay cheque, I feel good, happy
and excited. Just buy new clothes. Buy a car. eventually. Buy a house. Kaitlyn has progressed so much since she’s
been in the SLES program. She’s gained so many skills, she’s gained friends, she’s
gained contacts in the community that she never had the opportunity to have before.
And we’ve just seen someone come from one place to somewhere that’s so positive now
and she has so many opportunities that she didn’t have before, and it’s just amazing
to see someone grow like that.

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