NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Trump's like a Big dumb dodo bird, With half a brain, That's why he keeps Sh*tting on the Constitution, And then Strutting away ! 🐦 💩 📄

  2. The Black student's mother need to file a lawsuit immediately against the school district regarding her son's treatment as it pertains to his hair. This is totally ridiculous. For those of you who want to talk about rules and laws, contact the White House and tell it to the CRIMINAL occupant, not me!

  3. What do you expect from racist republican Texas. They don't like black people! I hope those parents sue the racist school district!

  4. Why does it seem like the world is falling farther apart every time I watch the news?? 🤦‍♀️wildfires, deadly bird plagues, political chaos, Hollywood rapes, royalty giving their 2 weeks notice, what’s next?

  5. Stop with the freaking FALSE virus, more people have died from a heart attack in a minute in the world that in this whole month in China due to this invented "coronavirus".

  6. The recording studio was giving her millions of dollars just to so she won't tell no one. I would've took the money and forget the whole situation in 10 seconds

  7. Sue, Mama, sue! Making that young man cut his hair is just wrong wrong wrong. As for the wrestling coach who cut that other young man's hair? Oh, if that was my son, ya better run!

  8. Adam Schiff's closing remarks on day 3 of impeached Trump's trial…WOW!!!!!!!

  9. I'm a swing voter and my vote this year will be with the truth; therefore, I will be voting for the dems in 2020 In all good conscience; I can honestly say I no longer recognize the republicans as the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Pity!

  10. making a Student cut his own hair soo he can Graduation is wrong and racist!!! what wrong with this country? why do people fear black people anyways? i think black people should treated just the same as me and you no one diffent in that matter

  11. We should stop all these third world countries from entering the United states..Steal our SECRETS, bring us DEADLY DISEASES, …..No good ..Dont let them in…SICK OF THEIR CRAP!

  12. 56,000 people
    The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year

    Dont let the FEAR get yah.

  13. How does she go up stairs to get ready for bed in her bedroom, then heard a knock on the door. Then he pushed the door open and pushed me on the bed? What happened to the stairs? Did she move the bed downstairs??? Makes since i guess

  14. Its hair. As long as it's clean, bug free and not ibscene it's no body's business. Thia is a clear case of cultural bullying. Leave the kid alone.

  15. Why are they acting like this is something new , they've always been accused of cheating in the Grammys. They don't speak out because their careers would get ruin. She's not the only one who have said this over the decades.

  16. Birth Tourism in California is awful. There are birth hotels all over San Francisco its frightening what they will steal from real Americans.

  17. Sooooo that school district is so stupid. "Revised" dress code…..suspiciously changed where it affects this kid and stuff. I'm sorry but that's hardcore bulls*it. Granted yes, some school do have dress codes and I was in one of those but it was established for decades and everyone was ok with it cause…well it was policy as it was more of a private school. But this district school….come on now….kids are only on stage for not even 30 secs then we sit down. That's some serious racism it seems going on there. That lawsuit will easily be won over the district cause unless it's a decades old policy and makes sense as it's part of the curriculum for YEARS….then that's garbage. Public schools are and should be less strict with stuff like that.

  18. yeah but how many people did they infect when they got back to the states, not to mention all the people on those planes. everyone on that plane with those infected people should be put into isolation too just to be safe.

  19. All this political crap is about is free publicity for reelection campaigns. That way they dont have to raise as much money to get reelected for the billionth time. None of these old fossils cant remember what they ate for breakfast much less need to be governing this country. It's a new time, needs new thinking and fresh ideas to fix the country not play court tv. 1.4 trillion in deficit this year. !!!!!! Quit playing court circus and tackle the big boy problems! Oh sorry this would take big huevos to do that, oh yeah half dont even have them. Woops sorry.

  20. Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

    1 Corinthians 11:14 KJV

  21. usa can not regulate GODS WILL an soon GODS vengece will show u with all usa has done to others will soon happen to masses in usa …better get right with GOD

  22. Jesus is coming soon. Look at the state of the world and all the earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, floods, murders and diseases. Get right with God and pray 🙏 you're spared. May God bless you guys.

  23. revised by some old white principle, get a lawyer and sue them for 20 million!. that will get their attention!.

  24. That bit about the kid being forced to cut his hair is BS! I mean BS in the sense that the school is wrong and racist. There is nothing wrong with his hair!

  25. Young guy made it to graduation and you want to cut his hair…Long hair never shot up a school. Don't they have bigger issues to focus on.

  26. This fabricated Impeachment is the Democrats only hope for 2020. Trump is killing it!! Turning back the gloabalist time clock by decades. Dismantling their criminal transnational network, aka trade deals. 🎉🎉 TRUMP 2020

  27. Wypepo "when" will you STOP trying to run POCs lives; you don't "own" anyone but yourselves! The Bible says, "dominion over animals, burds of the air, etc. Grow up why don't you!!?

  28. The young black student's hair looks just fine to me and I'm an old white woman. I don't understand why the school feels he should cut his dreadlocks.

  29. @8:40 what a shameful woman. Maybe you’ll be his next victim…then will think the same? He is CLEARLY guilty – no doubt. Maybe you should ‘tune’ in then you’ll see the truth.

  30. 25 years is way to long for this to go to trial.she is making this up to gain something out of this.if it had been reported when it happened then something can be done.this is wrong allowing her or anyone to try to charge at this long of wait an should be shut out.

  31. And all this time I thought we'd be taken out by KV.. Krippen virus. Will Smith has already been informed and updated on this one, don't worry about it.. he'll find a cure

  32. Where in our constitution says legal for people to travel to give birth. Immagrating here yes constitutional but coming to give birth then leave isn't not in our constitution. Sad that nbc nightly news is usually wrong from time n time again they dont fact check. if they can't get their news out in time. One or the other someone needs be fired.

  33. Our government here in United States have a thinking level of a child there a mess and are dangerous to run this countries and the news media make them worse our government needs to stop all flights for civilians from entering United States from China business can be done on computers unto this virus dies down.

  34. Why can't these people put in a pipeline system that will bring water from all around these areas and then hook them up to a sprinkler system and keep the areas moist this will solve all these fires it is so easy to do it will save so many lies

  35. President trump didnt do anything wrong except embarrass the failing democrats and expose their crimes period. Nobody who's a real credible person thinks trump did anything wrong. Dems wont be elected for decades because of their treasonist behaviour

  36. I don’t think they’re telling us everything. The people in charge are reacting pretty seriously to this. I wouldn’t doubt if this is a man-made virus freed in obvious error.

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