NBC News Investigates Rudy Giuliani’s Business Dealings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

NBC News Investigates Rudy Giuliani’s Business Dealings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Russian Rudy is a TRAITOR and Criminal and Trump and Pence are the ones responsible for all Rudys CRIMES….He is their Bag man like Barr…and Pompeo and McConnell, Mulvaney, Jarid, IVANKA, Perry and more…..all are TRAITORS AND CRIMINALS AND THEIVES AND LIARS. IMPEACH and PROSECUTE TRUMP and PENCE and all involved.

  2. Mulvaney: " Look, there's going to be some malfeasance, corruption, and a lot of violations of the Constitution in this administration. We do that ALL the time, SO GET OVER IT."

  3. Rudy "Rasputin" Giuliani will be one of the pall-bearers – figuratively speaking – when the Wannabe [t]Rump Dynasty is shipped out of the White House to a log cabin in Siberia. Please Rudi, do the world a favor, open your mouth one more time and provide the last nail for the Godfather's political coffin. Thank you Rudy.

  4. I remember that Rudy was rather upset that Trump didn't make him Secretary of State. Maybe it was because Trump wanted him to work under the radar and conduct his "drug deals" behind closed doors.

  5. Imagine launching a corrupt investigation into supposed corruption but then the investigation turns on you and your own corruption.

    What a mess.

  6. Wondering if Rudy is involved in shady and corrupt activities that are meant to benefit his own interests is like wondering why the LAPD has yet to find Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman's killers yet.🤔
    We all know the answer to both questions. 😄😆😅

  7. So they were dealing with Gabon! Glad I was not drinking or else I would have choked on seeing the list. I guess it's not a shithole. I can only wonder why

  8. Keep digging! We shall, as trump would put it, rake the American soil clean. 👏👏👏💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  9. Who cares if he lies cheats he is white and rich. get over it !!! King trump laws r4 the poor. 2020 the king of America trump next king Jr trump . Pardons 4 all trumps.and The kings men.

  10. Well it definitely made things complicated there is no specific law that prohibits someone's personal attorney to be doing some of this work assisting the state department the issue is the grey area that is created when it comes to testimony what parts and are attorney client privilege and what parts are public record it creates a scenario where you have to go through each instance individually one at a time so that's what we have to do here it's just a lot of work that's all

  11. This psychopath president must go!

    Impeachment and if they continue to obstruct and continue to resist our demands indictments will follow taking down not only the president but many in this administration and several in congress so to make this point as clear as possible the evidence is broad and wide realize what and where you stand

    This corrupt president has brought innocent blood to our steps with his Kurdish betrayal

    Pence may escape this but if this continues nobody will

    This psychopath president has created an emerging world in total chaos

    He must be removed

    Giuliani will be indicted for many crimes

  12. Didn't he see what happened to Coen? Coen testified in Congress and Trump and Senators called him the biggest liar in history. Of course they are distancing themselves. This Admin is laughable.

  13. Giuliani is not even a representative of the country. Barr will not do anything about Giuliani because his one of trumps lawyer too.

  14. Rogue bad actors everywhere because the US actually dissolved. It matters that I have been giving this truth with evidence now for years. Another relevant truth Giuliani and Trump part of the coverup and profiteers from 911. Media complicit. Zenadev Investments 100% owned by Honey Siegal Preferred Stock (Class C) 2,258,833 shares is ground zero. I am Honey R Siegal Stober defrauded settlor trustor trustee. See https://www.youtube.com/user/HoneySiegalSurvivor/feed

  15. giuliani has slowly traded his moral compass for political power….He is now hanging out with ukranian thugs, whom have been arrested, trying to get dirt on biden for the president….I hope he declared the half million he received on his taxes.

  16. NBC is owned by General Electric MSNBCannibal news is owned by General electric and Bill Gates of Microsoft and a LOVER of PLANNEDParentHood (go figure!!)

  17. I just have one pretty simple question. Does Rudy have a proper Security Clearance? Or any type of Security Clearance?

  18. “At the core of trumpism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Trumpism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

  19. Rudy watch your back … you may be slowly moving towards trumps “gotta get rid of him list” … and unfortunately America has witnessed what happens by el trumpo to peeps on that list

  20. You know how the far-right media put out the absolute dumbest, paranoid conspiracy theories to reel in the idiots in the tRump base… Looks like ghouliani and tRump actually believe them! Corrupt GOP!! (Oops, that was redundant, sorry.)

  21. American President historical never ever have bad criminals corruption broken constitution dictator abuse power likes donal j trump is bad dirdy disgusting #45president TV is bad and dangers get over with lock trump up…

  22. Hong Kong is exercising their power for democracy, yet we as Americans, the architect of democracy, are sitting quietly while this narcissistict chronic-lying grifter is destroying our democracy in plain sight? WTF! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


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