Nazi Influence in the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs – Cults, Secret Societies, Religion and Eugenics

Nazi Influence in the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs – Cults, Secret Societies, Religion and Eugenics

okay welcome back, before I get into
talking about the structure of these religious movements and cults, or whatever
your preferred nomenclature. I need to kind of explain why I’m going to start
talking about the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs again and I guess the genesis
of how I came across this information. I’ve been kind of tracking the origins
of some of these groups back to what appears to be a common group of language
and coding and ciphers that are used within the Rebekah & Odd Fellow order
and because I knew people that had been Rebekahs and Odd fellows and had
them close to my family I had a little bit of personal
experience through which to draw from, and to actually go out and research
these issues on my own and so on and kind of in the process of researching
genealogy and these secret societies like the Rebekah order- and excuse me, rather, Rebekahs ‘Assembly’ (RA) and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). I
started to discover that there seemed to be some time in the early 20’s – 30’s –
40’s – around that timeframe, a movement within the Nazi Party, the SS, to sort of
take control of some of these groups potentially within the United States and
that that carried over into the broadcast industry dating back to early
radio programming and into the film industry and how it seems like there’s
an influence of that that continues on to today and that the methodology
was using this Eugenics and breeding methodology that was really a throwback
to Nazi-era politics and methodologies that were started over
there [Germany] and again it’s really not a stretch to talk about these things in
terms of secret societies because Hitler was known to have loathed the Freemasons
I mentioned this in another article and that it was part of his strategy and the
Nazi Party strategy to take over Freemasonic lodges in different European
countries that they invaded so this is a known part of their history and you know we know this from historical
documents and so when I was looking into that it took me out to the Tulelake
area which you know once I started understanding the relationship between
German & Italian POWs that had been brought from you know those countries
who had Nazi ideology and may have been brought over to the United States
specifically the Northern California and Southern Oregon, perhaps not so much as
POWs, but it could have potentially been part of a quiet coup to just import them
quietly so what I’m really offering here is a possible alternative history to
what you typically see on Wikipedia. I’m not suggesting that this is [100%] fact but I
have done some research that could potentially corroborate that you know
the influence of Operation Paperclip in the importation of Nazis extends far
beyond that specific project so again I’m not telling you this is a 100% it’s just some things that we need to start discussing regarding these
groups and the common code that they used, the naming conventions, and how
that has parallels to some of these Eugenics and breeding programs so before
I talk about that part, I’m really studying this more sociologically. I do have personal connections and so I’m not going to tell you that this
doesn’t hit me a little bit personal because once I started to understand how
far back this goes and who was behind it I just started to really see a lot of
the people that have been involved with these programs with a great deal of
empathy and compassion even amongst the ones that I think have treated me with
aggression once I started to understand this program more intrinsically and how
far back it goes I found a lot of forgiveness in my heart for them that’s
the best thing I can tell you and so getting to that there’s kind of a
science to this and I’ve talked about this in some of my other articles that
dates back to things that you could I guess associate with MKULTRA and we have a (DIA) Defense Intelligence Agency report that I quoted and cited in my last
report you can look at it I’ll leave a link below and that covers some of these things
involving “Spheres of Influence” the way that computer networks are sort of
mimicking human networks so when a group seeks to influence an individual like
you’ll see in this diagram here what they just do is surround them just you
know like a “flower of life” using the basic principles of spheres I mean
really it’s just you know you place one in the center
you know to surround them on all the different sides if you seek to influence
their behavior it’s really not that complicated you know and part of that is
called “Love Bombing” which I covered in my last article and I would classify
love bombing the way that these groups tend to practice it that seem to have
connections to these Nazi breeding programs it’s a near militant form of
aggressive – surrounding these people with — using these concepts of ‘spheres of
influence’ – surrounding them and convincing them that this is
the way to go and then having each layer beyond that covered so if the person
ever decides that maybe they don’t really like what these
ones in the blue are saying then they need to have these ones covered down
here see and it’s just a method of psychological warfare and really you
know if you want to look at it less cynically it’s just a way to control the
behaviors of others that might be different than you so you know blood
groups tend to communicate you know like it’s probably the reason why the Nazi
study twins so much was because there’s a sort of a psychic I guess you could
call connection at a DNA RNA level where they seem to be vibrating at the same
frequency and they can kind of communicate at that telepathic level and
they know that about blood groups that even if it’s not what you would normally
call telepathy there is a degree of influence between blood groups meaning
that you have ‘influence leaders’ within blood groups depending on their
characteristics and I think that they have been using in more recent times the Human Genome Project data to discover who has these
characteristics but going back it usually just happened by I think
infiltrating secret societies in smaller towns when populations were
smaller because that was just your way in to understanding who was
related to who, how far did those records go back, a lot of those people who were the
ones that were practicing genealogy were part of those groups so again this is
really just trying to study this at a more I don’t know
scientific, sociological level to see how the Nazis gained influence just using
structural psychology as their quiet coup as opposed to you know going with
full-on weaponry and part of that quiet coup was you know broadcast radio
initially which transitioned into television and other things that we see
today film so alright getting back to how that’s going to connect to these
groups so there seem to be a common structure that all had throwbacks to
Rebekah and Odd Fellow type symbolism and naming conventions and that’s
relevant because if the Nazis were infiltrating those groups and that’s how
they got their initial genealogy research and that’s how they knew which groups to target then you could think about it like, before we had the
internet, before there was large databases of testing then this was their
method of gaining influence over the ones that they knew were the influence
leaders so part of that would be Love Bombing. It’s the the notion of just
surrounding them with “LOVE” but obviously trying to steer them
towards breeding that was of their selection and whatever it took. These
people were – they saw themselves as breeders. Humanity didn’t really have
much to do with it. They were I think – some of these people – were all well and
good if everybody liked one another but that wasn’t necessarily something that
they cared about. They were looking at genetics at a high level and so I think
a fallacy of the way that the Nazi party’s been discussed, at least in our country, is that the assumption that they were just seeking a
pure Aryan race. I don’t believe that that’s true in fact I think that
currently what we have actually are people that are identifying as Nazi that
are far from that Aryan model of what we typically would call Aryan and
that what they’re really trying to do is just interbreed their
characteristics so that just going back to the ‘spheres of influence’ and DNA/RNA
characteristics to where if somebody isn’t one of them, that they’re at least
controlling them, and if they can’t control them, then they have a map of
their entire bloodline to know who to go after to influence or
to eradicate. It’s really just the essence of the quiet coup using these
Human Genome Project databases, things involving genetics as their core
database weapon and part of that I think going back to the 60’s was getting people
into these cults. So again, I’m not going to tell you that their [each cult’s/religion’s] belief
systems are wrong. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with being a
Christian. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being Jewish or having New
Age mysticism as your belief systems or being part of the Golden Dawn. You know,
that’s not the issue. The issue is that what we have is that these are the
doorways into – based on this high level group that appear to have Nazi values –
this has been typically their doorway as planners into our subconscious as a
society they find these ways and cults are just really one form that are the
most obvious that we can point to but really it’s been done in very subtle
ways using other structures like corporations and things like that or
churches or whatever the social group is always having a hierarchical
structure or somebody who’s dominant that is from their group that they want to
be the influence leader and to selectively breed with whoever is down
that chain. You hear where I’m going with this? They want to be at the top of the chain
and they want everyone else to be under them and if they can’t do that then the
the method would be to eradicate. So it’s really that not so much that you have to
be white it’s that you have to accept the hierarchal structure that they’re
seeking and then you can become a part of it and that seems to be what they’ve
done in the United States in a very quiet way and part, if my research proves
out, of the way they did it, was to use these groups. So what you’ll
notice is that The Source Family for example doesn’t really have a lot of
negative reports [based on] the documentary that’s available on Amazon Prime
most people seem to have had a pretty good time. You don’t hear people really
reporting too many negative things. There was some people reporting things like
they were being told who to breed with. They were being told who to live with,
that type of thing, so on that point, you know again, assuming we were dealing with free-willed people here who weren’t having their opinion steered
artificially, you know, what can you say about that? people made the choice
to do those things but then you start finding as you go into some of these
other groups that they had a very similar methodology where that was the
doorway but it was using a different type of figurehead or a different type
of belief system so like with The Source Family, they had integrated everything
into that, right. I mean, it was Paganism, you had Golden Dawn sex magick, there
was parts of- they all called themselves “Aquarian”. They went very
similar to some of these other groups where they would abandon their former name
take on a new name that had “Aquarian” in it, similarly to one of these other groups,
Love Family does the same thing, to give up all your property, you abandon your
former name, you take on a new name with the last name “Israel” so you go from “John
Doe” to being “Virtuous Israel”. if you were a [Source Family] Aquarian you would go from being “John Doe” to “Virtuous Aquarian” for example. That would be two examples of that, within two different groups that as far as I know
have no connection but when you look into their structure there’s a lot in
common that goes back to Nazi Eugenics and breeding at a high level.
Now again, I don’t think that that’s necessarily the intention of the people
within the group and I think it may be even at the highest level of these
groups a lot of these people do have a belief system that’s pretty rigid
and that’s at their core values. Meaning, it’s legitimate. They actually
believe it, in a lot of cases. But I also think that it’s used by certain groups
as a cover to explain away anomalous behavior to where people on the outside
won’t look in because they’ll say well that’s just that weird cult doing their
weird things so you can see how you have to be careful that you’re not too
dismissive of the legitimate issues of abuse that can
occur within some of these groups while also not unfairly attacking the other
groups that really are just sort of you know people just experiencing you know
New Age mysticism and exploring some of these occult concepts. There’s
there’s a big difference between the way these things manifest in private. So
again, don’t be overly dismissive, but I don’t think you should be quick to judge
these things either or to lump all these things together so I apologize that I’m
discussing about all three of these in tandem but it’s merely because that
there’s a structure that’s similar that connects back to the
breeding programs and the Eugenics. programs. So I wanted to talk more about
this concept of Love Bombing because that seems to be something that they were really aggressive about doing with the Children of God and in
the documentary that I watched the lady talked about how when she moved to Costa Rica with the group that they were very aggressive towards her and it seemed
like you know all that “Christ Love” and the way that everybody was very
accepting turned into something that was more demanding, commanding, militant – they were being told who to live with – who they should breed with and being told
that they had to do it and believing that they had to do it and that’s
troubling because that particular group used a very similar naming
convention to something that’s common within the International Order of
Odd Fellows and the Rebekah’s Assembly so the reason why I’m coming around full
circle here to this is because as I’m studying these groups and how they trace
back it seems like some of the ones that had more troubling histories tends to
have this exploit that was through the International Order – excuse me – The
Independent Order of Oddfellows – the IOOF and RA – International Association of Rebekahs Assemblies otherwise known
as the IARA, sometimes shortened to RA and I don’t think that there’s anything
wrong with these groups in and of themselves but it’s pretty clear to me
that when you start tracing back their history that they have a connection to
some of the early Nazi party’s exploits into our infrastructure at both
broadcasting industry telecommunications and most forms of media but it
started with radio and that’s why I wanted to come back to this slide is
that in The Family, excuse me rather, the Children of God
group, they talked about they were called “The Chain” and so you can kind of see how
they integrate some of the aspects of some of the underlying mechanisms into
the coded language that they place into their group and that’s kind of an occult
practice part of what they’re doing there as far as– the Nazi form of occult practice and as we get to talking about the
connection between that code involving The Chain and the Children of God, then I
have to get back to the Love Family because these aren’t the same groups, on
the surface, and I’m not even going to suggest to you that they have the same
underlying structure behind them, but the “Love Family” otherwise known as” Love Israel
Family” otherwise known as the “Church of Jesus Christ at Armageddon” does have
some roots that trace back to Seattle Washington that’s relevant to me because
that’s where I’m from that’s where I was raised and this group
of people as I started to look deeper into their history I started noticing
that they were pretty much near me almost everywhere I went and in many
cases there were times where I would have like a neighbor who told me that
their parents were going to one of these [Rainbow] festivals that were run by the Love Family and so I can remember just from recall being around people that had
connections to this group but not knowing it until just recently so that’s
why I’m having kind of this huge, “oh wow” moment right now.
I’m researching all this and so while I’m talking about that I just want you
to know – I don’t necessarily – I don’t know exactly what’s going on with this group
in particular, but there does appear to be some connections to what’s called the – there was an [Independent] Order of
Odd Fellows group in the Seattle area that ran a lodge in Seattle that was
connected to a lot of the counterculture in Seattle music so they hosted a lot of
bands in the 90’s when alt-rock was becoming a thing, before we
were even calling ‘alt rock’ that, we didn’t even have a genre called
“Alternative” and a lot of those bands that became alternative were playing in
an Odd Fellows Lodge out in Seattle so there’s an article in The Stranger that
discusses this called, “The He-Man Jew- Haters Club”. It was in the August 16th,
1995 issue and it kind of gives you a history into that group, that they
had a guy named Keith Anderson that were in a group called, “The Ark” and how it was
Odd Fellows that were sponsoring it they had a lot of this movement to
become a Sovereign Citizen and abandon your [U.S.] credentials and we see some remnants of that methodology today and so the reason why
I wanted to start this discussion a little bit is, I don’t have a problem
with this group in particular necessarily, it’s just that as I started
to read about them and how they had connections to Queen Anne Hill in
Seattle they were all over Washington State, Alaska, Hawaii, Bothell Washington
in particular – see these are places where I, in particular, have also been close to
right, not Hawaii or Alaska, but Washington State, Bothell in particular.
Bothell, see? And so when I was kind of going over the official history and
articles that were written for Seattle Times it just didn’t it didn’t really
jive or match rather my memory of some of the experiences that I had with
people that I now know to be you know former members of the group
and the timelines that I have these memories from do correlate to when that
group was active in Seattle so I wanted just tell people that
openly because I I don’t know how to get into this larger discussion of the
influence of Nazism on breeding programs and how that connects to the Odd Fellows
and Rebekah orders while still being respectful to everybody so just
understand that I understand how these groups trace back if my research is
correct going all the way back to the 20’s and I know their methodology of
surrounding a person from birth – from birth – okay – anybody who’s had this happen or has become part of these groups – you have more than likely been- probably
followed from birth or pretty close to it. Somebody’s known about your existence
since childhood or has been trying to learn of it because they don’t surround
you for no reason. They’re there looking for you to become a part of their group
or they seek to change your behavior and this is really the method that was
employed by secret societies dating well as far back as whenever you know the
Beehive symbolism and specifically within Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, The
Chain is mentioned, so you have The Chain as the Three Rings here. You have it on
their Odd Fellow buildings here typically you have the FLT in the chain
also the Rebekahs Assembly is known as RA so the reason why I wanted to show
you the Radio Orphan Annie thing is because if you think about how this
traces back to the early days and getting back into some of the rural
parts of like California Oregon and parts of Texas you know Fort Bliss area
– assuming that the Operation Paperclip narrative is true then you have to know
just how integrated into the subconscious that these programs have
become. the very earliest people who are controlling broadcast radio they were
sending all the little girls and boys the Ovaltine
rings and everything like that, the RA, the secret society, the Radio Orphan
Annie. It’s in “A Christmas Story” You see the boy looking
for his Ovaltine Orphan Annie Decoder Ring. All this methodology of secret
societies has been sort of engrained into the adults and in our
grandparents but it’s been more concealed to us and these newer
generations – we didn’t really get it as the straightforward way of doing this.
Back then they practiced numerology and that’s what the Radio Orphan Annie
Secret Decoder Ring is. It’s just a match of a letter to a number and so they
would spin it around and whatever the number matched to that letter – that’s what
you had – so that’s numerology – and what I’m telling you is as I’m starting to
research these groups and learn more about how they function. they are using
this basic secret decoder ring methodology and it does have roots
basically in Eugenics Nazi breeding programs influencing the behaviors of
populations or what they called “Mass Resonance Manipulation” and yeah it
included radio, television, all forms of
broadcasting going back to the earliest whenever they began. these have
been the groups. this has been their value system. so it is worth discussing
and I’m going to get more into the Love Family and the Church of Jesus Christ
at Armageddon specifically, but before i do, i just want everybody to understand
that i’m really not an adversary in presenting this information. I understand
intrinsically how far back this goes and I want you to know i’m really trying to
approach this with a lot of respect even towards people who may have treated
me with aggression historically because I really do understand what’s happened
and I hope that you know that I really just want people to understand at a
(more) deeper sociological level, what’s happening here and it does have to
involve talking about some of these esoteric concepts because they have been
integrated and if i don’t do it in a way that kind of pieces it together like
this where we can have an intelligent discussion it’s just going to come
across as the way it’s typically been done so I know this one kind of went all
over the place and I’m going to kind of bring it back
into more of a structure here to where we get into specific topics but I had to
bring this all into sort of a big circular discussion so that we could
kind of see how the coded language the numerology the methods of eugenics the
connections to Nazi SS how there is sort of a genesis into how all these things
tie together and if you look at my previous articles on Tulelake and
the cemetery out in Merrill Oregon, you’ll see all of these codes and
cyphers will go back to specific geographic locations and specific groups,
families that have controlled broadcast radio, television, and film for many
decades and they do seem to have Odd Fellow and Rebekah connections and those
groups do seem to have heavily integrated into them Nazi SS connections
and that’s why we have to have this discussion involving cults. we have to
have the discussion involving religious movements, the connections to the way
these things are exploited or infiltrated by the Order of Oddfellows
potentially, but not necessarily as the Odd Fellows but more Nazi SS ‘wearing
the mask’ of the Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs to do their work as they’ve
done with the Freemasons as they’ve done with religions. they merely placed the
masks of these groups on to do work using their name so please understand
people, this isn’t me pointing the finger at any
groups. this is just me trying to have an intelligent discussion about how do we
fix what’s happened? how do we restore the reputations of groups that
have been maligned historically and and just inject a little bit of sanity into the discussion instead of it always being
the typical conspiracy discussions involving these these topics and
what I would like to do also is just for people to understand that we
really have to start addressing behavioral issues involving these people
with a great deal of respect even when these people are being aggressive or
acting erratic in our society because once you understand how sophisticated
the means when people are brought into these
groups it’s not just behavioral a lot of these people
are treated to electromagnetics, light flicker, rhythms that are tuned into them
to always respond to from a very early age, and if you study these groups you’ll
find all the tracers of MKULTRA methodologies and you can look that up, Ewan Cameron, and you know, again, there’s a lot of things on Wikipedia
that I’m not going to tell you that they’re true straightforward, but
elements of them and how they were integrated into some of these other
programs are true, so just use it as a template to know that yes they did
things like light-flicker, strobes, rhythms, vibration, electro-magnetics, and the
people that knew that and had that esoteric wisdom where people like the
Odd Fellows, the Rebekahs, the Freemasons and so yes, the Nazis, they wanted to be
in those groups or to control them completely. the same way they tried to do
with religion[s]. the same way they tried to do with broadcast radio, television,
everything else. it’s a quiet coup methodology and it’s
done by spheres of influence quietly controlling populations through breeding.
so I’m not sure where the next piece is going to go. I think we’re gonna probably
talk a little bit more about The Family but thank you for your time and we’ll
pick this up soon

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