Navarro talks January jobs report, feud with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Navarro talks January jobs report, feud with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

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  1. WHAT—-President Trump talked to President of China???? NOW We are going to have another 3 year Investigation. "Trump" Do me a favor—"STOP THE VIRUS"

  2. If something goes just a tiny tiny bit downwards with markets or jobs, Ed Henry's always on to it.
    My goodness Ed, how great must Trumps economy have to be for some of you people on Fox to give full credit.
    Ed ! Your'e not good at what you do sweetheart.

  3. Barack Obama inherited a National Deficit of $1.4 trillion and by the end of his 2nd term he reduced it to $587 billion.  Part way through Donald Trump’s 1st term, the National Deficit had ballooned back to over $1 Trillion.  Donald Trump’s government is losing money like his businesses do.

  4. Beastzos said in a interview he didnt think Amazon was going to last much longer. hum guess he knew he couldnt cheat forever!

  5. EVeryone thinks its more jobs, what they dont' say is taht the type of job is more flexible, more moving around, less permanent jobs. Again corps gain, the average joe looses. This admin not different than previous admins.

  6. Bezo is full of Adrenochrome. And full of himself. Hopefully he gets exposed SOONER than later. He is just another elite, selling America (& Americans) out to the Chinese and the Cabal Agenda.

  7. Most of those jobs created are service sector jobs, low to no pay. Most of the jobs are retail,restaurant and bar/clubs

  8. This is too confusing to me this is why I don’t pay attention to this stuff…. this and politics I pay no attention to because it bores me and I genuinely don’t get it 🤦‍♀️😂

  9. It's all stealing from your Neighbor and never looking back!
    Because they can, what are you going to do about it?

  10. This is why Republicans are not passing American's agenda and why some 400 bills passed by congress are setting on McConnel's desk. This Republican Senate is too busy working on illegal scams to get them reelected again.

  11. Democrats hate you disgusting deplorable conservatives and job creation. Democrats want us dependent on them so they can control us just like the plantations they ran before the Civil War.

  12. Common sense tells you just like Every Year, the Temporary Christmas is laid off, and that's a 100,00+ not working now and it's winter time.. Warmer weather will increase the employment again, Just like every years again….

  13. Wait, how do you guys know that the customers don’t know about the counterfeit products? Maybe they CHOSE and INTENDED to buy those so as to get a better price in comparison to the originals. I don’t like politicians meddling with the market. They create more problems than they solve. Let the market sort itself out. Moreover, I don’t think that American customers are idiots so as to buy dangerous substances. Is there like a grand scale problem with those? Why does Navarro mention it? Disclaimer: I do not live in the States nor am I an American citizen. I would vote Republican if I was

  14. I'm noticing a lot of "Made in China" products coming out of California when I shop on Ebay. Could it be, California is undermining President Trump, and making deals with China?

  15. I am against the notion of him (or whoever) meddling with the market. This is exactly what power-hungry “liberals” (always put them in quotations for they are nothing but) always want to do. They all pretend that they are going to “save” us from bad capitalists when in fact their interventions always ends up with more power for them. Then lobbyists (have more incentives to) exploit that power and flattened down competition.

    If you have a problem with purchases from Amazon take it directly to them and, moreover, do better research next time! Problem solved! Don’t award politicians more power than they already have! (which is the American “liberal” default stance).

  16. Dear SENATE Republicans,
    How dare you VOTE to uphold the criminal president. Shame on you and the other Republicans that voted with you. It is unacceptable and deployable. You will go down in history as a horrible supporter of a LYING fascist dictator WANNABE trump. Shameful and DISGUSTING. We the American people will do your job for you in November. You have failed the American people that you have taken an oath to represent. Shame on you.
    The American people.

  17. Amazon makes u sign up asks you to link your bank account steal 2 pennies then say you can't sell on their platform because of policy violation. 2 pennies 10 million people signing up every month. Now how much they made a month of pennies? Easy 0.02×10000000= do the math. That's every month from pennies.

  18. Calling out names like Globalists Jeff Bezos and his company Amazon should be done. I myself go out of my way to not enable the enabler's like Amazon by not buying from them as much as is possible. Do I miss out on better prices? Sometimes. Do I miss out on convenience? Sometimes. But at least I am not rewarding those who seek to undermine our country.


  20. I personally think we should stop receiving anything from China until all the fentanyl ….. STOPS BEING SENT OVER !!!!!!COME ON MAN !! ITS AN ACT OF WARRRR!!!!!!!!! they know what they are doing They had it done by them with opium 100 years ago. We all know this corona virus is being blown out of proportion and the China Government did it on purpose.

  21. LOL they were at the same cocktail party that should tell you all you need to know. it's a big club and you aren't in it. as if any of them care about anything other than juicing the stock market. AMZN is a big part of the stock indexes, trump and his cronies aren't going to do diddly squat.

  22. Prayers lifted for our military men and women. May the Lord give peace and comfort to those families who have lost their loved ones and may the might of of our military bring swift justice to those responsible.

  23. FOX- COMMUNIST GOP pro Trump STATE RUN network for Kim Jong Trump supporters. Right is wrong and wrong is right. The media source that twists facts and uses extreme partisan politics to get you stay loyal and outraged over the truth

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