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  1. They are so afraid of what’s coming for the corrupt deep state Democratic Party come 2020. Republicans and independents alike must get out and vote! vote!vote! Send them all packing and take our country back!!! Set aside your differences of Trump. You may not like him but he is effectively returning our country to the people.

  2. Any Woman that wears a diaper on her head has s*** for brains. AOC doesn't need a diaper cuz there's absolutely no brains in that head.

  3. Geeze that Stumbling, Drooling, Drunken, Crazy Old Alzheimer's Patient Pelosi has bitten off more than she can chew…This waste of an excuse for a human being needs to be recalled from office. She is a lunatic who needs mental assistance. LUNACY

  4. The democrats left are the reasons we are going to war with each other fine with me long as they are totally gone afterwards that’s fine

  5. Wanna know what turned me republican? The fact the liberals think women can be men and men can be women. That was all I needed to know I made the right choice. If you can’t tell the difference between the two… you can’t be that smart

  6. Once upon a time she laugh saying to Trump "" No, we don't want to impeach you "" Then screaming how dangerous he is and it's urgent to impeach him!!!! Then stalls for a month not. For no reason?? Mueller report would explain Trump is. Crooked and yet Mueller couldn't explain his own report to Congress!! We are fed up

  7. How can voters vote for women who are not about America? Please don’t come here and try to change a great country like ours into where they came from. It makes no sense . I’m worried the liberals leaving Ca. And NY. Will turn these states what they left behind after voting in democrats. What are people thinking?

  8. Kicked girl out the bed this morning, Damm I must have been really drunk last night. I can't speak DEMOCRAT after I sober up. Hell I thought she was drinking too, found her watching MSNBC like sesame Street, I told her big bird is not real nor is your news. PISSED OUT THE DOOR, Damm I found a great way to get rid of stupid.

  9. Hey AMERICANS?? Are you there??


    How long are you gonna allow the crimes to continue? Really think a vote is going to change a thing?
    Bunch of naïve $#%^ AZZEZ

    Anyone see any justice yet?
    Any lawmakers telling you that other lawmakers are breaking the law? Are they acting like they NEVER EVER knew about it?



  11. Come on, The Democrats DON"T REALIZE SH—-! That's the problem. And as for "regrets," these Crazed Dems don't know the meaning of that word! Come on–they won't have regrets–instead they'll just be cooking up their next scheme.

  12. It is comforting to believe Pelosi will one day look back on all of this with regret, but I just don't believe she's got it in her. Megalomaniacs rarely regret anything.

  13. The regret will be allowing the 'Squad' to force impeachment, then the 'Squad' taking over leadership because Impeachment failed! Add in disappointment for not watching out for the many 2018 socialist candidates primarying old school dems… and 2020 Socialist candidates that will Primary remaining old school dems, giving the 'Squad' control of the House Dem Caucus and leadership voted in the 2021 House Dem leadership elections.What she will regret… all stems from not understanding the real and present danger she allowed into the House Dems.. Socialists.. who will inevitably eat the Dem party alive. She thought there was some chance of conciliatory stance she could take… as if a scorpion does not have a scorpions nature!I guess Nancy was just too out of touch, believed in her ability too much, didn't care very much about consequences…………..

  14. Dems are living in a fantasy
    Omar is really crazy …
    Trump 2020🇺🇸🙏💓
    Yes We The People See Through All This From The Dems …

  15. lord, i hope the democrats dont get in! In the UK we've gone for Brexit hoping to link wv conservative values. It would be terrible to strengthen our relationship with ppl like AOC and the lass who married her brother!

  16. Why are these idiots always talking about what dems should do, or how they feel? No one cares except the talking heads.

  17. Nancy Pelosi is going to look back and remember slobbering, and eating yogurt she is about six months away from adult diapers

  18. Even if I was a democrat, I would be disgusted with AOC, Thalib, Omar. Not to mention Peliglosi, Nadler, Schittf, Kameltoe Harris and Schummer. Those tards are enough for me not to ever be a democrat.

  19. We are witnessing what happens when someone like Pelosi is in power too long . They are so used to having it go their way all the time and when it doesn't work out their way they become unhinged and delusional .

  20. They the left are bringing back what they were successful with and that is Russia Collusion trying to reignite that narrative, They will also start debunking facts starting to come out regarding Ukraine, before they are fully exposed, to create deniability. Biden is their only hope and they will do whatever they can to protect him, I can't hardly believe there are still voters out there that can't see what is going on and what the Left wing Media isn't telling them, I have noticed they never provide a source when throwing out allegations, CNN is bad about that, this isn't about Democrats or Republicans anymore, it's about right or wrong, it's about having integrity or not, it's about being truthful or not. What has gone on in the house is wrong, wasn't truthful, and those who endorsed or voted for it have no integrity, I'm talking about the process, precedent, rule of law and total disregard of the Constitution. They know that is true and Voters who followed all this know it is true as well. Keep in mind all this started with hearsay information that wasn't true, created charges kept changing until they ended up with what, nothing that had anything to do with the call, and everything to do with made up and created crimes. I can't believe people who represent us and took an oath to uphold the Constitution, are so willing to lie to us and spit on everything that holds this country together all for their own personal gain and wonder what they are thinking when they look in a mirror, it isn't about America or the American people.

  21. Nancy Pelosi deep regret will be paid very costly for her abuse of government position as elected representative who kept attacking a sitting President of USA🇺🇸 without verifying, reviewing the investigator's process, reference, information of Obama administration. And now FISA Warrant report with FISA2.0, W3C, iCANN, Eye Optical Fiber implants report generated from USA🇺🇸CISA and registered Cyber Crime complaint at Cyber Crime Commissionarate Office, Cyberabad, Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Telangana, India🇮🇳.

  22. No she won't. It's doing what it's supposed to do. Keep idiots busy while they use voter fraud to fill the house and Senate with Democrats.

  23. Democrats are more dangerous than ISIS
    Democrats are the party of the devil
    Vote all socialist liberal radical racist Democrats out of office in every election cycle,they are a cancer in our society and government

  24. I wonder if Pelousi didn't do this just to shut those bimbos on the extreme left up and give them an object lesson on why she didn't want to do this. I am praying the Patriots in their districts show them the door and hopefully that will lead to jail for their treasonous behavior.

  25. Pelosi will never regret anything. That is the nature of a sociopath. Maybe profound disappointment, but not regret.

  26. Both parties are interested in fooling the American people in to thinking the two party's are viable, going forward 😅

  27. The so called squad is a pack of morons! They get together and trade ideas on how to screw middle America and white people in general because if your white,your racist!

  28. Coward bonespur donnie boy trump child killer, thief and all round tax cheat is goin down. Repubs are gunna turn on him cause he's not the full quid and straight to jail new york style where he will be sexually assaulted like the 43 women. Gotta be a good catch in there. Theyll be hero's i effed the president of the united states, literally

  29. Nasty Nancy can't be trusted to lead anymore… She is blinded by HATRED, so she can't read what the Constitution says about i The Impeachment & the Senate. AND, she know she has run into a Gum Tree.. She's has wrecked. I'm bettin' she's almost ready to bite herself…. what a miserable, pitiful person she is…

  30. In almost any court, the loosing party PAYS for the expenses Now let us charge Nancy, Nadler, Schumer, Shift, each of the Squad and any other Democrats that have brought this Farce Up should pay for all of it that is about 8-10 Million dollars at this time. Then the court cost, that should be at least 100,000 dollars each. Make it expensive to take up the Senate's and Courts time for this farce.

  31. The democrats have transformed the government of the USA and it is not for the good. No one in the future will want to become a president. Soon they will be requesting a party line be installed into the president’s office.

  32. Forget Cipollone and Sekulow — neither of them have the courtroom scars of seasoned trial lawyers. Even if they did, Trump and Giuliani won’t let them do their job.
    The Democrats should present their impeachment case in the Senate the same way they would present it to a jury in a courtroom. It’s the proven way to win. No theatrics, no gimmicks — patiently and methodically — and with both feet on the ground.

  33. It both amuses & saddens me, but doesn't surprise me that the DEMorats are digging themselves into a political hole with a cesspool of lies & corruption…..they keep sinking deeper & deeper…..please help me pray for my family, that suffer with TDS! They are convinced that Trump is gonna be run outta office, he's not gonna get re elected……OMG…..they in for a rude awakening……Trump 2020

  34. my question is i want someone to explain how that sick lawless obstructing justice tampering with witnesses criminal insane narcissistic sociopath white supremacist rabid orangutan walked through those doors like a king or a god? and do it "perfectly"

  35. Pelosi won’t be around in ten months, she’ll still be drowning in her sorrows at the bottom of a bottle unemployed when Trump gets re-elected.
    Schiff and the Biden’s better lawyer up!

  36. God help us with this schoolyard bully controlling the narrative we will always be divided. Dems listen closely to her the main point is she is putting a mark on his record. Petty Pelosi time and time again shows what a joke she is. Please if you want to vote Democrat fine. Do not give us a short-sighted b***h.

  37. She'll have a lot of time to think about it if this is used: 18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 115— TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES

  38. "War crimes"??!! What about Obama's authorization of 3,000 drone strikes in the Middle East? How is he not a war criminal then?

  39. Come on people Nancy Pelosi son is just as guilty as Joe Biden son. This total impeachment sham is a cover up for the corruption in the Democratic social schema party Nancy Pelosi just ended the Democratic Socialist dreamer party in America. A vote for any Democrat socialist Dreamer is a vote for socialism. And if you vote for Democratic Socialist Dreamer this makes you a unamerican. POS…

  40. I've been a very, very bad boy, and I think it's extremely important that Trish Regan holds me accountable. I'm thinking nipple abuse and much paddling. I deserve it.

  41. STOP blaming PELOSI 'S behavior on the squad !!!
    PELOSI is responsible for her own behavior and no one else….
    The squad is being given credit that they have power …….
    They are nothing more than a clown show !!!

  42. One day Nancy will wake up to the fact that the far left socialist pushed her into this in order to try and discredit both Trump and the Dems. How dumb that she fell for something so obvious.

    Although, she knew a Ukrainian investigation would have uncovered Dem corruption so guess she needed to smear trump before that happened.

    Either way she’s screwed 😂

  43. More than deep regret,
    Please show me cuffed official's marching in front of a Judge for sentences!
    Please support Judicial Watch for the truth. Because nobody's above the law!

  44. AOC, OMAR, TLAIB, PRESSLEY are terrorists controlling our Congress. Nobody should be elected to Congress through the Muslim BrotherHood. Where is CIA, FBI, DOJ WE DEMAND JUSTICE and FAIR VOTING without the Democrat Cheating machines and employees. Piglosi is not a strong woman but a really STUPID socialite keeping the party going through stolen funds from our government and enriching herself and her family.

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