Mysteries of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent

Mysteries of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent

The Ottoman Empire is a very powerful
Empire spread over 1494000 km. It is known for its powerful
warriors and law-abiding peoples. It was powerful, but it
gained even more influence during the reign of Sultan
Suleyman the Magnificent. Suleyman is also known as
the lord of the century. He was born in Trabzon a city
situated on the black sea coast. Suleyman is the first and
only son of Selim I. Suleyman was one of the most glorious
and brave rulers of his era. Here we have prepared a list of some
mysteries or unknown facts about him. Suleyman the great lawgiver When Sultan became the king of the
Ottoman Empire in the year 1520 his very first decision is to release all
the Iranian and Egyptian prisoners. There were around 1500 prisoners
who were captured by her father. These types of decisions
greatly helped him in gaining the title of
Suleyman the lawgiver. In his reign, the Shariah
law was elevated to a much higher level in comparison
to other Muslim states. The Ottoman became the law
of land for all the people. He also even restricted the corruption and
formed a codified yet simple law system. Suleyman also passed a law to protect the
Christians from any kind of discriminatory practices and also tried
his best to eliminate the cruel punishments
given to the criminals. These are some of the reasons
why he is recognized as the greatest lawmaker of the
history by the United States. Suleyman’s love for arts Suleyman is a great art lover. He has built many great looking
mosque and other monuments. He commissioned Mimar Sinan who is a great
architect of that era to build mosque including the famous Selimiye Mosque in
Edirne and Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. Sultan Suleyman also reconstructed the
Grand Mosque which is situated in Mecca. Achievements of Suleyman During the reign of
Sultan, Suleyman Ottoman became the most powerful
Empire of that era. It became one of the most
powerful political entities. Ottoman Empire served as the
protector of Poland and France. Many other rulers from
around the world ask for help from Suleyman including
India and Sumatra. Medicine was also practiced at quite a
high level in comparison to other states. Suleyman also built an observatory. Communication channels were also
opened which connects to the west. The golden age of Ottoman When Suleyman came to the throne, he is one
of the wealthiest rulers of the world and he made the best possible use of them to
make his empire the greatest in the world. The Ottoman reached the peak of
glory and power during his reign. His conquests united the land
of Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe
under a single ruler. Suleyman and his Vizier Ibrahim There is one more mind behind
the brilliance and glory that the Ottoman Empire achieved
during Suleyman’s reign. Ibrahim is one of the most
trustworthy of the Sultan. Sultan often asks for his advice
when making important decisions.

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