My Mandela Legacy: Winfred Mutinda

My Mandela Legacy: Winfred Mutinda

It was great to be selected as a Mandela
Washington Fellow, but it was even better to be at University of California, Davis
my name is Winfred Mutinda from Nairobi, Kenya. I am an electrical engineer by
profession, working at the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited
under the Ministry of Energy Kenya. I applied for the Mandela Washington
Fellowship to enhance my capacity for leadership, to create professional
networks in the industry as well as to learn the best practices in the energy
sector here in California. I’ve been able to learn sustainable solutions
across all the sectors, and basically the whole idea of sustainability. I’ve
learned how to design community programs and I feel like as I give back to the
community, I now have more ideas that can impact more people. To future Mandela
Washington Fellows at UC Davis, what I can tell you is that you are
among the luckiest people to be at University of California, Davis. It is a
global university, leading in excellence. It is a hub of sustainability. Be open
minded – don’t only stick to the sector that you are in, but make sure that you learn
as much as possible even in the other sectors. I’m so proud of myself, so proud
of the team that we came with from Africa, and so proud of everyone who will go
back to their communities, to their countries to change Africa.
My time at university of California, Davis has been an amazing
experience and I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.
I can’t trade this feeling for anything else, so I’m happy to have been in Davis
and I’m gonna come back, at one point.

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