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Hello everybody I’m Sarah and I’m a
recorder player! If you’re not subscribed to team recorder already please take a second to click Subscribe and the bell icon so that you get a notification when I post So if you’re here I’m assuming that you like the recorder and that you like music in general on YouTube On that note I’m gonna introduce you to a few of my favorite music youtubers There are so many different people creating music tutorials, performances, all kinds of stuff on YouTube and there are a few that I watch regularly and I thought it would be nice to introduce them to you First off of course I’m gonna start with the Consort Counsellors If you’re into recorder playing, especially in-depth tutorials on and ensemble playing then the consort counselors is something really interesting for you “can you play the melody of ‘Doen Daphne’ in a very contemporary way with a lot of effects – key noises and maybe even wind noises Hester and Maria are colleagues of mine in Amsterdam and they have a huge amount of chamber music experience as well as teaching at conservatory and they have a really nice way of breaking downensemble techniques – such as sharing musical lines or how to start a phrase – into really detailed sections that’s really going to improve your playing Next up is Recorder Arcade, making really fun and intricate arrangements of video game music on recorders So Jameson who makes Recorder Arcade
started off with these recorder arrangements but recently I’ve seen him more go into tutorials. For example how to transcribe this music for recorders or what is a great bass recorder. And this has been really nice to see the different sides of the process This filming many many voices is something that I’m yet to do and I would love to have a go at so yeah please go and check that out If you want to know a bit more about recorder maintenance then your go-to person is Lobke Sprenkeling “For this block we’re going to use the
sandpaper so first. We have to analyze where the block is pressed too tightly
against the rounded part of the head joint work slowly so you know you won’t
make any mistakes” She has recently published a really detailed series on all kinds of recorder maintenance How to clean the block,
cleaning small recorders, or oiling your recorder She shows the process very
clearly and in detail and the cool thing is she’s published the videos both in English and in Spanish! Thank you for taking the time to do this Lobke The next person I’m going to talk about is Arwen Acoustic In particular hervideos on comparing different types of recorders and how they sound These comparison videos can be so
helpful if you’re trying to decide on a particular make or model of recorder Aside from this Arwen also publishes a lot of demonstration videos of pieces So she’ll play through a book playing each piece. That can be really handy if you
want to start a new piece but you’re not sure how it sounds or you’re not sure ifit’s the right level for you. You can just head to her channel and pick something out So those are some of the recorder players that I’ve been watching recently If you are a recorder player who is making videos please get in touch. I would love to know about you! The next music channel that I really love is ‘That Viola Kid’ “Now if the music is tragic if it’s wailing, if it’s passionate it has if it’s deep in emotion you’re gonna want to use maybe a wider and fast vibrato, get the oscillations going you’re gonna hear all the sounds” So Drew is a professional viola player I think is based in LA now and he makes performance videos tutorials and general kind of chatty videos about the real side of life as a professional musician I love his Instagram because he goes
into real detail about the ups and the downs of professional music life and I just love his point of view on things So doesn’t matter if you’re a string player
or not, I really like his attitude to music – like just do it, put yourself out there, go for it yeah. That viola kid! Next up is Just AnotherFlutist, a really comprehensive channel about flute playing but also teaching and general music making “that’s just the way it is guys. It doesn’t go away, you can become a professional and it’s the same thing you will still hit walls, you will still feel like you are bashing your head against the wall you will have full practice sessions where it’s just like the most frustrating thing in the world okay, you know what, we’re in it together I’m not really anyone special. Seriously guys if I can do it you can do it too” Recently she’s been streaming a lot of
her practice sessions and talking a lot about practice and motivation and overcoming obstacles and I think this is really helpful and she also shares a lot of funny stories about her work as a musician and as a music teacher and she has one video where she goes back and finds her old childhood recorder I think I should make a video where I go back and find my old childhood flute… Going more into the baroque side of things we have baroque cellist Emily Plays Cello On Emily’s Channelcshe has tutorials going deep into Baroque music, a lot of performancecvideos with the score as well which is really nice to hear and videos talking about life as a professional musician We really like to share this stuff! She also regularly does Q&A’s’ and live streams and really stays in contact with her followers and I think that’s really important because something like baroque cello can be a bit like “okay what is that, how does that sound”
and she makes it really accessible Last up is the composer David Bruce “Hello my name’s David Bruce. So what
you’re about to hear is the latest unexpectedly continuing phase of an
amazing collaboration that happened literally across time and space across continents and centuries” David makes really fun and informative videos on all aspects of classical music kind of diving into a piece – why is it like this or a composer why do they do this in the video I showed he’d taken a Bach Partita and had made an arrangement of it with a bass line and drums I think that’s really fun because he’s someone really bringing hardcore music theory to the masses, making it fun and interesting So obviously there are so many more music (classical music) youtubers who I haven’t mentioned here There’s also big people like Adam Neely or Two Set Violin that have up into the millions of subscribers But these are eight youtubers who I watch on the regular and I thought you’d really like to know about Let me know what you think of these channels. If you watch some music youtube please share it with me as well As always you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on my face down here in the corner Down here is the Team Recorder Patreon where you can support the channel And in the description is a link to my web shop where you can order my CD or Team Recorder merch and up here is last week’s video Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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