“My Co-Workers Saved My Life.” – Watch Orlando’s Story

“My Co-Workers Saved My Life.” – Watch Orlando’s Story

– Orlando: My name is Orlando, and I’m an employee here, at
Methodist Hospital Stone Oak, and on June the 19th of this last year, I had a heart attack and my
co-workers saved my life, and without them, I would not be here. I never had the classic
excruciating chest pains, it was just shortness of breath. I was not panting or
anything, but I was just trying to get air in, and I just couldn’t. So I told my wife, “Take me to work, “I think I need to see somebody.” She brought me here, to the ER, when I came in, they knew who I was, that didn’t matter at that time, they just kept on going
through their motions, and doing what they do
everyday, which is impressive. You see them working every day, you see them working on patients and they treat you like family,
no matter who you are. Could be somebody from down the street, could be an employee like I was. They really, really go out of
their way to take care of you, and figure what’s going on with you. I’d like to thank the
ED staff and doctors, the Cath Lab staff, all the nurses that had
a say-so in my care, from the bottom of my heart, I love y’all, thank you, and because of
y’all, I’m still here and, can’t thank y’all enough. At Methodist Healthcare…
you’re Family.

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