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  1. I didn't vote for Hillary because I've know for a long time that she would be a puppet controlled by the deep state. It just goes to show, when she lost and asked Obama forgiveness for losing. How disgusting. If there are no consequences for those people involved in the Coup, I will be totally disgusted. Everybody covering their backs, even if they weren't involved, because of displaced loyalty.

  2. I thought Huma recorded (forwarded&kept) all 300,000 emails from Clinton's & her whole time together. Then are they referring to Ukraine server being the same one, the corruption & lawlessness is widespread

  3. It is outrageous to see crooked clinton walking all over laughing at the Americans and bragging her 2016 lost. She’s a walking disease like STD
    Her rotten body in and out is good for the vulture

  4. When are we going to prosecute all the bad actors.! Are we still a country binding laws and order. Or are we keeping ignore the corruptions and attempted to over throw elected sitting President Donald Trump. WAKE UP AMERICA and you better recognized it. This is real. The facts are the true. Why does it take so long?????????? I love America and this is my home. I hate to see it fall in the hands of the future Socialist / Communist Democratic of America and it had been carried out. So now what's next?

  5. 243 years ago, we knew what to do about leadership corruption! July 4th 1776!!! Looks like we the people are left to "drain the swamp" again!!!

  6. Us Loyal American Citizens also notice when you say this has got to be frustrating and angering the People, yet NONE of the news networks except INDEPENDENT ran by Loyal American Citizens ask us or speak for us. Any honest news would be out here talking to We The People and hearing just how pissed off we are ! As an American, Army Veteran, Patriot, Independent and CHRISTIAN I say pray for Peace but prepare for Civil War. The government's job is to protect our rights not infringe on ANY of them.

  7. Is this the REAL HILLARY or her notorious Double? Last time I saw her – it took at least 3 security to get her into her car. Photoshopping does wonders in today’s news.

  8. And you/we wouldn't know a thing about it if trump hadn't won in 2016! NO WONDER they are so angry that we had good sense when we voted!

  9. For those Republicans, fake media, and those minions in the FBI and CIA, involved in these corruptive behaviors: their agreement is.
    "You scratch my back and I will scratch yours." Money is the sweetener, and power, of course.

  10. We will probably never see any of the left go to prison. They keep other things going against our President to make us spend our whole time on those problems.. I've been asking a few of you who love our President Trump this : could could the left be helping Hillary run a presidency even though she didn't win fairly? I mean could they be running a s on presidency for Hillary behind the scenes ,to undo or alienate Trump's Presidency! That way she thinks she is President! She said the other day if she ran for president she would WIN AGAIN!!! AGAIN SO DOES SHE AND THEY CONCEDERI HER PRESIDENT KNOW????? SCARY THOUGHT ,BUT JUST MAYBE!

  11. Hillary's mentors are mostly luciferian and she herself worship Baal — if one of her financiers George Soros is lucifer in flesh, Hillary is Jezabel the evil in flesh. She thinks if she sacrifice babies to Baal could protect her from prosecution, GOD the omnipotent/omnipresence will soon strike her with the powerful light of force from Heaven.

  12. How about not omitting vital info , like , the DNC sever is overseas , so they can hide their crimes and the sever can not be investigated , all money is laundered overseas

  13. Hillary is an evil witch and self serving. Why is it, she isn't in prison? All she is, is a show. When the history books are printed, will the truth be exposed? I doubt it and the Clinton name shouldn't be mentioned. Do you want to put the incidents that happened with Bill Clinton and Monica in the oval office and his impeachment in the history books or sugar coat everything? NO!! THE TRUTH WILL NOT BE IN THE HISTORY BOOKS BECAUSE THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE IN OUR GOVERNMENT, WILL BE "XX RATED".

  14. Obamy### first thief and street punk to hold office… thank GOD for our real American president…TRUMP 2020!!!!! Got to clean up what nasty Obamy## fked## up…

  15. The Republicans need to grow pairs …. even the Women . If they don’t back Trump like the Dems backed Obama the Party will be destroyed from within . ???

  16. Justice still will not be served! No matter what is found, FedGov will always, ALWAYS, protect itself. They will never, EVER, convict the corrupt if it risks loosing the confidence of the public in government leadership! Government only has your faith to keep it alive. Without YOUR FAITH in its power, it can not exist!

  17. The American people need to handle these pathetic politicians on both sides, THERE IS NO 2 PARTY SYSTEM IN AMERICA. WE CAN NOT DEPEND ON POLITICIANS, THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME. N.W.O.

  18. I pray to GOD that she meets her end day's before the years end. If she walks free then there is no justice in the United States. Who conducted the Investigation…a democrat again like Strzok ? or Comey? Comey was a spy. Try having a trial made up of United States Citizens who know the facts and not another paid off Hillary fan.

  19. Hillary its like she says if my ship is sinking then I like to do it my way and she does a lot of harm but us she to fear at all and Who cant see the demons she is full of, Usa need to came out of the grip satan have and she seems worst than ever before and how is it possible not to see the witch she is Who Will see a whit again it the whit house???

  20. One more thing the world are so tyed of satans desperate moves he is only lying stealing and cilling as the bible says and what di our politicians also in Norway the lye they steal they cill is 2+2=4 they are all Luzifearians and also FN topps EU topps the royaltys in Europa and THE Rockefeller and Rotshilds all are satanworshipers and They think They never go to any jail but There they can think again since hell is where they go for ever if they do not surrender and There they get torturen for ever by the demons they now acsept I like to say turn now ritch man and all famios your cant know what way you are going but God now and see everything Amen

  21. The next President of the United States is going to be the only candidate who can be President and that is Donald Trump

  22. 'What difference does it make…?' The difference is some people think they are ABOVE THE LAW…and these SAME PEOPLE SHOW NO MERCY ON OTHERS!

  23. this is why we need trump again in 2020 with republican control of the house and senate to push his agenda like obama did his first term with th unpopular obamacare!

  24. Lou I think I know now why Trump did not pursue hillary when he first got to be President- he took care of important things first-its obvious she was NOT on his important list

  25. Like I have said the American citizens need to get together and secretly go in to Washington spy on the politicians that are all traders get as much information as you can then decide what to do what ever we do we must not be seen or heard or talk to any one and by drop secret phones to communicate use only citizens you can trust find a secret location you can keep the traders in at all times to be interrogated till you get to the leader of who is running all of this.I can give out special things about the democrats trader politicians that no one else knows but I do maybe the information I have some of the American politicians them selves may not know about. President Trump if it is you and not yourAndroid I could help in some special areas if you are serous about stopping this coupe up on yourself. We will see what you do this will also answer many of my questions I have had.

  26. So when are they going to jail ,manifort and others in prison for lesser crimes. This is getting crazy ,we the people should form our own enforcement , to protect the Constitutional republic.

  27. Maybe the people need to overthrow the fbi, doj, and cia by force. doesn't appear barr is going to do anything but eat.

  28. Why doesn't the military storm the FBI and the Department of Justice and just seize everything? After that they should shut them down until they can figure out what's been going on. Then they can set new rules in place based on what they find. Then have a reorganization of both institutions.

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  30. After years of watching Fox News, Lou Dobbs is really one of the only few (also Hannity but he's too hysterical for me now!) sounding the alarm about the ineffectiveness of the Republicans. Why is more not being done to defend the President and the Voice of every American who voted this President into office, it is a disgrace that these perverse democrats laugh at the American public while they break every law and get away with it! And whats up with the delay with the release of the Pfizer reports? That's BS. I certainly hope this is not another Benghazi or another Fast and Furious where the evidence was in your face, and it turned out to be a big nothing after years of waiting and the republicans sat on their hands and did nothing!!

  31. Obama was sending and receiving emails to and from Clinton's illegal email server. Any email address which goes through to the oval office needs to be approved by White house security staff. There is NO WAY that Obama wasn't aware of Clinton's illicit email accounts.

  32. Congress needs to be cleaned out from Top to Bottom! Just a bunch of Millionaires having drinks and patting each other on the back after a hard day of doing nothing!

  33. Yah Ya, Hillarys crimes have been known, why is she not prosecuted. Don't our laws supersede this nonsense.??? Judicial Watch has the goods. SOON, or I'd say Never.

  34. haven,t listened,,,,not in jail, still spouting bs in public,,,,jezz how much more $ or power will help her sleep at night, i personally don,t get it….lol,,i guess,?


  36. The term, Deep Dtate Left, was originally coined to refer to a relatively invisible state apparatus in the United States Democratic government" composed of high-level illegal and treasonus elements within the intelligence services, military, security, judiciary, and organized crime" and similar alleged networks in other countries including Egypt, Ukraine, Spain, Colombia, Italy, and Israel. Sounds like our democratic party-Biased Media-corrupt FBI–TRUMP IS CORRECT AGAIN!

  37. All I can say about Clinton (other than she's totally corrupt), is she's also totally incapable of making a fashion statement. It must cost her a fortune in time spent, to find such horrid clothing.

  38. Why is this evil corrupt thing not in jail.? There is no justice in America or she would have been arrested a long time ago. The corruption is on both sides of the aisle and that's why nothing is ever done. Time to kick them all out and change the rules so these people have no power. Many Republicans as well as Democrats should be in jail.

  39. Pay attention Lou! He said it was Tip O'Neal not Ted Kennedy who asked the Soviets to help the Democrats defeat Reagan.

  40. The NSA monitors any and all communications, worldwide! Hillary's emails are not gone, believe me! They can go get them if they want to… That is the real question!

  41. She probably thinks she's home free but those FBI agents who covered up Benghazi and her destroying her emails don't work for the government no more she has lost her protection and I can see some Gitmo time in her future this will be her white house with others to join

  42. No one of any significance will ever be brought to justice. The permanent state is in total control. That goes for both parties. However we are allowed to dream. Your vote is all you have. Use it.

  43. Dems were looking for help in election in Russia, which means they wanted money from Russia, so it means that they tried to sell US Citizens and US interest for money.

  44. Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. It's time to lock them all up.

  45. Only a few crooks will go down and the rest will be business as usual. I believe we the people are going to have to take care of the corruption that is so prevalent.

  46. If grassley and grahmn cant or wont do their job, they need to be removed, same as mitch McConnell, ,these people are doing nothing and dont intend to, its the same as in intel dept, they cover up every thing,, but none of these people work for the people,, they get paid even thou they do nothing, also they vote their selves raises and all these paid vacations etc, sad day in america,

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