[multilingual dub] Judge Bao executes Prince Consort Chen Shimei

[multilingual dub] Judge Bao executes Prince Consort Chen Shimei

Silence! If you have not lost yourself in wealth and fortune, how can you fall into such a condition? Lord Bao. I am a prince consort, a member of the royal household. Your Kaifeng Court has no power to try me at all. Prince Consort! Take a good look at that! His Majesty granted me these three guillotines of canine, tiger, and dragon. With them, I am authorised to “execute first, report later”. How can’t I deal with you? Even so, why don’t we both enter the palace and seek His Majesty’s decision first? Zhan Zhao is here. Don’t think you can escape! – Officers!
– Here! – Remove his official chapeau and throw off his python robe!
– Sir! Lord Bao, you… Chen Shimei! You have been appointed a principal graduate by His Majestic Grace. You should bring this honour back home and share it with your kin. Consumed by wealth and power, you abandoned your life sharers. Through false pretence, you then became a royalty member. Deviod of humanhood, you slew your wife and brood. As for a sly, wily ingrate like you, who never recognises people’s kindness, if perchance you can get off scot-free, will law be cherished and justice be sacred anymore? Now, fairness manifests and retribution exists. Wide is the net of law, which allows no escape. In virtue of the law of the Great Song Empire, I hereby sentence you to death by means of guillotine! – Officers!
– Here! – Bring out the dragon-headed guillotine and wait upon my command!
– Sir! L… Lord Bao, Lord Bao, you can’t! Lord Bao, please have mercy! Lord Bao! Lord Bao! Lord Bao, please have mercy! Lord Bao, please have mercy! Empress Dowager arrives! Your Majesty, please save me! Your Highness, please save me! Your Highness, please save me! May Your Majesty live for thousand years, thousand of thousands years! Bao Zheng. Let me inform Your Majesty. Courts of law are governed by specific imperial laws. Now that a royally granted guillotine is here exhibited, I have to beg your pardon, for I cannot pay you obeisance. I am not here to receive your obeisance. I am here to ask what you are going to do. Your Majesty. I am presiding over the court to try a case and execute a sentence pursuant to the law. What I exactly want to know is why the prince consort is deprived of his hat and robe and is being punished like this. Your Majesty, Chen Shimei is a criminal whom I am trying and passing a sentence upon. Insolent! The prince consort is a member of the royal household. You are not entitled to try him. Your Majesty, here is the dragon-headed guillotine granted by His Majesty. I have requested His Majesty to pardon him. The decree of pardon may come at any time. Up until now, I have not received any such a decree. Though the decree has not yet come, I can order his release pending the decree, can’t I? Your Majesty. The imperial law of my Great Song Empire has long provided that the harem shall not interfere with government affairs. Bao Zheng! – Men!
– Here! – Take the prince!
– Ma’am! – Royal Guard Zhan!
– Here, My Lord! In this court of law, whoever dares take a prisoner away shall be put to death on the spot! Good for you, Bao Zheng! If you dare make the prince lose his life today, I will make you lose your post and rue for the rest of your life! Your Majesty. Your Majesty, please see! “Be fair and incorruptible” – these four words are not just for decorative purposes or window dressing. This Kaifeng prefectural seal has been granted to me by His Majesty upon the expectation of the royal court and the confidence of the people that I will uphold the rule of law. How can this be distorted to favour any private individual like Chen Shimei? Now, you may save him by removing me from office. Your Majesty, although you will take away my headgear or will take my head away too, I will still execute Chen Shimei on this day in keeping with the law! – Officers!
– Here! – Open the knife!
– Sir! Your Majesty, please save me! Your Highness, please save me! Your Majesty, please save me! Your Highness, please save me! – Please save me!
– Empress Mother! Please save me, Your Highness! Royal decree arrives! Bao Zheng, the decree has now come. Don’t tell me that you will still do what you desire, without heeding the decree that arrived! Shut the door! Bao Zheng! Empress Mother! Kill!

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