[Multilingual dub] Empress Dowager Cixi forces young emperor to choose wives

[Multilingual dub] Empress Dowager Cixi forces young emperor to choose wives

We hereby pay respect to Your Most Gracious Majesty the Empress Dowager, and to Your Most Excellent Majesty the Emperor. Rise now. Thanks, Empress Dowager. Second daughter of Guixiang, Cheng’en Duke of First Rank, come forth. Eldest daughter of Dexin, Vice Prefect of Jiangxi, come forth. – Dexin’s first daughter?
– Yes. Second daughter of Dexin, Vice Prefect of Jiangxi, come forth. Eldest daughter of Changxu, Vice Minister of Rites, come forth. Second daughter of Changxu, Vice Minister of Rites, come forth. Emperor. Your son is here. Emperor, your consort will lead the whole inner court and will be the exemplary mother of the nation. Her post is thus important. This is such a grave matter. I dare not decide by myself. I beg you to make the selection for me. Emperor, still I insist that a wife be picked on the basis of moral qualities. Open your eyes, and go make the selection on your own. I do believe that… the consort candidate in your mind will be the same as that in my mind. Go and select. I hereby receive your instruction. Emperor! Lady Yehenara, looking dignified and virtuous you are. You are hereby appointed empress consort. I hereby bow to thank your kindness. Rise now. Thanks, Empress Dowager. My sire, please select two more concubines. Emperor. Lianying. Your servant is here. Bring the pouches to the two daughters of Lord Changxu. Yes. Ladies Tatala the Two Sisters. You are appointed Concubine Jin and Concubine Zhen. We hereby bow to thank your kindness. Now the selection of royal consort and concubines is over. I, Ronglu, hereby congratulate my empress dowager and humbly rejoice with my emperor. May our Great Qing Empire live and stay in prosperity for all eternity! Congratulations to our empress dowager! Congratulations to our emperor!

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  1. For those who don’t know, the mother is a total bitch who tries to use the Emporer as a puppet and has total control over the court

  2. What was important was that the Emporer realised he had zero control over anything in his life, even choosing his harem

  3. Truly reflecting the history.
    Not only in this scene, but for all the emperors in the past. They’ve got to get approvals from their family instead of having the right to choose by heart.
    This is what we call 身不由己.

  4. I heard that the actress who act as empress cixi is japanese. It really amazing to see japanese can act

  5. this is a person that want to control everything when she know her times was limited she killed her own sons

  6. I was reading about Cixi and always wanted someone made a movie.. Now I found this but can't understand anyhing 🙁 Is there a movie with englis subs?

  7. Since my Mother is 75% Chinese, and my brother is half-blooded Chinese, The two always argue of choosing his wife. What a battle to always argue with a Chinese Mom. But I love my Mom a lot. LOL!

  8. Lol mum just used mere glance to tell son whom to chose. You choose empress for him for power fine, why not chose the girl he likes as consort at least, but u chose two consorts from same family, not wise decision. You are going to have a sad king.

  9. come on mom. only 2? i need all of them as my concubines. if still theres women out there please bring to me mom? i need 1000 girls. lol

  10. This was so funny. She chose for him. And make him pick the girl that resemble her as his wife. LoL 😂. He looked so traumatized. LoL 😂.

    I like her.lol.
    The girl looked pissed.. LoL 😂.

    His mother looked at him like. I see how you look away about the first girl.

    Time to pick a girl. Ohh,

    Mother—+ I don't think so. Dum.A. LoL.😂.

    When it came to pick the other he look scared.

  11. 珍妃,如果不是自以为有皇帝撑腰,还有几分姿色就没大没小他忘了他都是骑慈溪,所以是他自己嘴巴惹得祸。则他一定会很开心的,跟皇帝在一起太可惜了。

  12. Each girl was unique in both quality and looks. The one He chose has a direct look of shy mischievousness, like He already knew Her.

  13. Fine lookin' ladies! So much better than modern women. But anyway, as an American who has watched a lot of Chinese movies and TV shows, i never understand why the women chosen to play noble ladies always have baby high-pitched voices. In some Chinese dramas, you can tell right off which woman is meant to be the virtuous one or the good magic-sorceress, by the baby voice of the actress. I went to gradschool with mostly Chinese, lived with Chinese female roommates, and live in NYC where there are a ton of Chinese women, and NONE of them speak that way. What is with this?

  14. Brain washed idiots supporting the mother. That's why Emperor's and Empires EXPIRE! Oh and we American's understand the selfish and greedy Chinese way's but we have something that no Chinese actually has. We are FREE!

  15. That they didn't kill themselves, only for the simple reason of being made to walk on those "shoes", amazes me.

  16. I would have defied by not giving a child to that ugly empress. Poor man, I like seeing woman with power but castrating your own son and making him unhappy is a very different thing.

  17. I have written this in the section above, but some people just don't read and keep asking and complaining. So, I repeat it here (for the last time): VIEWERS SHOULD TURN ON THE CAPTIONS FOR THE ENGLISH SUBTITLES if they don't appear automatically, and SEE THE DESCRIPTION SECTION ABOVE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE VIDEO, THE DRAMA, ETC. If you don't know how to turn the captions on, just google it. Thanks.

  18. well, he had it coming. dowager was telling him to choose based on morals (and told he to open his eyes) but he goes there choosing the prettiest, blinded by beauty. momma's gotta be disappointed.

  19. May I ask who is the Emperors forces to chose is the first girl that called her name or the second one? Because they are look the same to me.

  20. Can i just say, i prefer the Tang dynasty clothes over these qing dynasty ones.

    Tang dynasty is my favorite period in Chinese history

  21. The way I see it, she saw the Emperor reaction upon looking at the first girl and he turns his head away.
    She played him for a fool, just to show whos in control. She makes him pick the least favorite girl. And after that, she orders the servant to hand the reminding reward out and make the emperor look totally useless.

    After reading the Empress bio, she was the reason why the 8 nations able to plundered China riches. She learned the hard lessons that you can't control everything.

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