MU Health Care Administrative Fellowship Program

MU Health Care Administrative Fellowship Program

At University of Missouri Health Care… Learning begins with collaboration. “I think I feel more and more like it was
a good fit every day. The relationships you develop with people
here, it’s sort of a family.” Mid-Missouri’s only academic health center
offers a premier administrative fellowship program. The two-year program at the University of Missouri includes rotations in
marketing, finance, and operations. Fellows work directly with physicians and
executive leadership, designing and implementing strategic solutions for a variety of immediate and complex administrative challenges. “When you finish, you will be able to check
that box that yes, I have great academic background, but I now have some real world experience,
and I’ve been a leader in a major healthcare system.” The program at Mizzou helped former fellow Amy Christensen
move into her new role as practice manager. “It will help you excel in your career, it
will push you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve more than you ever thought
you could.” And all of that growth takes place in Columbia, Missouri, on the
campus of the state’s flagship university. “Once I came here, I fell in love with it. There are so many things to do here in your
free time. There are parks, trails to walk on, hike,
bike.” Each fellow has an individual, tailored learning plan. But the group works together to share insight. “Itʼs almost a situation where one learns
it, we all learn it, meaning the fellows bring ideas back or things back that have happened
or things that theyʼve experienced, things that they’ve found out throughout the system, and they share those things.” Preparing for the next step in their careers together.

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