MSc RENE´s Engineering and Business Case

MSc RENE´s Engineering and Business Case

KIC InnoEnergy brings you the ultimate Master in Renewable Energy, Master RENE which aims at training the future game changers in the field. Our RENE master offers a cutting edge-programme with an active participation of the industry and the implementation of the Engineering and Business Case. The Business Case method, developed by Harvard University, is a unique “learning by doing” system. This methodology is specially designed to train engineering students to think and decide as technology managers proposing real-life business problems. How does the Engineering and Business Case work? It is divided into three modules to be completed in two years. Year one: learn basic concepts and methodologies. During these two semesters students complete Engineering and Business Case one and two, in one of our partner universities in Europe. Module one provides intensive training in business creation fundamentals, through a pre-defined conventional case study. It includes courses on energy engineering, energy economy and energy markets, providing a realistic overview of the energy sector. In the Engineering and Business Case module one you will learn basically two things The first one will be an introduction to the Business Case method by means of an industry professional explaining a pre-defined successful case, in opening a new business in a stablished energy company in the world. Secondly you will be trained by business
school’s professionals in order to see how you can turn a promising technology idea into a successful start-up. Module two focuses on product and service development, through an industry pre-defined case study, with the supervision of a technical professor, a business professor and an industry expert. As a new feature, this module includes technological innovation. The Engineering and Business Case offers students the possibility to deal with real industry issues through real industry professionals which is very interesting in my opinion. Year two: time to apply the skills and knowledge acquired during modules one and two. Module three is based in a challenge-driven project with a new open-ended real case. Through multi-disciplinary and multi-country groups, students work on a real case study, working on the project, in technical office and / or in the lab, in parallel with the lectures. The E&BC three is the most exciting part of the programme as you can work together with start-ups and innovative business where every day is different where every day is demanding and challenging. Master RENE offers a win-to-win relationship between industries, academics and students. As an industry professional I believe that the energy sector will take advantage of the practical experience of the students and their capacity to face the day-to-day business challenges. The master RENE is a great opportunity for us as we can benefit from KIC InnoEnergy’s networking specially from students very well skilled and talented students that are trying to give their best for your business every day. Master RENE promotes hands-on experience by training you to solve real engineering and business cases. The Engineering and Business Case allows you to cooperate with industries and start-ups, it gives you full understanding of the actual markets and it offers you global projection. Are you ready to become a game changer? Come and join our unique master in renewable energy. KIC Innonergy Engineering and Business Case Master RENE.

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