MSc International Business Economics – Ekaterina Dolgopolova

MSc International Business Economics – Ekaterina Dolgopolova

My name is Ekaterina Dolgopolova, I’m a full-time
MSc International Business Economics student at Oxford Brookes University. I decided to pursue my Master’s degree because
at some point in time I was fed up with my work, I wanted to change my career path. International Business Economics at Brookes
stood out to me because when I was comparing through different universities I realised
that group sizes vary a lot. So, in Brookes, they are quite small while
in others they could be over 100 students, which does not give you much contact with
the professor, while here, every question you have in mind will be answered right away. My favourite part is the practice orientation
that they give us here. For example, we’re having two study trips
throughout our course, where we can apply the theory that we learn in the classroom
to the real-life setting. It’s a great way of networking and at the
same time of seeing how businesses operate in different environments. So, if you are still choosing where to study,
go online and check out the Brookes website, there is a lot of information that I found
really helpful when I making up my mind where I wanted to do my master’s degree.

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