MSc in Business & Technology, Tampere University

MSc in Business & Technology, Tampere University

My name is Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen. I’m responsible for our international master’s
degree programme in Business and Technology. We welcome young engineers from
all over the world to join our programme. Our students come from very diverse
engineering backgrounds, – ranging from software
and automation engineering – to mechanical engineering
and even physics. I’m Haris from Pakistan. The University offers the tuition fee
reimbursed for master’s degree students. If you perform well
during your studies, – you also have the opportunity – to score the academic excellence
scholarship for your living expenses. Our programme focuses on business
development in international networks. Our major is called
International Sales and Sourcing. This very unique focus together with
our pedagogical approach – has really turned out
to be a success story. I’m Maria. I come from Poland. The courses that I studied increased
my interest in business and technology – and helped me to realize the importance
of the business side of technology. The programme offers a very good
starting point for engineering students. There are some basic management
courses during your first year, – which are really helpful in bringing
new students into the business world. In terms of employment
of international graduates, – our programme has become one of the leading
international degree programmes in Europe. This year, in 2018, for example, – 80% of our international graduates
had signed a contract – for an interesting management job
already before their graduation. There are some courses
especially in the second year – that help the students to integrate
the concepts into their learning – and help them to understand
the bigger picture. The programme also offers interesting
career opportunities for its alumni. We work on real business cases and
we can use our knowledge in practice, – which is very important when considering
our personal competence portfolio. An engineering background combined
with our master’s programme – provides an excellent starting point
for a career in management. If you want to accelerate your career,
you know what to do.

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