Mount Ida Campus Provides UMass Amherst Intern Access to Boston

Mount Ida Campus Provides UMass Amherst Intern Access to Boston

[MUSIC PLAYING] I knew that I wanted to
work in the Boston area. And I thought this
internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
was an opportunity to test the waters, to
really expand my horizons. My biggest takeaway
from this experience is learning how to be proactive. The primary project we worked
on throughout the internship was creating a curriculum manual
for neuroscience education for elementary school students
in Boston public schools. And our boss pitched it to us. Like, these are our ideas. These are our goals. What can you do for us? We were able to work with a
neurologist at the Brigham, as well as a teacher from the
Boston public school system to create this beautiful
60-page manual. And this was a big
project that we undertook. And it’s actually
getting published. Being able to work with someone
else, going to the same school, we were able to bounce off so
many ideas and implement them. It made my internship experience
like 100 times better. And I definitely
wouldn’t have been able to do this internship
without the skills and knowledge I got from
the public health major. If I didn’t have
this opportunity to live at Mount
Ida Campus, I don’t think I would have been able
to do this internship, just because of financial reasons. So being able to have that
Mount Ida campus as a base, it really made my
aspirations to work in Boston become a reality. I think this honestly was
essential for my college education. I feel that I understand
so much more about what it means to do important public
health work, what it means to be a professional in
the working world, someone who can take initiative
and be in charge of their own projects. That has really
helped me and shaped what I want to do with my
future, which is working directly with communities. As my future unfolds,
I think everything is going to connect
back to this experience.

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