MONTEVERDI // VESPERS by Dunedin Consort, His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts, John Butt

MONTEVERDI // VESPERS by Dunedin Consort, His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts, John Butt

[Music] [Applause] monteverde perhaps best known throughout history as a not for composer and as a composer of the most wonderful madrigals as well which go well beyond standard sixteenth centuries onra into pieces that have a narrative structure that’s really unlike anything else at the time moderating is an outstanding secular composer and perhaps in some ways the first feeling great composer of secular music yet throughout his lifetime and particularly from the time he went to Venice onwards but he had a church pointment as well but what’s interesting about Monteverdi is that he doesn’t necessarily separate the styles of church and opera completely one of the things that makes the Monteverde vessels so striking in the fact it does use operatic and expressive secular styles particularly in the so-called concertos solo pieces the very very emotional [Music] gun even consort has worked on a lot of music over the years and since I’ve been working with Dunedin we’ve particularly specialized in early access to music we’ve been quite lucky in recent years to have had several opportunities to sing the Monteverdi metaphysical dancing Durham Cathedral we’ve done is in a wonderful Church in slowly Paddington but we also don’t intercept all and here recording it and grave as but the absolute miracle of the Monteverdi Vespers which put them really in a different category than virtually any other peopie’s experience if the fact that if we do perform it in a dry comfortable or fairly unprepossessing building of any kind you hear the church you hear that wonderful space you hear the the direction of the sound you hear the dialogue between rounds and this is because Monteverde is actually written so much of the pieces its own of course you have these merging of chords and lines which effect of a large building you often have Cadence’s which are echoed from one instrument or singer to another and the whole musics will goes out of phase and then come into phase again bits of music constantly come back but each time there’s something squeezed extra out and last bit of music extras lying and extra imitation folks is trying to get the essence of singing to me [Music] Oh [Music] Oh [Music] Oh

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