Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium held in Great Falls

Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium held in Great Falls

those helping to become a firefighter in Montana came to Great Falls this week to see if they have what it takes the Montana firefighter testing consortium is in its second day of testing at Montana Expo Park 11 Montana cities and districts help put on the event each year 190 people took part in yesterday’s written portion of the testing and those who passed moved on to the physical fitness test with firefighting background you have a absolute dynamic world and ever changing so you need to be able to be in front of people interact with people on a daily basis and then have the ability when things go bad to pick up a hose put on the required gear be able to perform your job Montana sets the qualifications for firefighters including beyou US citizen holding at least a high school diploma or equivalent having a Montana driver’s license and passing a criminal background check the testing will wrap up tomorrow

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